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2019 November 6th at 11:33

This article will cover what you need to know before opting for dedicated hosting and review the best dedicated server hosting options on the market.

Dedicated server hosting is the most expensive hosting service out there. But does your website really need it?

Best Dedicated Server Hosting

In contrast to shared hosting, with dedicated hosting, you won’t have to share any resources with other websites.

Imagine - with shared hosting there are several hundred websites cramped on one server. But with dedicated hosting, the whole server is allocated to one website

However, most websites don’t really need dedicated servers

If a website isn’t receiving thousands of users weekly and doesn’t need unlimited space - it’s better to opt for a more cost-conscious VPS hosting or even shared hosting.

But if your small eCommerce business suddenly booms in traffic and popularity, hosting providers make it incredibly easy to move a website to a dedicated server.

So, if you truly believe that your website needs an upgrade to this powerful hosting, here are my handpicked best dedicated server hosting options.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting

The dedicated hosting provider of your choice should combine stellar performance and a great balance between the pricetag and features.

Here are the ones that do just that:

  • Liquid Web (fast and secure dedicated servers)
  • InterServer (wide variety of dedicated server hosting)
  • HostGator (semi-managed dedicated servers)
  • A2 Hosting (blazing fast dedicated servers)
  • InMotion Hosting (dedicated hosting with helpful customer support)
  • BlueHost (unmanaged dedicated server hosting with free SSL)
  • GoDaddy (3 different dedicated server management options)

1. Liquid Web - Fast And Secure Dedicated Servers

Response time
Price from
Best Dedicated Server Hosting - Liquid Web Homepage

LiquidWeb is a company focused on a great performance and fast user support. Offering solutions for resellers, SaaS, virtualization, and much more, it is certainly a premium option for an average price.

Liquid Web’s dedicated hosting packages start at $199/mo. You get an Intel Xeon E3-1230 v6 CPU, 16 GB of DDR4 RAM, a 240 GB SSD and 1 TB HDD backup drive. And as of 2019, Liquid Web also supports Gigabit port speed as standard.

You don't need to get a 36 months subscription to get this price, the prices you see will always stay the same. No matter if you choose to stay with them for a month or for a year.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting - Liquid Web Pricing

Plesk or cPanel with full server management will cost an additional $20 and $35 a month respectively.

Going up and looking at the most advanced Linux dedicated server, you'll find one with an Intel Xeon Gold 6130 processor, starting at $499/month. It includes 32GB of RAM and 2 x 480 GB SSD.

A fully maxed out version will set you back around $2500/month. That will include 256GB of RAM, 6x6TB SATA HDD, 3.8TB SSD NVMe storage, and much, much more.

The base price is quite hefty, and there are plenty of extras you can get for your website. But even without them, the packages are still loaded with resources and useful features. 

Liquid Web support is known as the Most Helpful Humans in Hosting. And there's a good reason for that, customer support here is top-notch. It guarantees that your initial response time for phone and chat support will be up to 59 seconds.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting - Liquid Web Support

The "Helpful" hosting surely lives up to its name - replies to support tickets and replacements of faulty hardware are guaranteed within 30 minutes.

Liquid Web Performance

So with all these resources of dedicated servers at your disposal, what kind of performance can you expect?

In Liquid Web's case, 100% uptime and 148ms average response time. For most parts, our website blew past that golden 200ms mark and showed great speed. In fact, this provider guarantees a 100% uptime for all dedicated servers.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting - Liquid Web Uptime Robot

While there were a few spikes in our response time, for most parts our website's performance was very stable. But what about international speeds?

Liquid Web shines here too, getting an A+ on Bitcatcha speed test. In both Europe and the USA we got response time results below the 20ms mark. In regards to performance, our website ran as smooth as we expected.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting - Liquid Web Speed

The only place where our website showed times above 200ms was Bangalore. But even then it was just 321ms, which is still a great performance.

Liquid Web Security And Speed

Dedicated servers are not the cheapest option, so it's important to know what features you will need. Liquid Web concentrates heavily on the security and performance part of your hosting. Every plan comes with DDoS protection and ServerSecure Advanced Security already included.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting - Liquid Web Features

Liquid Web also takes care of your customer's sensitive data, by implementing and updating the newest security protocols. And if you still need a bit more security, you can buy Firewall and VPN services separately.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting - Liquid Web Security

You get business-grade SSD storage for even better performance. And to help your visitors get to your website faster, Liquid Web has both CloudFlare and Akamai CDN available.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting - Liquid Web Performance

It also uses a load balancer, which ensures that your users won't have to wait, by routing websites traffic across multiple resources.

Liquid Web has a range of resources for you to choose from. And every plan includes performance and security features that make its offers worth checking out

2. InterServer - Wide Variety Of Dedicated Server Hosting

Response time
Price from
Best Dedicated Server Hosting - InterServer Homepage

InterServer has a wide variety of dedicated services to offer you. From large file storage servers to rapid deployment servers, that can be deployed in 15 minutes. It also implements 10Gb uplink and can offer you a special design server for this speed.

The cheapest option available here is $50/mo and includes 2 cores Intel Dual-Core Atom CPUs. You also get 1GB of RAM, 250GB of storage space. Furthermore, you can customize your server by adding extra resources to it.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting - InterServer Pricing

The most tricked out InterServer dedicated server will include 4TB of SSD (or 12TB of HDD) RAID storage, 64GB of RAM, unmetered bandwidth, and a whopping 128 IP addresses. That will cost you $1443 a month.

InterServer has 24/7 customer support, which has all that you would need, live chat, ticket system, and phone options. When talking about phone support it's important to note that InterServer has 5 different phone numbers - for the USA, Mexico, England, Israel, and Brazil.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting - InterServer Support

If you live in these locations it's quicker to have some help in your own region and language.

InterServer Performance

The performance that InterServer showed us was great. Our website was up for the entire testing period, scoring that round 100% easily. The average response time we got was 217ms, just a few milliseconds above the golden 200ms line.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting - InterServer Uptime Robot

While not the steadiest, our response time didn't have any major spikes, so our users will have a similar experience no matter what time they visit.

The international response time for most parts was below the 100ms mark. In the USA it went down to as low as 9ms to respond, and in the Europe region, the speeds were around 60ms.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting - InterServer Speed

Asia regions do have a bit of slower response time than the rest of the world, but InterServer got an A+ in overall performance. 

InterServer Features and Free Migration

Every InterServer plan comes with a lot of free features that will help you with security and performance. One of the best features is that there is no setup fee on your purchase, so you pay only for hardware and support.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting - InterServer Free Features

You also get free DDoS protection with each server and 4 hours of provisioning, in which the team at InterServer will set up and update your server.

But the most popular feature, in general, is the free migration services it offers. If you're transferring your website or databases from another provider, InterServer will do everything for you. You won't need to do anything manually, which takes away a huge risk of making a mistake.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting - InterServer Free Migration

And with little or no downtime guarantee you can leave your website in the hands of professionals.

InterServer has a great price and hardware balance. With free migration and DDoS protection, this will be a choice for a lot of users.

3. HostGator - Semi-Managed Dedicated Servers

Response time
Price from
Best Dedicated Server Hosting - HostGator Homepage

Hostgator is one of the biggest and well-known hosting providers out there. While the most popular option here is shared hosting, it has a lot to offer for dedicated servers as well.

Hostgator can offer 3 dedicated server plans, starting at $118.99/mo. This lowest-priced plan includes 4 cores Intel Xeon-D CPUs, 8Gb of RAM, 1TB of HDD, unmetered bandwidth. You can also choose both Linux and Windows OS.

The downside here is that you only get slower HDD storage with this plan.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting - HostGator Pricing

The most expensive plan will set you back $148.98/mo and updates your hardware to 30GB of RAM, 8 cores Xeon-D CPU, and 1TB of SSD storage space.

And as it is with most providers, the prices you see are available only if you choose a 36-month billing cycle. If you want to pay monthly the price rises up by 37%.

The features that make HostGator stand out from the rest is its free transfers and 24/7 customer support. When you buy any plan from them you get free website transfer, but you can transfer not only your website.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting - HostGator Money-Back Guarantee

The team at HostGator can transfer MySQL databases, domains, and even scripts for you completely free and without any hassle.

HostGator Performance

Hostgator promises you a 99.9% uptime rate, and for most parts, it keeps its word. While we didn't have any downtime, over our testing period we got a few spikes that doubled or even tripled the response time.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting - HostGator Uptime Robot

While that can sound a bit scary, the average speed of or website was just 288ms, so even tripling that doesn't make it that bad.

On the international scale, HostGator surprised us by showing a really fast response time in every region. Most locations gave us a response time bellow the 100ms mark.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting - HostGator Speed

Overall, Bitcatcha gave HostGator A+ mark in performance, and we have to agree with that. It has great speeds and stability if that's what you're searching for.

HostGator Semi-Managed Hosting and Customer Support

While we talked about both managed and unmanaged dedicated servers, HostGator changes unmanaged to something else - semi-managed hosting. So, there is no way to buy fully unmanaged hosting here, but you can save even more money by choosing a semi-managed option.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting - HostGator Semi-Managed Hosting

Think of this as a helping hand, you still have full control over your server, but HostGator makes sure updates and network health would be maintained.

And support is strong here, HostGator offers 24/7 live chat and phone support. While not having the option to use email or ticket systems, the live chat support teams quickly respond to your problems and try to solve them.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting - HostGator World Class Support

If you like to solve your problems on your own or just need a little nudge in the right direction, HostGator has you covered too. Its support center has lots of frequently asked questions, helpful articles, and a huge video tutorial collection.

HostGator offers powerful hardware for a decent price, adds extra security and great performance. Semi-Managed hosting will give you a helping hand if you ever need it.

4. A2 Hosting - Blazing Fast Dedicated Servers

Response time
Price from
Best Dedicated Server Hosting - A2 Hosting Homepage

A2 is a well-established hosting provider that has a range of services it offers, but the main selling point here is speed. Here, every hosting option is fast, and it even has its own Turbo speed option available.

The Sprint plan starts at $99.59 a month and gives you 8GB of RAM, 10TB of bandwidth, and 2 cores Intel 3.1+ GHz CPUs.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting - A2 Hosting Pricing

At the other end, we have the Mach plan for 248.99/mo. This plan comes with 16GB of RAM, 20TB of bandwidth, and 8 cores 2x Intel Xeon 2.1+ GHz CPU. Of course, this is most suited for big business or corporations.

A2 Hosting has 3 dedicated server options for you - managed, unmanaged, and core. The core is a managed hosting plan that also gives you root access.

If you need any help, the guru crew is standing by 24/7 by phone, live chat, or ticket system. And if you don't want to chat with a human being A2 Hosting has a large knowledge base for you.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting - A2 Hosting Knowledge Base

Here you can find the most searched information and answers to your questions or problems.

A2 Hosting Performance

A2 Hosting promises you blazing fast speeds and a 99.9% uptime rate. We have no other option just to agree with them. Our websites Uptime Robot showed a 100% uptime rate during our entire testing of this provider.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting - A2 Hosting Uptime Robot

The average response time was 184ms, not having any major spikes or slowdowns. If we take a look at Bitcatcha results, they are great all over the globe.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting - A2 Hosting Speed

A2 Hosting got an A+ in overall performance, which is great considering the starting price point. And you can really feel that turbo speed with A2 when most of the response time results fall below 100ms mark.

A2 Hosting Money-Back Guarantee and Turbo Speed

A2 Hosting is so confident in its hosting and customer support team that it offers any time money-back guarantee. How does it work? Within the first 30 days you will get a full refund, no questions asked.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting - A2 Hosting Money-Back Guarantee

After that, you will be able to get a pro-rated refund for the remaining time of your service. So, if you have 3 years of dedicated server hosting, and after 1 year you decide you want to quit, you will get your money back for the 2 remaining years.

It's like a safety net that you always have with you. While of course, you won't get every penny you spend, you'll get back everything you have paid for and didn't use.

Probably their most well-known feature is the 20x faster Turbos Boost. It works by using LiteSpeed to optimize the loading time of your website, having more effective connections, and adding extra CPUs to your plan.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting - A2 Hosting Turbo Speed

Of course, this speed boost isn't free, so with every dedicated plan, you will have to pay from $34.86/mo. And it will cost even more if you want more resources.

If you need fast loading times and stable performance for a decent price A2 Hosting is a great option.

5. InMotion Hosting - Dedicated Hosting With Helpful Support

Response time
Price from
Best Dedicated Server Hosting - InMotion Hosting Homepage

InMotion Hosting is a massive company, offering loads of dedicated server hosting plans at many different pricing points. But for all of the plans, the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a business-grade tech customer support.

Prices start at 105.69/mo with a 1-year contract. Basic servers include a 4 core Xeon CPU, 8 GB RAM, and a 500 GB SSD or 1 TB HDD. 6 TB of monthly data transfer is allowed, and the server comes with 5 dedicated IP addresses. All servers run Linux.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting - InMotion Hosting Pricing

Their $519.49/mo high-end package boasts a dual Xeon 8 core CPU, three 1 GB SSDs with hardware RAID 5, 15 TB data transfer, 4 hours of server management, and 15 dedicated IPs.

InMotion boasts excellent tech support - in addition to 24/7 live chat and tickets support, you also get 2 monthly hours of server management from the InMotion admins.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting - InMotion Hosting Launch Assist

In the plans starting from $340.99/month, you get 4 - and additional hours cost $75 apiece.

Of course, you get the regular 24/7 support as well. It includes live chat, phone, email and ticket options for you to choose. And InMotion has a quite extensive knowledge base with video tutorials and tools.

InMotion Hosting Performance

InMotion's performance is as solid as it claims to be, our uptime robot scored a perfect 100% uptime rate. And when we look at the average response times we get a decent 267ms, which is faster than a lot of the other websites.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting - InMotion Hosting Uptime Robot

You get a 99.999% uptime guarantee whit every plan you choose, and if your server goes down you can expect compensation for that. But in our case, we didn't need that.

The international speeds were more of a mixed bag, showing great times in the USA but falling behind in other parts of the world.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting - InMotion Hosting Speed

The overall mark we got for InMotion performance was A. So, while the speed isn't the greatest on this list, it still can offer stable and fast servers.

InMotion Hosting Launch Assist And Free SSD

InMotion Hosting has its own Launch Assist feature, that guarantees at least 2 hours of free server management from the system admin team. If you want more, you can choose a better plan or buy extra.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting - InMotion Hosting Free Hours Launch Assist

Both unmanaged and managed dedicated servers cost the same amount starting at 105.69/mo. They offer the same features but have one difference - the amount of managed hosting you get with each choice.

If you buy unmanaged hosting, of course, you get full root access and no managed help.

But when you buy managed hosting those 2 hours are all you get for the price plan. Do you want more management in your managed hosting plan? Well, you have to pay for it.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting - InMotion Hosting Comparison Launch Assist

But with those 2 hours, you can specify exactly what you need from the tech team, whether it be optimizing server performance or transferring your data.

And apart from Launch Assist, it has completely free SSD drives included. Not using HDD means that your server can run up to 20x faster and deliver content to your user quicker.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting - InMotion Hosting Free SSD

Add a 30-day money-back guarantee to all of that, and you will have a deal you can't resist.

A combination of advanced hardware, plenty of resources, and experienced technical support make InMotion Hosting a great choice for beginners and advanced users.

6. BlueHost - Unmanaged Dedicated Server Hosting With Free SSL

Response time
Price from
Best Dedicated Server Hosting - BlueHost Homepage

BlueHost is a company that delivers great hosting for great prices and is most known for its WordPress hosting. But it has more to offer than just WordPress and has a solid unmanaged dedicated hosting.

The cheapest dedicated hosting plan will cost you just $79.99/mo, and for this price, you get quite the hardware deal. This plan includes 4GB of RAM, 500GB storage space and 5TB bandwidth limit.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting - BlueHost Pricing

The most expensive plan here will cost you $119/mo and includes 16GB of RAM and 15TB of bandwidth. It also includes 4 Core @ 3,3 GHz CPU and up to 1TB of storage space.

Note that these prices are available if you purchase a longer period of hosting, 3 years to be precise. If you want to pay month by month basis the Standard plan will cost you $149/mo, basically double the price you see.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting - BlueHost Discount

The only downside is that it uses RAID 1 level HDD storage. These are slower than SSD storage and can impact the loading times of your website.

For those of you who want to have a backup plan, BlueHost offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Add this to the affordable plans and you'll get a great deal.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting - BlueHost Money-Back Guarantee

BlueHost support is available 24/7 by phone, live chat, and email. So if you have any questions just hit them up.

BlueHost Performance

BlueHost performance is rock solid, while not blowing us away, it still managed to give us a 100% uptime rate. There were no significant response spikes, so overall, the performance was really stable. Response time was what we were expecting from a provider like this - 264ms.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting - BlueHost Uptime Robot

While there is room for improvement, going below the 300ms line is a great achievement for most hosting providers.

BlueHost was a bit slower worldwide compared to other providers, but not by much. In the USA our loading speeds were about 120-180ms, while Europe showed better results, falling below the 100ms mark.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting - BlueHost Speed

Not getting the highest rating of A+, BlueHost still offers grade-A performance and stability for everyone.

BlueHost Optimum Performance For Optimal Price

While the price point for dedicated hosting at BlueHost is really appealing, every plan strives to give you even more for your money. Free 1 year domain name and free SSL are both included in each plan, it helps you cut down the cost and gives your website extra security.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting - BlueHost Free Domain And SSL

BlueHost is also very flexible and scalable, if you ever need more services or resources you can just add them to your current plan. You won't need to create different accounts or controls for each service you need, so you will save loads of time.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting - BlueHost Unmanaged Features

While offering just unmanaged servers, BlueHost makes sure you get everything you need for security and performance. So, if you know what you're doing it's worth checking out.

BlueHost has great price and feature balance for unmanaged dedicated hosting. And free SSL and a domain name are always welcomed.

7. GoDaddy - 3 different dedicated server management options

Response time
Price from
Best Dedicated Server Hosting - GoDaddy Homepage

In the eyes of many people, GoDaddy is a domain registrar and a web hosting provider. But they're also very good when it comes to offering some of the best dedicated server hosting.

Plans begin at only $89.99 per month but do require a 2-year commitment. The package includes a 4 Core Xeon CPU, 4 GB RAM, a 1TB HDD, 3 dedicated IPs, and unmetered monthly data transfer.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting - GoDaddy Pricing

Plans are semi-managed (simple patching and updates included), though you can also opt for a fully-managed plan, starting at $120/mo. GoDaddy offers a fully-managed dedicated server with 32 GB of RAM, and 2 TB RAID storage for $179.99/mo.

This price is for Linux - cPanel and WHM included as standard. Windows is also available at an extra monthly cost of $30/mo.

Bandwidth is unmetered in all of the plans, and you can also choose from one of the multiple worldwide server locations.

GoDaddy Performance

When it comes to performance GoDaddy has solid uptime and great server speeds. Our website hosted with the Economy plan had a 100% uptime rate during our entire testing period.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting - GoDaddy Uptime Robot

The average response time we got was 312ms, so GoDaddy is not lightning fast. But that doesn't mean that it's slow in any shape or form, and those 312ms are way below the average load times.

When it comes to international speeds, we get great results in the USA and Europe as expected, but got a bit mixed result in Asia.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting - GoDaddy Speed

While not falling far behind the Asia region servers did show a slower response time.

GoDaddy Management Levels

With GoDaddy, the prices you see are for unmanaged dedicated servers, and if you need full or partial management it also has you covered. You can choose between 3 different server management levels.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting - GoDaddy Managed Choices

For the prices you see on its website, you get a fully unmanaged server with root access and a choice of Ubuntu, Fedora, or CentOS software.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting - GoDaddy OS Choices

If you want just the minimum help, like updating, patching, monitoring, and backup making, you can choose the managed option. If you choose this at the checkout it will add $10/mo to your server price.

With the fully-managed option, a team of dedicated server admin experts will help you with monitoring, security, and performance. Since dedicated teams are not cheap this option will cost you $130/mo.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting - GoDaddy Managed Pricing

So, no matter your expertise level you can choose and tailor the best hosting plan for yourself.

If you need a simple dedicated server plan with several management options at a low price, GoDaddy is the go-to option.

What's the Better Option: Managed or Unmanaged?

Before moving to a dedicated server, it's important to ask yourself a question - which option would you like to choose? In the simplest sense of things, you have two options to choose from - managed and unmanaged dedicated hosting.

What they define, is the two different levels of user responsibility, and a plan of action when something (almost inevitably) goes wrong.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting - Managed or Unmanaged

Let's see how different those two options are, so you know which to choose:

Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting

When buying unmanaged dedicated hosting, you get a barebone server. It only has an operating system installed - and you even have to download Apache/PHP or something else to get you started.

And from the point the server is deployed, everything is your responsibility. It means that it's up to you to update software, do backups, scan for and remove malware.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting - Unmanaged Hosting

The good news is - unmanaged dedicated hosting is cheaper. And for experts, no additional services are needed. If you know what you're doing, it's a perfect choice, combining customizability, resources, and a good price.

Managed Dedicated Hosting

“Fully managed” means the hosting company will take care of all aspects of running your dedicated server for you. You get all the benefits of having your own server, but don’t have to worry about things like security, software updates, or crash recovery.

Of course, hosting companies don’t work for free. Managed dedicated hosting tends to be around 20% more expensive than its unmanaged counterparts. Some providers, such as GoDaddy, simply charge extra for server management.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting - Managed Hosting

The real question is - if you need someone to do the server management, should you be buying a dedicated server in the first place?

Well, it depends. You can be an expert in dedicated servers, and still miss an update, have issues with backups, malware or something else. Managed servers offer you a helping hand with constant updates, support, and of course your website's backups.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting - Backups Servers

If you, however, have no experience managing a dedicated server, there are loads of cheaper, more fitting options, such as cloud hosting - or you can have a look at our best VPS list as well.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting Options Conclusion

All in all, dedicated hosting offers the most powerful hosting experience you can get. When choosing a provider, it's important to choose the ones that fit your needs the most.

All of the providers mentioned on this list are exceptional - but for different goals, some are different than others. So let's have a look at those providers for one last time:

  • Liquid Web solid provider with powerful and feature-rich dedicated hosting plans for everyone.
  • InterServer has a wide variety of dedicated servers to offer you.
  • HostGator is a great managed or semi-managed dedicated server hosting option for those looking to build their own plan.
  • A2 Hosting is an inexpensive, powerful dedicated server option, good for both seasoned experts and relative beginners.
  • InMotion Hosting is a great choice if you feel like you could use the help of a specialist - as you'll get 2 monthly hours of professional sysadmin time.
  • BlueHost is a great choice if you want an unmanaged dedicated server with extra security.
  • GoDaddy offers 3 different server management levels and good value for money.

And that's about it - hope this guide has been helpful. Good luck with choosing your new dedicated server!

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