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ipower review


What is iPower? Interested in buying iPower hosting for your website? We bought and tested this hosting provider, so in this iPower review, you can get an informed opinion on what it's like to use it! iPower hosting was launched…
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hostpapa review


HostPapa's goal is to provide every customer with a fully-featured hosting package, backed by top customer service and powered by renewable green energy. HostPapa is an established, privately owned company and a leader in high-value, low-cost hosting.HostPapa Canadian-based hosting provider…
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stablehost review


StableHost. When you are sick and tired of bad hosting providers, what do you do? You head over to Google and search for a 'Stable host'. Come on, you think they just stumbled across that name? StableHost know what they are doing,…
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fatcow review


Who is FatCow? 'FatCow was born in 1998 and the rest is history' - That's the first thing you'll see on FatCow's About Us page. 1998 is 20 years ago now! So has 20 years of hosting experience translated into true…
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Lunarpages review


Who is Lunarpages? Are you looking for a new web hosting provider for a better longevity? Lunarpages is one of those long-term players in the realm of web hosting. But is it enough to satisfy all your needs? Let’s see…
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eco web hosting

Eco Web Hosting

Eco-friendly is a phrase that is fairly frivolously tossed around these days, and maybe it's for a good reason. Our planet needs us to set aside our differences and focus on sustainability and long-term energy efficient solutions to solve our problems.…
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a small orange

A Small Orange

What is A Small Orange? Interested in buying services of A Small Orange but want to be sure of your option? We will help you make an informed decision! Founded in 2003, A Small Orange has been offering refreshing "homegrown…
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ucraft review


Website builders have been popping up all over the place in the last few years, so what makes this one special? Well, to start with, Ucraft is a truly multinational website builder. Headquartered in Yerevan, Armenia with…
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Who is HostMonster? Founded all the way back in 1996, HostMonster truly is one of web hosting's most longevous players. Has that longevity translated into a comprehensively awesome hosting package? Let's find out in this HostMonster review. Despite being acquired by EIG…
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Resellerclub review


The word Reseller has certain connotations. You may think that a reseller simply buys from a distributor and goes on to sell the same thing for an inflated price. Gotta make money somehow, right? Well, this isn't always the case, as we'll…
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