Best Dedicated Server Hosting – Top 5 Options To Choose

Dedicated servers are super powerful, super advanced options for big websites. You don't need to share resources with anyone, and this helps you get the best possible performance.

But while it's a perfect hosting option, it's also a sizeable investment. So it's important to choose right, and get the best product for your money.

This is what we're going to help you with here. In this article, I'll be reviewing our best dedicated server hosting providers and see which options are right for you.

These are the best dedicated server hosting companies out there:

  • 1&1 IONOS (best dedicated server for your money)
  • Hostwinds (perfect uptime guarantee, great customization)
  • GoDaddy (3 different dedicated server management options)
  • Liquid Web (best dedicated servers for enterprises)
  • InMotion Hosting  (dedicated hosting with helpful customer support)

1. 1&1

Best value managed dedicated server hosting

Price From: $55 /month

best dedicated server hosting ionos screenshot

If you're looking for an inexpensive dedicated server option that still delivers brilliant performance - 1&1 IONOS is an option for you.

They’re known for offering some of the most inexpensive web hosting around, while still maintaining excellent customer service. No wonder it's trusted by many regular users and enterprises all around the world.

Their dedicated hosting plans start at only $55 per month, with a one-time $50 setup fee. For that price, you get a 4 Core (non-Xeon) CPU, 8 GB of DDR3 RAM, and 240 GB of RAID 1 SSD storage. SiteLock malware protection and RailGun CDN are included as standard - and such a package is great value for money.

You can choose to run either Windows (costs extra) or Linux on your server, and unlimited monthly data transfer is included.

The most expensive plan costs $150/month with a $50 setup fee and includes an Intel Xeon E3-1270 v6 processor, 64GB of DDR4 RAM, and 1TB of Intel NVMe RAID 1 SSD storage.

Overall, this is probably the best dedicated server hosting option for most of the users. if you're looking for something very powerful - look elsewhere. But if you're looking for great value for your money, this is it.


  • One of the cheapest premium options
  • Very recent hardware
  • Useful safety and content delivery additions


  • A $50 setup fee

2. Hostwinds

Massive amount of customization available

Price From: $75 /month

best dedicated server hostwinds

If there's one thing that Hostwinds has in bunches - that's confidence. The company backs its services with a 60-day money back guarantee and offer a 99.999% uptime guarantee. And the servers the company has are genuinely solid - they're also fully managed, and you have a choice of Linux (with cPanel and WHM) or Windows (with Plesk).

Dedicated server plans start at $75/mo, and include dual Xeon L5420 processors. 1TB HDD, 8 GB of RAM, 10 TB of monthly data transfer, and 8 IPs are included in all plans as standard.

On the high end, $125/mo gets you a dual 16-core AMD Opteron 6276 processor.

Furthermore, you can customize your server by adding extra resources to it. The most tricked out Hostwinds dedicated server will include 4TB of SSD (or 12TB of HDD) RAID storage, 64GB of RAM, unmetered bandwidth, and a whopping 128 IP addresses. That will cost you $1443 a month.

All of the servers are fully managed and can be built just with the resources you wish. And if you're looking to build a plan for yourself - Hostwinds should be a great option.


  • Complete plan customization
  • Full server management
  • Nightly backups


  • Some of the CPUs on offer are quite outdated

3. GoDaddy

Flexible server management options

Price From: $89.99 /month

cheap dedicated server hosting godaddy

In the eyes of many people, GoDaddy is a domain registrar and a web hosting provider - but they're also very good when it comes to offering some of the best dedicated server hosting.

Plans begin at only $89.99 per month but do require a 2-year commitment. The package includes a 4 Core Xeon CPU, 4 GB RAM, a 1TB HDD, 3 dedicated IPs, and unmetered monthly data transfer.

Plans are semi-managed (simple patching and updates included), though you can also opt for a full-managed plan, starting at $120/mo. This price is for Linux - cPanel and WHM included as standard. Windows is also available at an extra monthly cost of $30/mo.

If you want a high-end server, GoDaddy offers a fully-managed dedicated server with 32 GB of RAM, and 2 TB RAID storage for $249/mo.

Bandwidth is unmetered is all of the plans, and you can also choose from one of the multiple worldwide server locations. If you need a simple dedicated server plan with several management options at a low price, GoDaddy could be the option for you.


  • Reliable servers
  • Worldwide location choices
  • Three different levels of server management to choose


  • The entry plan offers only 4GB of RAM

4. Liquid Web

Best dedicated servers for enterprises

Price From: $199 /month

best dedicated server hosting liquidweb

Calling its staff “The Most Helpful Humans In Hosting”, LiquidWeb is a company, fully focused on enterprise users. Offering solutions for resellers, SaaS, virtualization, and much more, it is certainly a premium option - but it could be great for you.

The "Helpful" hosting surely lives up to its name - replies to support tickets and replacements of faulty hardware are guaranteed within 30 minutes.

Liquid Web’s dedicated hosting packages start at $199/mo with no contract necessary, for an Intel Xeon E3-1230 v6 CPU, 16 GB of DDR4 RAM, a 240 GB SSD and 1 TB HDD backup drive. And as of 2019, Liquid Web also supports Gigabit port speed as standard.

2Gbps DDoS protection is included as standard and 10Gbps DDoS protection will cost $99/month. Plesk or cPanel with full server management will cost an additional $20/month, too.

So - the base price is hefty, and there are plenty of things you'll need to pay extra for. But even without them, the packages are still loaded with resources and useful features. 

Going up and looking at the most advanced Linux dedicated server, you'll find one with an Intel Xeon Gold 6130 processor, starting at $549/month. A fully maxed out version will set you back around $2500/month. That will include 256GB of RAM, 6x6TB SATA HDD, 3.8TB SSD NVMe storage, and much, much more.

Liquid Web’s prices are definitely higher than comparable plans from other providers - but they are also fully prepared for big things. If you’re willing to pay a premium for quality support and good hardware features, look at Liquid Web.


  • Pro-grade servers with loads of resources
  • Plenty of upgrade options
  • Fast customer support and server supervision


  • Expensive plans, add-ons inflate the price even more

5. InMotion

Dedicated hosting with helpful sysadmins

Price From: $105.99 /month

best dedicated servers inmotion

InMotion Hosting is a massive company, offering loads of dedicated server hosting plans at many different pricing points. But for all of the plans, the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a business-grade tech customer support.

Prices start at 105.69/mo with a 1-year contract. Basic servers include a 4 core Xeon CPU, 8 GB RAM, and a 500 GB SSD or 1 TB HDD. 6 TB of monthly data transfer is allowed, and the server comes with 5 dedicated IP addresses. All servers run Linux.

Their $519.49/mo high-end package boasts a dual Xeon 8 core CPU, three 1 GB SSDs with hardware RAID 5, 15 TB data transfer, 4 hours of server management, and 15 dedicated IPs.

InMotion boasts excellent tech support - in addition to 24/7 live chat and tickets support, you also get 2 monthly hours of server management from the InMotion admins. In the plans starting from $340.99/month, you get 4 - and additional hours cost $75 a piece.

A combination of advanced hardware, plenty of resources, and experienced technical support make this an overall option fit for most.


  • Hands-on server management
  • Advanced, recent hardware
  • Free server setup


  • Expensive additional expert support
  • Server locations only in the US

What's The Better Dedicated Server Hosting: Managed or Unmanaged?

Before moving to a dedicated server, it's important to ask yourself a question - which option would you like to choose? In the simplest sense of things, you have two options to choose from - managed and unmanaged dedicated hosting.

What they define, is the two different levels of user responsibility, and a plan of action when something (almost inevitably) goes wrong.

dedicated server

Let's see how different those two options are, so you know which to choose:

Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting

When buying unmanaged dedicated hosting, you get a barebone server. It only has an operating system installed - and you even have to download Apache/PHP, or something else to get you started.

And from the point the server is deployed, everything is your responsibility. It means that it's up to you to update software, do backups, scan for and remove malware.

The good news is - unmanaged dedicated hosting is cheaper. And for experts, no additional services are needed.

If you know what you doing, it's a perfect choice, combining customizability, resources, ultimate freedom, and good price.

Managed Dedicated Hosting

“Fully managed” means the hosting company will take care of all aspects of running your dedicated server for you.

You get all the benefits of having your own server, but don’t have to worry about things like security, software updates, or crash recovery. It's like having a personal chauffeur, who controls your server and makes sure you get to your destination safely

Of course, chauffeurs don’t work for free, and neither do the techs at the hosting company who will manage your server. Managed dedicated hosting tends to be around 20% more expensive than its unmanaged counterparts.

Some providers, such as GoDaddy, simply charge extra for server management.

best dedicated server hosting godaddy pricing management

The real question is - if you need someone to do the server management, should you be buying a dedicated server in the first place?

Well, it depends. You can be an expert in dedicated servers, and still miss an update, have issues with backups, malware or something else. Managed servers offer you a backup, a helping hand.

If you, however, have no experience managing a dedicated server, this technology as a whole could be an overkill. If you have a huge influx of visitors on your website, or wish to learn server management, there are loads of cheaper, more fitting options, such as cloud hosting - or you can have a look at our best VPS list as well.

What's The Best Dedicated Server For You

All in all, dedicated hosting offers the most powerful hosting experience you can get. Therefore, when choosing a provider, it's important to choose the ones that fits your needs the most.

All of the 5 options mentioned on this list are exceptional - but for different goals, some are different than others. So let's have a look at those providers for one last time:

  • 1&1 IONOS is an inexpensive, powerful dedicated server option, good for both seasoned experts and relative beginners. Offering perhaps the best value for money, this is a very solid managed all-rounder.
  • Hostwinds is a great managed dedicated server hosting option for those looking to build their own plan. With deep configurations and competitive pricing, it's a great pick if you know exactly what you want.
  • GoDaddy offers 3 different server management levels and good value for money. If you're looking for unmanaged server hosting, this is going to give you some great hardware for a competitive price.
  • Liquid Web is meant for enterprise users - while expensive, it also includes the most powerful dedicated hosting plans.
  • InMotion Hosting is yet another solid all-rounder. It's a great choice if you feel like you could use the help of a specialist - as you'll get 2 monthly hours of professional sysadmin time.

And that's about it - hope this guide has been helpful. Good luck choosing your new dedicated server!

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