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A good VPS doesn't have to be expensive. You can get a powerful server, ready for whatever you throw at it - without spending a fortune.

best cheap vps hosting

Getting a great server for a high price? That's amateur league. It's much more challenging to find great services, that also offer exceptional value.

But I've done it. These right here are the best cheap VPS deals you can possibly find:

1. Hostinger

Price From: $4.99 /month

Owned by employees and ran by engineers, Hostinger is a hosting company that's made by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts. It's no coincidence, that it's one of the best VPS services you can find.

Optimized for brilliant performance, and constantly monitored by an in-house engineering team, Hostinger VPS solutions offer brilliant value for money. Their cheap VPS hosting starts at $4.99 a month - for that price you'd be getting 20 GB of SSD drive space, 1 TB of bandwidth and 1 GB of RAM.

Not sure how good the servers are? No problem - Hostinger themselves actually add a Geekbench score of each of their cheap VPS hosting plans, so you can see and compare them to other options.

However, the cheap prices are valid only if choosing a long-term plan. Luckily, you can still get a Hostinger VPS server for 3 months only, and the price won't increase much. For example, 3 months of the entry plan will cost you $6.09 a month. Still a very good deal! And everything you pay is fully refundable for 30 days.

hostinger vps black friday

Every VPS plan includes:

 Full root access High-speed SSD storage
 All plans include IPv4 and IPv6 protocols Easy-to-use control panel

2. 1&1

Price From: $1.00 /month

Let's start this with a few simple facts. 1&1 offers the cheapest VPS hosting around, starting at just $1.00 a month. You get 4 GB of RAM, 120 GB of SSD storage, Intel Xeon processor and unlimited traffic.

However, the pricing for $1.00 plan is not legit and we recommend checking out all the details beforehand. If you want a true cheap VPS hosting from 1&1, consider their Cloud M plan, starting at $4.99.

It includes 400 Mbit/s bandwidth, 50 GB of SSD storage and the same powerful Intel Xeon processors - for a good value. You can choose a data center from locations in the USA, Germany, and Spain, as well as the software and panel you want to use for management.

1and1 is a cheap VPS provider with over 30 years of experience. They know the internet inside out - and with 24/7 customer support, you'll get all the help you need. And if you're not interested yet, here's a fun fact:

There are pretty much legends flying around about the quality of the company's Germany data centers - after all, one of them has been built in a closed down nuclear power plant. So that's pretty cool.

Every 1&1 VPS plan includes:

 Intel Xeon processors Unlimited traffic
 55-second deployment SSL certificate included in all plans
 SDKs for various programming languages Choice of data center

3. HostWinds

Price From: $4.49 /month

In Hostwinds, you get brilliant value and things which other providers offer in much more expensive plans. So if you're looking for the best cheap VPS price but still want superior features, Hostwinds is extremely hard to beat.

The Tulsa-based company has started in 2010 and since then, it's steadily grown its user base. Now it's one of the premier VPS providers in the USA.

For just $4.49 a month you get 1 Gbps ports, free website transfers, full management, and nightly backups. Want an expert to manage the servers for you? That will cost only $1.00 extra!

Speaking of management - Hostwinds manage their servers to absolute perfection. Here's an example: contractually, they actually have to give you 99.999% of server uptime. That's already one of the best contracts in the business. But in reality, Hostwinds virtual private servers are actually up for 99.99999% (that's five 9s!) of the time. Let's put it in perspective: according to our calculator, that's 3 seconds per year.

1 minute once every 20 years is pretty good.

Other hosting providers usually guarantee 99% uptime, or just a little bit more. You can check for how long website can be down with our uptime calculator below:

Your hosting can go down for:





So overall, Hostwinds have amazing servers. It's one of the best cheap VPS providers that offers plenty of features for your projects. Definitely worth a shot.

Every Hostwinds VPS plan includes:

 Dedicated IP 1 GBPS ports
 Root access SSD drives
 Dedicated amount of resources Free website transfers
 Managed or unmanaged Linux/Windows Multiple locations

4. Interserver

Price From: $6.00 /month

Interserver's highly scalable Linux and Windows hosting plans are perfect for growing your business. If you're looking for the best cheap VPS that you later plan to upgrade to something bigger, this is the choice for you.

Interserver plans go all the way up to 4-core CPU, 16 GB of RAM, 400 GB of storage, and 16 TB of bandwidth. That's just about enough to satisfy the needs of most website development professionals.

But even for a complete beginner, Interserver will be a perfect place to call home. With hundreds of one-click programs available to be installed, setting up a website on a powerful cheap VPS server will be a breeze. And also, there's a WordPress-specific plan, which is perfect if you simply want to host a big WordPress website handling dozens of thousands or more visitors per month.

Really, Interserver is a perfect place for the users to grow and later start choosing more advanced plans. It only costs $6 (no paying big sums in advance) to start and it's a very interesting provider for many types of users.

Every Interserver VPS plan includes:

 High-speed SSD storage with RAID10 Full root access
 Monthly pricing with any time cancel Servers on both coasts of the USA
 1 public IP address

5. Digital Ocean

Price From: $5.00 /month

Meant not only for websites but also for application development and service management, Digital Ocean offers an amazingly advanced platform meant for huge projects. Trusted by powerhouses such as GitLab, Slack, and Ghost, this cloud platform can definitely handle whatever you throw at it.

So how come it's also very cheap? It's actually quite simple. Instead of building up specific plans, Digital Ocean allows you to buy droplets in their servers. Standard ones, with 1 GB of memory, 25 GB of SSD storage, and 1 TB of bandwidth start at $5.00 a month. And what's better, this pricing is pay-as-you-go: so there won't be any huge bills racking up on the first day of usage.

Digital Ocean is also a great place to learn about development. With over 2,000 active tutorials, it has a vast knowledge base, covering loads of important topics.

Compared to other cheap VPS providers on this list, Digital Ocean is different. But it's good to know that you can have a product like that, for a price like this.

Every Digital Ocean VPS plan includes:

 Pay-as-you-go pricing Extensive tutorials
 Servers in 7 countries Advanced server monitoring
 Immediate deployment with the software of your choice 40 GbE transfer speeds

Is cheap VPS right for you?

Saving money and getting the cheapest VPS is always good. Or is it?

In some cases, picking the cheapest possible plan could only turn out to be a problem. For some, a VPS is not needed in the first place - and they would save loads of money by choosing simple web hosting. Are you one of those people? Or are the cheap VPS providers mentioned above perfect for you? Let's find that out.

Small VPS plans may have RAM issues

A cheap VPS plan may seem like it's going to be absolutely brilliant for all things website hosting. But in reality, the entry plans are not as powerful as some may think.

For example, cPanel, one of the world's most popular hosting control panels, requires at least 768 MB or 1 GB of RAM to run on its own! This doesn't include the software that you may install to get your projects running, too.

You'll need a lot of RAM and disk space

Speaking of projects and websites, WordPress, for example, should have 256 MB to function properly. Then it needs double or triple that to handle bursts of users coming in or extensive plugins that you might use.

Put that together and you'll see - RAM would run out pretty quickly on many cheap VPS plans. You could be soon forced to a more expensive upgrade.

This is why for regular users, shared web hosting with included cPanel and one-click WordPress installation is actually the best option. Everything's there, everything's working and you don't need to worry about the resources.

VPS gives you full freedom

Where VPS really shines, is in the root access that you get in most plans. Root access gives you full flexibility to install and delete software, create or delete accounts, change the work environments - everything.

Having a VPS is like having your own dedicated server - with fewer resources and a fraction of the cost.

And really, in many cases, VPS should be seen as a low-cost alternative to a dedicated server - not a cooler version of shared hosting. With a couple of exceptions, of course.

Managed hosting is a great middle ground

It is true that sometimes shared hosting isn't enough. But also, for many website owners, there's no need for a dedicated server, or a separate unmanaged VPS.

For people who just want their websites to run smoothly, no matter the server loads, there's managed VPS hosting. This means that all the software-related actions there are done by the company's in-house development team. You don't need to worry about things not being optimized or not working: in managed VPS, you're paying for premium server space and professionals do the job for you.

There are also great cheap VPS plans which are focused on specific software - like WordPress. In such instances, you don't have to worry about server resources or any kind of management. You can focus fully on building your website and making it great. What's more, the plans are better and can handle much more than regular shared hosting plans, so they're good for bigger businesses.

One example of such a service is Hostinger business hosting. While essentially VPS, these plans don't require you to have any server management knowledge.

You simply tell the customer support that you'll need help maintaining a website, and they'll do everything for you.

And moving to a bigger plan will be a breeze - so there's no issue with that as well.

This right here is a very good example of how you can use a VPS without experiencing a lot of issues users of this technology suffer from. And while managed VPS plans tend to be more expensive, an extra few dollars spent are often worth it in the long run.

What is the best cheap VPS for you?

As you say earlier in this post, you can easily get a cheap VPS for less than 10 dollars a month. There are plenty of providers which offer great features, terrific customer support, and stellar performance. However, for the sake of your projects, make sure to choose the type of plan that fits.

For basic users, looking to get their websites off the ground, it's better to get looking for the best web hosting provider instead.

For ones, that need increased power and resources but don't want to deal with technical issues, there's managed hosting, combining the power and simplicity.

But if you're neither of those people, and are ready to control your own server, definitely give these cheap VPS companies a shot. They're absolutely worth the money.

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