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magento hosting magneto x men memeIf you’re looking for X-Men villains, sorry to disappoint.

This is not Magneto. This is Magento.

These days the world is crawling with eCommerce website software but not every company is a household name.

Well, Magento is not your every company.

Big names, such as Nestle, Nike, Ford, and Coca-Cola use Magento marketplace.

And Magento is a household name that can be trusted even by the business giants.

That says something, right?

Where can you find the best Magento hosting solutions? Hmmm…Why don’t you try the list below!

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1. InMotion

Price From: $29.19/month

Founded in 2001, InMotion is an independent hosting provider with hundreds of thousands of clients in the US and data centers in both coasts of the continent. 

They are another solid choice for a Magento website and offer some nice enhancements specifically for Magento users. 

Starting at $29.19 a month, InMotion VPS Magento plans are fully managed and include everything needed for a big eCommerce site. Entry plan includes 4 GB of RAM and 75 GB of disk space. Also, there’s 4 TB of bandwidth – enough for potentially millions of hits per month! A private SSL (crucial for eCommerce) is also included, same as automated data backups and multiple IP addresses. It may not be the cheapest option around – but it’s the best Magento hosting for bigger projects.

Every InMotion Magento hosting plan includes:

 SSD storage Free automated data backups
 Up to 8GB RAM Free SSL certificate
 Dedicated IP addresses Unlimited emails and domains
best magento hosting siteground

2. SiteGround

Price From: $3.95/month

SiteGround offers handmade configurations for running Magento efficiently and reliably. Pre-installed Git, assisted website migration and Magento installation are included.

SiteGround’s shared hosting packages are an excellent choice for your Magento eCommerce site. For $3.95/mo, SiteGround gives you 10 GB of storage space and unlimited data transfer. 20 GB is $15.95/mo, and 30 GB is $11.95/mo.

Every SiteGround Magento hosting plan includes:

 Free CloudFlare CDN Multiple locations
 SSD storage Free SSL certificate
 Free automated daily backups cPanel and Softaculous
 Unmetered data transfer Website builder
a2 hosting best magento review

3. A2 Hosting

Price From: $3.92/month

Located in Michigan and with data centers in Arizona, Amsterdam, and Singapore, A2 has been hosting websites since 2001. Their techs have tested and refined their Magento configurations to give you the best possible performance and the Magento software comes pre-installed with A2’s shared hosting accounts.

A2’s Magento shared hosting plans run from $3.92 to $9.31 per month. The top plan includes “Turbo” which is a proprietary configuration that A2 claims can allow your site to load up to 20x faster. You can also choose to locate your site at any of their four data centers to ensure faster delivery to your audience.

Every A2 Hosting Magento plan includes:

 Unlimited storage Green hosting
 Free SSL certificate cPanel
 CloudFlare CDN Free website transfers
 Anytime money back guarantee Multiple locations
1 and 1 best magento hosting review

4. 1&1

Price From: $0.99/month

1&1 has been around almost as long as the internet, and they’re one of the largest hosting companies with 7000 employees in ten countries. They’re known for offering some of the most affordable web hosting around though lacking in Magento-specific features and server enhancements, 1&1 is one of the most affordable hosting providers.

 1&1’s shared hosting for Magento starts at $0.99 per month and includes 100 GB of storage space, 25 databases, and 500 e-mail accounts. For $4.99 per month, you get a faster server with more ram, unlimited storage, websites, databases, and e-mail accounts. Their high-end plan is $8.99 per month, which features an even more powerful web server as well as an enhanced security package.

Every 1&1 Magento hosting plan includes:

 Free domain for 12 months 24/7 support
 Free SSL certificate Easy Magento installation
 Up to 9GB RAM Free website transfer
magemojo best magento hosting review

5. MageMojo

Price From: $58.00/month

MageMojo is different from the other hosting providers listed because it exclusively hosts Magento sites. Every aspect of MageMojo servers is tuned specifically for optimized Magento performance. It’s a bit pricier than other providers on this list, but hosting your eCommerce site with a company that specializes in Magento can give you some piece of mind that’s worth paying for, especially for larger businesses who have more at stake.

MageMojo’s pricing structure differs quite a bit from other hosting providers. There’s a base price that gives you a certain amount of user sessions and disk space. Each additional visitor is $0.005, and disk space is $0.50 per GB. The base price is $58 per month and includes 2,000 sessions and 20 GB of disk space.  If your site had 125,000 visitors in a month and used 100 GB of disk space, you’d pay $713. Though the monthly cost is higher, it automatically scales with you from month to month so you never pay for more than you use

Every MageMojo Magento hosting plan includes:

 Free SSL certificate Magento specific support
 Free website transfers DDOS protection
 Magento exclusive hosting Multiple locations

What to consider when choosing the best Magento hosting?

Magento is incredibly powerful and flexible, and with the huge amount of free and paid extensions, there’s no limit to what you can do with it—all without writing a single line of code. But Magento is also open source, meaning you can make changes and enhancements to the code for your specific needs. And the best part is, it’s free! 

When shopping around for a Magento web hosting provider, there are several things to consider. Let’s take a quick view at the most important ones. 

Is Magento Easy To Install?

The hosting provider of your choice has to be familiar with Magento’s architecture and offer you the easiest possible way to install Magento automatically. Look for quick and simple, one-click auto-installers, like Softaculous, and it will save you a lot of time. Of course, you can rely on expert support but in the most of cases, it’s very time-consuming.

Operative Technical Support

You should be always ready for something unpleasant to happen. Hopefully not, but in the worst case scenario, the team of experts should be reachable anytime. What if your site goes down on the last Saturday before Christmas and you’re selling Ugly Sweaters? Technical support should be accessible and professional even in the odd hours and on holidays. We recommend looking for a higher-end 24/7 technical support.

Speed, Storage, Security

These 3 S’es are similarly important in the search for the best Magento hosting provider.

magento fast web hosting

Let’s begin with Speed. Your customers can get annoyed if they’ll have to wait for a long time to load the services they need. They can even decide to go with another shopping alternative, while there’s a lot to choose from these days. That’s why we advise to pick a shared hosting option only if you manage a very small store because you will share your resources with up to 200 other domains. For bigger eCommerce websites the best Magento hosting is VPS SSD. The resources will be allocated just for you and in most cases, you will be able to control more settings and optimize your Magento site. Also, choose the servers for your webpage in the area of your users.

Keep in mind what kind of e-store you’re planning to launch when looking at the storage in the hosting plan. Most shared packages offer from 10GB to 100GB, which allows thousands of images on the site. Though your eCommerce store can have up to a million images. And don’t forget email. It can eat-up your space in a no-time. Of course, you can think about other alternatives – like downloading emails straight to your pc or finding an alternative provider, just for your email services.

Your Magento plan should come with security features of its own and your hosting provider should take full responsibility for any possible breaches. Look for a DDoS protection, regular updates, firewall, and anti-malware strategy. If this information is not stated in the break-down of packages, it’s time a good time to ask support some questions.


Magento is a complex piece of software that requires considerable server power to run effectively. Make sure a provider’s server hardware is up to the task before signing a contract. Some providers put their low-end plans on lesser hardware, and that may be very detrimental for a Magento site.


You should look for essentials when choosing a good hosting provider and Magento hosting is not different. Why pay for the SSL certificate, when you can get it for free? What’s the uptime guarantee? Maybe if the provider fails to keep your site up for promised time, you’ll get a refund? Are there free domain names and how many? How many email accounts can be created? When the pricing is alike, this can help you to make up your mind. Best Magento hosting options either offer you the best price, or give you enough features to make an increased price worth it.


It is one of the main factors when making a decision. First, it’s up to you to decide what kind of eCommerce store you are willing to launch. Will you sell via multiple channels? How many products will you have? How much traffic do you expect? Will you process orders via Magento or CRM? When you have these things answered it’s time to browse the prices. Just keep in mind that, usually, cheapskate pays twice.


Magento is one of the most popular eCommerce solutions out there due to its power, reliability, and a large collection of extensions from its very active development community. Whatever feature your eCommerce site needs, there’s a good chance there’s an extension available to enable it. The free open source version, sometimes called Magento Marketplace Community, is a great choice for a small to medium businesses that wish to sell online.

Finding a good Magento hosting provider is an important step in building an effective and profitable online store. It’s the best decision to look for Magento partners when choosing hosting providers. Usually, they provide everything you need to start your online store and keep it up. Hopefully, this article has helped take away some of the guesswork when selecting the best Magento hosting provider for your next online venture.

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    • 2018 November 15th

    Thanks for the article. Magento is not a household name, hence having to explain the “magneto” piece. I have clients on BigCommerce, Shopify, and Magento. In my (strong) opinion, magento is the worst, not even close. Especially for how difficult it is to make improvements, adjustments and customizations, other reasons as well.. It may have built in rewards and multi-store setup but those are extra unessesary moving parts for most brands that could be added via app if needed.. To each!


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