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Fiona O’Connell


2020 March 16th

A perfect web hosting provider does not exist. But you can definitely bring your own company close to it and compete with the biggest giants of the industry. By using their servers.

Sounds tricky and expensive? As weird as it sounds, it is not.

Best Reseller Hosting

You can start your own web hosting company by using some of the best reseller programs without investing thousands in costly hardware, salaries, and software.

Reseller hosting allows the account owner to rent out a portion of their bought hosting resources to others while earning a profit. While that is a great business scheme for many entrepreneurs looking to start a business, reseller hosting also has a whole different use.

It is also popular for web developers or agencies looking to host their clients’ websites. Many times, people looking to have a website made by a developer, don't have much or any knowledge about web hosting. Therefore, developers tend to simply add their clients into the hosting servers that they have. However, as those websites pile up and grow, developer expenses may sometimes become unbearable.

The most important features for reseller hosting include white-lable brandable designs of control panels, strong support infrastructure, and powerful client billing and management software.

With reseller hosting, developers have full knowledge of the servers' performance and freedom to configurations. Without actually owning and maintaining the expensive servers.

So if you want to start your own hosting company, I've tested and picked out the best reseller hosting providers available.

The Best Reseller Hosting Programs

To evaluate the value of the reseller hosting offers, I tested dozens of providers. I checked the pricing, features, as well as level of flexibility provided.

Here are the 6 providers offering the best reseller hosting plans:

1. A2 Hosting - The Best Reseller Web Hosting

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A2 Hosting Best Reseller Hosting Landing Page

A2 Hosting tops this list by offering not only some of the most affordable but also flexible reseller web hosting. Furthermore, it claims to offer the fastest speed and the most reliable server performance.

What else can you ask for?

  • The cheapest plan costs barely $9.80/mo (not a bad sum to invest in your business start). For the price, you'll get 30GB of RAID-10 storage space and 400GB of bandwidth as well as WHM, Blesta, SSL certificates, and eNom reseller account.

Unfortunately, A2 Hosting has user accounts limits and allows 40 of them with the Bronze plan.

  • The 2-tier Silver plan for $13.72/mo provides resellers with 75GB of disk space, 600GB of bandwidth, and 60 client accounts.
  • The Gold plan for $18.13/mo is equipped with 150GB of disk space, 1TB of bandwidth, and 80 client accounts.
  • The top-tier Platinum plan for $30.38/mo gives resellers 200GB of disk space, 2TB of bandwidth, and allowance of 100 client accounts.

The data allowances are not the biggest in the industry. At the same time, it's a good and very much affordable start for your own web hosting business. Just keep in mind that after the first billing period, initial discounts will not apply and the pricing increases.

Nonetheless, it's all very much worth it as A2 Hosting includes a ton of great features for its resellers.

A2 Hosting Reseller Program Features

Starting with the most important things, A2 Hosting is well equipped. Each reseller gets a WHM (WebHost Manager) account from which they will be able to create cPanel accounts, manage DNS, SSLs, or create hosting packages.

As you may now know, your customers will get cPanel access - it's some of the most intuitive control panels to manage hosting as well as a great selling point.

For client billing, Blesta and WHMCS are available according to the hosting package.

Furthermore, you'll be able to resell domains with your brand new eNom reseller account. Taking about domain names, custom name servers are free and available upon request.

That, along with the fully white-label design, so your clients will have no clue that you are using someone else's servers.

And the features are not over yet:

  • Server location choice - Michigan, Arizona, Amsterdam, Singapore.
  • CDN pre-installed
  • Automatic backups
  • DDoS protection
  • 1-click installs for the most popular software
  • Unlimited emails
  • Detailed statistics

Additionally, it's also possible to purchase the Turbo Server feature for $4.90/mo which will offer fewer users per server, enhanced stability, and better performance as well as caching for the most popular CMSs like WordPress, Magento, and PrestaShop.

We've already found out that A2 Hosting performance is exceptional. So what else can you as for?

A2 Hosting is one of the best reseller hosting providers offering a ton of features, great flexibility, and top performance for an affordable price.


  • All-inclusive plans
  • Powerful and reliable servers
  • Affordable pricing


  • Higher renewal pricing
  • A smaller amount of resources

Visit A2 Hosting

2. HostGator - Affordable Reseller Program

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HostGator Best Reseller Hosting Landing Page

HostGator is one of my favorite web hosting companies that always delivers intuitive tools, competitive pricing, top-level support, and exceptional performance.

For resellers, it has 3 fully equipped plans:

  • Aluminum for $19.95/mo for 36-month pre-pay ($29.95/mo renewal) offers 60GB disk space and 600GB bandwidth.
  • Copper for $24.95/mo for 36-month pre-pay($41.95/mo renewal) includes 90GB disk space and 900GB bandwidth.
  • Silver for $24.95/mo for 36-month pre-pay ($59.95 renewal) provides 140GB disk space and 1400GB bandwidth.

As you can see, the renewals are quite high. However, the top-tier Silver plan makes the most sense -  you get more resources for the same price. Also, you'll have 3 years to establish your company so the plan can pay for itself.

Talking about value, HostGator is exceptional. The feature list is so extensive it might actually need a separate article.

HostGator Reseller Hosting Features

HostGator includes all the essentials and then adds some more. SSLs, unlimited domains, WHM, unlimited email accounts, and 24/7 customer support are all included.

Users will also be able to resell domains. Reseller Club account with over 70 TLDs is included with easy integrations to the panel and storefront.

Moreover, all resellers also get a premium WHMCS client management and billing software. It helps users to automate the billing process as well as provides support infrastructure.

WHM control panel also allows full control - brand client control panels with company logo, design hosting packages, manage DNS, and see server status.

The clients will get the latest cPanels for their own hosting management. 1-click installs are also included in the package so it's easy to install such CMSs like WordPress or Joomla.

As I mentioned, white-label cPanel is available - you can easily build your own brand on it. Also, HostGator allows you to create custom name servers. This way, your clients will have no idea you are not a stand-alone hosting company so increasing their trust in you.

Last but not least, HostGator's performance is fast and reliable. Your clients will have no issues with slow loading pages or persistent downtime.

There's not much else to ask for. But if you're still not satisfied, there's a pretty long 45-day money-back guarantee to test things out.

If you're looking for complete control over your reseller hosting company, HostGator provides. It offers amazing features, well-equipped plans, and great performance.


  • Full control over servers
  • Generously equipped plans
  • WHMSC, WHM, and cPanel included


  • Expensive renewals

Visit HostGator

3. GreenGeeks - Top Reseller for Environmentally Conscious

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Best Reseller Hosting - GreenGeeks

When it comes to environmentally-friendly hosting, GreenGeeks always tops the charts. And what is better than to start your own hosting company that will ensure your carbon footprint is the smallest. Not to mention that eco-friendly stuff sells better. Be it a cotton blouse or hosting.

Having said that, GreenGeeks reseller plans are not the cheapest (but not the most expensive either):

  • Reseller 10 for $19.95/mo (renews at $34.95) includes 10 cPanel accounts.
  • Reseller 20 for $34.95/mo (renews at $59.95) includes 20 cPanel accounts.
  • Reseller 30 for $44.95/mo (renews at $79.95) includes 30 cPanel accounts.
  • Reseller 40 for $54.95/mo (renews at $94.95) includes 40 cPanel accounts.
  • Reseller 50 for $59.95/mo (renews at $104.95) includes 50 cPanel accounts.

Other than that, the rest of the features are the same. All plans are equipped with unlimited SSD disk space, bandwidth, and a complimentary WHMCS license. You can also choose a server location - Europe, the United States, and Canada are all available to get as close to your target audience as possible.

Unlimited stuff is not the most transparent strategy but the cPanel licenses is a good guide as to what amount of resources you can use. This means GreenGeeks offers great value for money and if you do a good job for the first year - renewal pricing won't be scary.

GreenGeeks Reseller Hosting Features

To start with, GreenGeeks hosts every account on its own platform that is specially engineered setup that uses the latest tech, security and offers scalability options. Furthermore, in all of its plans, GreenGeeks includes not just essentials but a bunch of premium features too.

For some basic stuff, each of your customers will be equipped with cPanel (while-label so you can use your own logo) and an SSL certificate. Besides that, you'll be able to resell domains at a wholesale price.

More advanced features include:

  • An advanced security package - custom security rules and 24/7 monitoring as well as nightly backups.
  • SSD drives, PHP7, a caching tool, and a CDN.
  • The ease-of-use will be ensured not just by the latest cPanel but also Softaculous and a free drag-and-drop builder.

All things considered - that's a great package for your customers that is 300% offset with renewable energy.

What's in there for you? A professional WHMCS license for account and billing management.

Furthermore, you'll be able to sell packages quickly by providing a truly fast service. GreenGeeks hosting constantly is above average the industry standard which is great both for you and your customers.

There's not much to be unsatisfied about but there's a 30-day money-back guarantee just in case.

All in all, GreenGeeks offers all-inclusive reseller hosting packages. While the pricing might be on the higher side, all that is left for you is a nice website to build and a good marketing strategy.


  • 300% offset renewable energy
  • Generously equipped plans
  • WHMSC, WHM, and cPanel included


  • Expensive renewals

Visit GreenGeeks

4. HostPapa - Powerful Reseller Hosting

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HostPapa Best Reseller Hosting Landing Page

HostPapa is one of the most advanced reseller hosts. It has crafted a package for agencies, designers, and developers with some of the best tools available, generous resource limits, and intuitive management.

All wanna-be resellers can choose from 5 plans all of which include: SSL certificates, unlimited websites, private name servers, white-labeling,  and 2 dedicated IPs.

  • Bronze for $29.99/mo yearly offers 4 CPUs, 2GB RAM, 50GB of disk space, 500GB of bandwidth, and 20 cPanel accounts.
  • Silver for $39.99/mo yearly is equipped with 4 CPUs, 4GB RAM, 100GB disk space, 1TB bandwidth, and 40 cPanel accounts.
  • Gold for $64.99/mo yearly provides 8 CPUs, 8GB RAM, 150 SSD, 1,5TB bandwidth, and 60 cPanel accounts + WHMSC and security package.
  • Platinum for $89.99/mo yearly includes 8 CPUs, 200GB SSD, 2TB bandwidth, 100 cPanel accounts, security package, and WHMSC.
  • Titanium for $119.99/mo yearly offers 8 CPUs, 32GB RAM, 250GB SSD, and 150 cPanel accounts +WHMSC and security package.

HostPapa has a more expensive initial pricing and is also guilty of higher renewal pricing just like its competitors. At the same time, it provides truly advanced solutions for complete control of the server.

So what exactly are the features included?

HostPapa Reseller Program

HostPapa reseller packages are fully white label and offer cPanel for the clients as well as private name servers for building your own brand and recognition.

Resellers will be able to manage their client accounts from one comprehensive WHM dashboard - arrange hosting packages, create cPanel accounts, manage DNS, and more.

Unfortunately, client billing and management software is not included in Bronze and Silver plans. It has to be purchased separately, while Gold, Platinum, and Titanium plan users get WHMSC or Client Exec complimentary.

On the other hand, all users can get good use of a number of great features:

  • 1 click installs
  • CDN for performance
  • Firewall
  • DDoS protection
  • Domain privacy protection
  • Anti-spam software

Additionally, advanced features are included in Gold, Platinum, and Titanium packages: CDN for security, web application firewall (WAF), advanced malware detection, automated malware removal, manual malware removal assistance, and automated website backup & restore.

At the same time, HostPapa's performance does not slack behind as we found out. Together with extensive knowledgebase and multilingual customer support, it is an exceptional reseller option if you can invest a bit more.

HostPapa might not be the cheapest option but it does provide premium quality, security, and tools for the users. If you're looking for top-performing web host to resell - it is one of my favorites.


  • Premium web hosting service
  • Generous resource limits
  • Strong security measures


  • Higher pricing level
  • WHMCS is not included in all plans

Visit HostPapa

5. InterServer - Cheap and Powerful Reseller Host

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InterServer Best Reseller Hosting Landing Page

When it comes to performance, security, features, and competitive pricing, InterServer is often among the leaders. No-nonsense company does not employ standard-industry tricks and provide transparent high-quality hosting.

The reseller (or Pro Hosting as they call it) packages are not an exception. There are 5 options to choose from:

  • RS ONE for $19.95/mo - 80GB disk space, 500GB bandwidth, 20 cPanel accounts.
  • RS TWO for $29.95/mo - 100GB disk space, 700GB bandwidth, 30 cPanel accounts.
  • RS THREE for $39.95/mo - 160GB disk space, 1TB bandwidth, 40 cPanel accounts.
  • RS FOUR for $49.95/mo - 200GB disk space, 1300GB bandwidth, 50 cPanel accounts.
  • RS FIVE for $69.95/mo - 240GB disk space, 2TB bandwidth, 70 cPanel accounts.

Very creative, InterServer. Well, at least the plans are not named after metals anymore.

I am glad to announce - InterServer does not have any increases in renewal pricing. Whether you want to stay for a year or 10 - the pricing will remain the same.

That's one of the greatest features the provider has but definitely not the only one.

InterServer Reseller Hosting Features

The reseller program includes a ton of features both for the reseller and their clients. However, one is lacking - client management and billing software which you'll have to purchase yourself. For example, WHMCS starts at $18.95/mo while alternatives are available for free (although much more limited).

Drawbacks aside, InterServer really does offer an exceptional package:

  • cPanel for all of your customers
  • Over 450 1-click installers
  • SitePad website builder
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Global content caching +Cloudflare
  • Intershield Protection security package (virus scanner, web attack blocking, machine learning firewall, malware database)
  • Inter-Insurance (investigation of a problem, restoration of the site, prevention for re-occurring issues).
  • Free site migrations

InterServer's plans are not just fully equipped, but also enriched with speed boosting and security features. Not to mention that the provider is proving to offer exceptionally reliable and fast servers.

Small drawbacks aside, InterServer offers great reseller hosting packages for an affordable price. All of the plans come equipped with a bunch of great features including security and speed-boosting services.


  • Various email hosting services
  • Powerful and reliable servers
  • Affordable pricing


  • Expensive renewals

Visit InterServer

6. InMotion Hosting - Advanced Reseller Shared and VPS Program 

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InMotion Best Reseller Hosting Landing Page

InMotion has designed an advanced solution for agencies, developers, and resellers - it provides powerful packages for both shared and VPS hosting.

All plans come equipped with SSLs, dedicated IPs, cPanel, as well as free WHMCS license:

  • R-1000s shared reseller plan for $15.39/mo offers 80GB disk space, 800GB bandwidth, 1 dedicated IP, and 25 cPanel accounts.
  • R-2000s shared reseller plan for $21.99/mo offers 120GB disk space, 1200GB bandwidth, 1 dedicated IP, and 50 cPanel accounts.
  • R-3000s shared reseller plan for $30.24/mo offers 160GB disk space, 1600GB bandwidth, 1 dedicated IP, and 80 cPanel accounts.
  • Reseller VPS-1000 for $46.64/mo provides 4GB RAM, 75GB disk space, 4TB bandwidth, and 3 IPs.
  • Reseller VPS-2000 for $67.84/mo provides 6GB RAM, 150GB disk space, 5TB bandwidth, and 4 IPs.
  • Reseller VPS-3000 for $94.94/mo provides 8GB RAM, 260GB disk space, 6TB bandwidth, and 5 IPs.

As you can see, InMotion Hosting plans are very well equipped for both smaller resellers and those that need some serious scaling up.

There's one major drawback though. No matter how well equipped the plans are, you should be ready for a big increase in renewal pricing. The renewal can almost double the pricing. However, if you manage to establish your reseller company in those 2 primary years, it shouldn't hurt your wallet too much. 

And the list of features looks very inviting:

InMotion Reseller Web Hosting Features

To begin with, all the essentials both for reselling hosting and for users to build a website are included.

For you, it's a Web Host Manager, WHMCS billing software, and a domain name.

Your clients also get cPanel, SSL certificates, and 400+ one-click installs.

But that's not even all as InMotion adds lots of extras:

  • cPanel features white label design so you can build your brand on it.
  • eNom account for reselling domain names and SSL certificates is included as well.
  • Scheduled backups are available too.
  • DDoS and malware protection are built-in and available to everyone.
  • Two hours of Launch Assist are included starting with the tier-3 plan.

Sounds good? It sure is. InMotion is extremely well equipped to help you build your own web hosting company. And from what I know, InMotion's performance never disappoints. 

InMotion offers the most powerful reseller web hosting packages. Although the pricing is higher, it sure features premium tools and services with all plans.


  • VPS and shared hosting plans
  • Premium features included


  • Rather expensive plans

Visit InMotion

The Best Reseller Hosting Programs - the Verdict

It's great to see that all of my best reseller hosting providers offer white-label design, top-level performance, generous packages, and competitive pricing.

At the same time, each of these companies has different programs for different users. Whether you'll use these plans for multiple website hosting, developing websites for customers, or simply reselling hosting - each will do a wonderful job:

  • A2 Hosting is a great all-rounder when it comes to reseller web hosting. Offering affordable pricing and all essentials it's a great start for new resellers.
  • HostGator is similar to A2 Hosting - affordable prices, variety of plans, and all the essentials come included.
  • GreenGeeks is a good option for some easy marketing of your new hosting company - not only full of features but powered by renewable energy as well.
  • HostPapa offers more advanced hosting options with great performance and security features out of the box.
  • InterServer provides hosting for those who require consistency, transparent pricing, and great performance.
  • InMotion offers some of the most advanced reseller web hosting packages with both VPS and shared hosting on sale.

Which provider matches your needs? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comment section down below!

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Margert Sayavong

2019 July 31st

I enjoy what you guys are up too. This type of clever work and reporting! Keep up the terrific works guys I've you guys to blogroll.

I enjoy what you guys are up too. This type of clever work and reporting! Keep up the terrific works guys I've you guys to blogroll.

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neeraj sharma

2018 December 20th

A well written article. All checklist is awesome but I have one point that why you did not mention godaddy. Godadday is the largest and oldest web hosting company in... Read more

A well written article. All checklist is awesome but I have one point that why you did not mention godaddy. Godadday is the largest and oldest web hosting company in the world. I saw many article, they also not mentioned godaddy and my question is why?