The Best VPN Services Of 2019 – Which Ones Are Best For Your Privacy?


Katherine Garcia


2019 May 23rd at 10:36

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A VPN keeps you and your data safe when browsing online.

After all, personal and sensitive information is a source of hackers' income. If you're using public hotspots, you are risking serious data leaks and even financial losses.

A virtual private network (VPN) encrypts your information by masking your actual IP address, and the data that you send to a website. This way you can browse the internet privately and securely even when using public hotspots. Also, it allows you to access websites and media that would otherwise be banned or geolocked from your existing location.

But with so many choices, which is the best VPN for you? 

In order to find the best VPN, we’ve thoroughly tested over 50 top companies and narrowed the list down to the absolute best VPN services of 2019. Here are the best VPN providers out there:

1. NordVPN

An ultra-secure and fast VPN provider 

Number of servers 5 059+
Server locations 59+
Max devices 6
IP Addresses 5 059+

Platforms supported: Windows Logo MacOS iOS Android

NordVPN aims to liberate the internet and make it an open place for everyone. It claims to do it fast and in superior quality. In the times of Internet censorship and content control, it’s more difficult than ever.

So how does NordVPN achieve that?

Nord VPN uses Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256 bit) as well as IKEv2/IPsec. It makes the provider one of the most secure in the industry. In addition to that, a very clear no-logs policy guarantees that NordVPN keeps no information on the users' web activities.

And as of now, there have been no security issues with NordVPN - that's a good sign.

NordVPN prices are competitive as well, starting at just $2.99/month with the 3-year plan. That's just over $100 for 3 years of secure internet.  Also, one account allows you to connect up to 6 devices. That makes NordVPN a great option for a whole household or a small business


If a 3-year commitment sounds too big, there are three other options:

  • 24 months plan for $3.99 /month
  • 12 months plan for $6.99 /month
  • 1-month plan for $11.95 /month

And if for some reason you aren’t satisfied by what NordVPN provides, then you can go ahead and take advantage of their 30-day money-back guarantee.

But what do you actually get for your money?

There are no bandwidth caps to be seen, and you can connect to almost every online streaming service, thanks to the many server locations. So if you want to watch BBC iPlayer or Netflix US from abroad, NordVPN will be your new best friend.

There are a couple of small issues though.

Only a limited number of servers are available for torrenting. Also, the vast majority of NordVPN's servers are located in Europe so American users won't have a variety of close-distance servers. If you really care about whether you connect from East or West coast, there may be issues.


However, from New York servers, NordVPN performed really well.

Our set benchmark was around 87Mbps for download and upload speed without the VPN turned on. NordVPN was only 23.7Mbps slower which is a perfect score with the VPN turned on.

So, NordVPN isn’t just secure and cheap, it’s also fast.

This makes it an excellent choice for P2P file-sharing, HD streaming or online gaming - especially seeing very reputable ping and jitter times.

Pros Cons
  Up to 6 synchronous device connections  Majority of servers located in Europe
 Excellent speed  Torrenting available on a limited number of servers
 30-day money-back guarantee
 Unlimited bandwidth
 No logging
 Works with Netflix US
 30-day free trial available

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2. ExpressVPN

Trusted and powerful VPN for all platforms

Number of servers 1 800+
Server locations 160+
Max devices 3
IP Addresses 1 000+

Platforms supported: Windows Logo MacOS LinuxiOS AndroidBlackBerry

ExpressVPN is one of the most popular VPN solutions in the world, and that's for a good reason. The provider offers an incredibly extensive list of solutions.

It supports a wide range of operating systems including Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS and even Blackberry(!).

What’s also great is that there are plenty of web-based tutorials which are easy to follow - they will help you to use this VPN to its fullest potential.

ExpressVPN website offers live chat support with agents staffed to respond 24/7 as well. And they're not only quick to respond, but also

So, how much does it all cost?

ExpressVPN has three plans: they're based on the subscription period. The cheapest monthly price is $8.32 if you sign for a year. With ExpressVPN plans, you can connect only 3 devices simultaneously which makes this VPN plans suitable for personal use only.


If you are not sure, you can try ExpressVPN for 30-days with the offered money-back guarantee or commit to a shorter term. Their prices are like these:

  • 6 months: $9.99 /month
  • 1 month: $12.95 /month

And while ExpressVPN price is a bit higher, it's one of a few providers offering quality service with server locations even in countries like Belarus, Brunei, and Cambodia.

You’ll also be able to access all of the main streaming services like Netflix US and BBC iPlayer. And if you ever do run into any issues, ExpressVPN’s incredible customer support team promises to have your questions solved in no time.


But how did Express VPN handle our test?

ExpressVPN was quite a bit slower than our set benchmark of 87Mbps, reaching only 21.9Mbps download speed.

As far as I see it, ExpressVPN does not live up to its speed promises.

But the provider is still popular. So what do you get for the money? Great customer support and complete security - if those are your priorities, this is the best VPN for you.

Pros Cons
 Zero logs & great encryption  No ad blocker
 Simple cross-platform client   Only 3 simultaneous connections
 Unlimited bandwidth for P2P   Slower speed
 30-day money-back guarantee

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3. Ivacy VPN

Extensive VPN solutions for secure browsing

Number of servers 1 000+
Server locations 100+
Max devices 5
IP Addresses 100 000+

Platforms supported: Windows Logo MacOS LinuxiOS AndroidBest VPNbest vpn kodi logo small

Ivacy VPN aims to offer a privacy solution to all sorts of devices. The company has developed applications for all of the main platforms, such as Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.

But it didn't stop there. With one and the same Ivacy VPN subscription, you'll also be able to encrypt data of your Android TV, Amazon Firestick, Kodi, or even an Xbox or a PlayStation console.

The setup process on all of those platforms is also user-friendly; plenty of tutorials and troubleshooting guides are available.

As for the VPN itself, it tries to tick off every single box of what's expected from a VPN.

What do you get?

Streaming from Netflix USA, and P2P downloads are both available. And there are more than 100 server locations to choose from.

256-bit security and a strict zero log policy complete the package. The only issue? Location in Singapore. While Singapore doesn't make all your data public, but it's rumored to be in close ties with the Western governments. Unlike the offshore havens like Panama or the Virgin Islands.

So how much does all that cost?

There's only one plan, which allows you to do 5 simultaneous connections. If you want to pay monthly, it's going to cost $9.95. But there's much better value if you pay for 1 or 2 years in advance.

1 year of Ivacy VPN will cost $40 ($3.33/month), and 2 years will be $54 ($2.25/month). It makes it one of the cheapest options on our list.


So if you're planning to purchase Ivacy VPN, long term commitment sounds like a pretty good option. Financial and service wise.

Now, what about the performance?

Actually, it's fairly good.

IvacyVPN is only about 40Mbps slower than our benchmark of 87Mbps. However, the ping isn't all that good.

And it may negatively affect your streaming and gaming experience.

However, by keeping around half of the original Internet speed, you shouldn't feel a significant difference when browsing. So if that's your goal - IvacyVPN is a good choice.

Pros Cons
 Available for many devices  Based in Singapore
 Good multi-year pricing  Monthly fees a bit too high
 Torrents and P2P both available

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4. Private Internet Access

Cheap, unlimited and full of features 

Number of servers 3 300+
Server locations 32
Max devices 5
IP Addresses Undisclosed

Platforms supported: Windows Logo MacOS LinuxiOS Android

If you are looking for a VPN solution that is fully-fledged and simple to use, then Private Internet Access (PIA) should be a name to consider. It has over 3000 servers worldwide and reliable, lag-free performance.

Deploying the industry standard AES-256 bit encryption and support for the OpenVPN protocol, you can count on PIA to keep your information secure.

PIA is also packed with features. From encrypted Wi-Fi to the SOCKS5 Proxy being included as a standard, it has pretty much every single feature you can think of - and then some more.

Private Internet Access enforces no restrictions on P2P or bandwidth and allows up to 5 simultaneous device connections.

Talking about Private Internet Access pricing, it starts at $3.49/month with a 2-year subscription.


If the 2-year commitment is too big, you can choose a yearly or 1-month plan. However, prices jump a bit:

  • 12 months: $5.99/month
  • 1 month: $9.95/month

So what can you expect from PIA?

You can stream and play games online as much as you want since there is no data capping. However, you won’t be able to unblock Netflix US.

In addition to these rare shortcomings, it is worth mentioning that PIA is not a very user-friendly VPN. After downloading the application, your login credentials are sent to your email address - and not only that's not very secure, those combinations tend to be quite difficult to remember. Also, the desktop app interface is a bit clunky, comparing to something like NordVPN.

Sadly there is no month-long money-back guarantee, as with PIA you only get 7 days. So you better decide if you like it, quick.

Luckily, out of all reasons to use that money-back guarantee, speed won't be one.

PIA is one of the best-performing VPNs on this list, only 38Mbps slower in downloads compared to our 87Mbps benchmark.

Upload speed are excellent as well. Ping, however, could be lower, as well as the jitter.

So, Private Internet Access will be perfect for fast browsing and downloading. But not so much for a smooth gaming experience.

Pros Cons
 Cheap  Doesn’t unblock Netflix
 Lots of servers  Only 7-day money-back guarantee
 Great speed
 Up to 5 connections
 Unlimited bandwidth

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5. StrongVPN

VPN with extreme security and excellent support

Number of servers 650+
Server locations 45+
Max devices 12
IP Addresses 59 500

Platforms supported: Best VPNBest VPNBest VPNBest VPNBest VPN

StrongVPN lives up to its name in more ways than one. Not only does it manage to bypass Netflix US restrictions, but it's one of the few VPN services that can get past China’s great firewall, too.

Located in Texas, USA, StrongVPN offers over 650 servers in 26 countries. Of those, 45 are in different cities.

They also support a good number of platforms. That includes Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, Amazon Fire, and even some Wi-Fi routers.

Like all of the best VPN services, StrongVPN includes AES-256 bit encryption as a standard, as well as the less commonly seen IKEv2/IPsec protocol.

best-vpn-strong-vpn-pricingStrongVPN pricing starts at $5.83/month for a 12-month subscription. Another option is to get a monthly plan for $10.

With both of them, you get the same features, including 12 simultaneous device connections.

So, StrongVPN pricing is nothing exceptional. It can be compared to most of the average-priced providers.

However, with 12 simultaneous device connections, it's one of the most competitive options for businesses wanting to provide VPN security to the employees.

StrongVPN performance, when compared to others, is not that strong.

It's almost 66Mbps slower than our 87Mbps benchmark.

And that might actually slow you down. Fortunately, the ping score is great.

So why StrongVPN is popular and on our list?

This VPN is simple, secure, easy to use, and one subscription allows multiple connections. That, in addition to the China firewall bypass, makes StrongVPN one of the best options for small businesses and bigger families.

Pros Cons
 Very easy-to-use  Speed is average at best
 Multiple device support  Small locations list
 Gets past Chinese firewall
 30-day money-back guarantee

6. TunnelBear

The best free VPN provider

Number of servers 1 000+
Server locations 20+
Max devices 5
IP Addresses 3 500+

Platforms supported: Best VPNBest VPNBest VPNBest VPN

Don't be fooled - TunnelBear may look like nothing but a cute logo, but it's actually an incredibly solid VPN service.

And it takes security very seriously. As a matter of fact, TunnelBear is the only VPN in the world that has published an independent security audit. Needless to say, the audit has approved that this VPN has a solid no-log policy and doesn't store any sensitive customer data.

TunnelBear offers 3 VPN plans. Or to be more exact, two plans with different pricing options.

The first plan is completely free. You get 500MB of data per month, and can use it however you wish.

The next plan costs $9.99 and you'll get charged monthly. It includes unlimited data, and 5 simultaneous device connections.

But if $9.99/month is too much, and you're willing to commit for a longer term, there's a way to save 50% by purchasing the plan for a full year.

Then, you'll only pay $4.99/month.


If you're looking for a quality VPN service, I don't suggest going for a free plan.

A 500MB data limit on the free plan might not sound like much. That's because it isn't.

A simple speed test alone took nearly half of the allowed monthly data. A dozen minutes of browsing on bigger, modern websites, and our allowance was almost depleted.

However, if all you need a VPN for is occasionally checking foreign news sites that would otherwise be blocked, 500MB should be fine.

But even the paid plans have their problems.

For example, the lack of support for both Netflix US and being able to torrent is quite disappointing.


That being said, TunnelBear makes up for its shortcomings with impressive speed.

It's only 45,6Mbps slower than our set 87Mbps benchmark. The upload speed is even better, and there are no issues with ping or jitter.

What does that mean?

You will be able to securely (and speedily) browse, download, and even game. And while a free plan provided data might not be enough, the speed TunnelBear makes the premium plan well worth your money.

Pros Cons
 No data logging  No torrenting support
 Free plan  No Netflix support
 Works on 5 devices at once  Download speed could be better
 Extremely secure

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7. HideMyAss VPN

Best VPN solution with multiple worldwide locations 

Number of servers 720+
Server locations 280+
Max devices 5
IP Addresses 3 600+

Platforms supported: Best VPNBest VPNBest VPNBest VPN

HideMyAssVPN has a fairly poor reputation - as it's previously worked with governments and handed them over some of the sensitive user data.

Then how in the world is this VPN ranked on our list?

One of the best qualities of HMA VPN is the number of servers located in just about every country possible.

Do you want to surf in Alaska? Or do you prefer North Korea instead?

Well, now you don't have to choose, because HMA! has both. One of my favorite things is definitely the fact there are so many USA locations, you can see what the users from various parts of the country see.

No other VPN service has anything like this scale of network. It may not have the highest number of servers, but the way they are spread out is commendable and gives users many choices.

Probably because of that, HMA is still popular.

Here's how much it costs to start using this VPN:


HideMyAss is not the cheapest. The 2-year plan will cost you $4.99/month, and a monthly plan will set you back a solid $11.99.

Sure, it’s not as cheap as NordVPN or PIA, but it doesn’t fall into the IvacyVPN or ExpressVPN cost territories.


Another good thing about HideMyAss VPN is its speed.

Its downloads speed are only 35Mbps slower than with the regular 87Mbps connection.

Upload speed is not much worse. However, ping could be just a bit lower.

Also, taking security issues into account, HideMyAssVPN might not be your safest choice. Unless you are not doing anything illegal (torrenting licensed TV shows IS illegal, you know).

So when HideMyAssVPN is the best option?

Connecting to the huge number of locations worldwide is a great option for small business that wants to track their performance from all locales. It's also great for secure browsing and Netflix US.

For anything else, scroll upwards and pick some other VPN.

Pros Cons
 Huge number of server locations  Hands data to governments
 Good quality applications  Speed isn't great
 Netflix US & BBC iPlayer available  No P2P support

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Best VPN Service - our Verdict

VPN choices are huge - and it's not easy to find one that offers great features, supreme security, and perfect value for money. But there are options that do just that.

All of the providers on our list are providing their users with excellent quality. But which one is right for your specific needs? Let's have one final look.

  • NordVPN is best for those looking an affordable yet powerful all-in-one solution.
  • ExpressVPN is a choice for extra security features and good customer support. If you need a helping hand 24/, this is a good VPN to choose.
  • Ivacy VPN will work for those needing the support of a number of platforms and devices. This VPN has solutions for almost everything.
  • Private Internet Access is a secure service that is powerful and easy to use. If you're a VPN beginner, this is a suitable choice.
  • StrongVPN wins the place on our list for great security and support features. It's not the fastest, but does the job well.
  • TunnelBear is our free VPN pick with great and reliable performance.
  • HideMyAssVPN offers the biggest amount of servers worldwide.

Do you think we missed something? Share your thoughts down below!

Katherine Garcia

Curious and full of fresh ideas, Katherine is a professional content writer. Owns a dog, a cat, and a horse. Spends her free time reading books and playing with the pets.

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Mohsin picture

2019 June 1st

My favourite one is NordVpn. NordVpn do not track usage.

Alisha Ross picture
Alisha Ross

2019 May 4th

Very very unreliable, trying out the world of VPN after reading many good reviews.
Terrible stability, very high price for what you get.
NORDvpn was recommended by number of review sites, they were all VERY WRONG.
The one good point I suppose, is that NORD do not track usage, which you would think is one of the main reasons for using a VPN.
The world of VPN will have to improve a lot!
Ross Alisha

Alisha Ross picture
Alisha Ross

2019 May 4th

All the VPN services I’ve looked at previously require you to install a client app on your computer or device – will any of these work with, say, the VPN client in a DD-WRT’d router too allow own to pipe his entire LAN over the VPN?
Ross Alisha

Anonymous picture

2019 February 25th

It’s fully free, safe, reliable and fast.
Also it doesn’t give data to any governments.
It has numerous servers and even has torrenting support on many servers .
It doesnt even has a paid plan.
It doesn’t even show you ads nor collect your data

Fernand D Waugh picture
Fernand D Waugh

2018 December 5th

Thanks Alex for this guide, I can agree with your top picks, and as a user of nordvpn, good price and quality combination makes it a good product worth testing, I would never buy the cheapest products, for me it is a mouse trap.

john eats seeds picture
john eats seeds

2018 August 11th

Should’ve also added a table: “Did this VPN give away your data for governments?” Only a matter of time until someone like PIA starts panicking and sends thousands of Middle Eastern browsers in jail. The noose is tightening once the governments found out what a VPN was.

Dinesh666 picture

2018 July 28th

used like 12 VPNs already (don’t use it for more than a trial, free stuff lol). HMA is the most convenient, Nord is the fastest, others are uninteresting, but i dont use Torrents so whatever

Gustavo picture

2018 July 19th

Big fan of NordVPN ever since Big Money Salvia promoted it to get away from the government cloud people. AAAND POST.

Sunny picture

2018 July 10th

strong vpn they let me access us netflix while I’m studying in china

Trent picture

2018 June 26th

I was a fan of NordVPN since 2016, but now I thought to try something new. So now I’m testing Surfshark VPN extension. From the first sight seems very fast, only one issue they do not provide the app for iOS yet.