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ShopSite – Is It A Good Way To Start Your Online Business?

Founded in 1996, ShopSite is a cloud-based eCommerce platform that claims to let you host your online store anywhere - yes, anywhere. And…
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kriptomat review featured.png

Is Crypto Simple? Kriptomat Claims It Is

Cryptocurrencies are yet to become an universally-accepted payment method. And one of the main reasons for that is very clear. They are very…
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DudaMobile review

DudaMobile Is Discontinued – What Happens Now?

Duda is a popular website builder, loved by both small startups, big projects, and everyone in between. And while the popularity and quality…
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volusion review

Volusion Review – Is This The Only Platform You’ll Ever Need?

Volusion brands itself as the ultimate one-stop-shop for all things eCommerce. And in the eyes of the customers, this seems to have worked.…
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OpenCart Review – Can Free Be As Good As Premium?

After its official launch in 2009, the OpenCart eCommerce platform seemed to rock the online world with its ability to offer "everything you…
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woocommerce review featured

WooCommerce Review – Is ‘Most Popular’ Really The Best?

Launched in 2011, WooCommerce quickly positioned itself as the number 1 eCommerce solution for WordPress. And given WordPress' giant popularity, being the most-used…
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freedome review

Freedome Review – Perfect Service, Or A Bad Urban Legend?

There are plenty of claims floating around about the F-Secure Freedome VPN. From rumors that Edward Snowden uses the platform, to claims that…
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OpenVPN Review – One of the Fastest VPNs Available?

OpenVPN is an open-source VPN protocol used by many of the largest VPN providers in the country. But OpenVPN also has its own…
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FrootVPN – Fighting Internet Surveillance With Low Cost

FrootVPN wants to be known for being 'high-speed and ultra-secure' --  but this doesn't mean it's true. If you want the best VPN service…
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Ivacy VPN Review – Will This VPN Keep Your Data Secure?

Ivacy VPN promises their service is perfect for internet users looking to access overseas content AND keep their data secure. While both features…
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fdcservers review


FDCServers is not a regular hosting site for home users or beginner programmers looking for some discount server space. It's a serious enterprise server…
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blogger review


Back in 1999, when pretty much no one knew what blogs were, Blogger entered the market, helping to revolutionize web content as we…
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Joes Data Center Landing Page

Joe’s Datacenter

Based in Missouri, the first thing you should know about this provider is that it doesn't just call itself Joe's Datacenter for no reason; it really…
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During the rise in digital photography, SmugMug gave the people what they wanted - a safe and trusted place where they could store…
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serverpronto review landing page


Boasting 'high-performance networks' and the use of over 10,000 servers in its lifetime, ServerPronto is a hosting provider based in the United States. With…
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hostmantis review


With prices starting at just $2.29, HostMantis sure tries hard to prove that it loves 'Making Reliable Hosting Affordable'. However, that's only half…
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DailyRazor Review Landing Page


DailyRazor is located in the US capital and offers a wide variety of web-related services. But what makes DailyRazor stand out is the…
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easyDNS review interface


easyDNS is one the most established hosting providers on the market, having been founded 20 years ago. The company particularly prides itself on…
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freehostia review landing page


Freehostia may be many things. But it is in no way humble. With a claim of being "the Hosting Paradise on Earth", it attempts to…
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Databasemart Landing Page

Database Mart

Straight out of the western state of Texas, Database Mart offers a wildly broad variety of services, ranging from web hosting and domain…
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