5 Best VPS Hosting Providers – Grow Your Business!

VPS hosting gives you the performance and freedom of a dedicated server for a fraction of the price.

So whether you are starting a new project or your small business website is not so small anymore, VPS hosting can be a perfect fit.

But what is the best VPS hosting provider to choose?

After several months of testing and comparing, I managed to put a list of 5 best VPS providers. And while all of them are quite different, at the same time they're all offering the highest quality services.

These, in my opinion, are the best VPS hosting providers out there:

  • DreamHost (great performance and optimization options)
  • InMotion Hosting (combo of high quality and good value VPS hosting)
  • Hostwinds (inexpensive VPS powered by powerful servers)
  • Hostinger (excellent performance VPS hosting for the cheapest price)
  • FastComet (best server provider for reaching global audiences)

1. DreamHost

Excellent VPS hosting for scalability, performance, and WordPress optimization

Uptime 100.00%
Speed 138ms
Disk Space30 - 240GB
Support24/7 live chat, email ticket
Email AccountsUnlimited
Pricefrom $10/month

Geared towards individuals and startups, DreamHost promises excellent performance and scalability options for its VPS plans. And it aims to be the perfect option for WordPress users, as it's one of the very few hosts, recommended by WordPress itself.

The service is based on Linux-VServer OS that separates server resources into virtual machines for each user. This way, privacy is protected and server performance is not affected by other users.

To make your website really fast, DreamHost uses SSD drives promising speeds 20x faster than regular HDD drives.

Also, the VPS hosting plans are fully managed by the company's experts - software, OS updates, and security patches are installed automatically.

DreamHost includes unlimited MySQL databases with all of the plans. However, you can purchase a MySQL VPS add-on for $15/month, which puts your database into DreamHost's VPS servers for the best load times.

DreamHost pricing for VPS plans starts at $10/month if you pay yearly. The Basic plan includes 1GB RAM and 30GB storage.

Not enough? DreamHost has 3 other plans, that help you scale even further. And that's done in a matter of minutes as memory can be altered without rebooting the servers.


  •  Expandable RAM and storage
  •  Unlimited bandwidth and traffic
  •  Dedicated server resources
  •  Managed performance, updates, and security
  •  Free premium SSL certificate
  •  Unlimited emails and domains


  •  No phone support
  •  Custom hosting panel less intuitive that cPanel

2. InMotion Hosting

Best VPS hosting for advanced customization options

Uptime 99.24%
Speed 155ms
Disk Space75 - 260GB
RAM4 - 8GB
Support24/7 live chat, phone, email ticket
Email AccountsUnlimited
Pricefrom $24.99/month

InMotion Hosting is one of the best providers offering both managed and Cloud VPS services based on your needs.

Both managed and Cloud VPS plans include real-time redundancy, so if anything happens on your server, the new one can kick-in instantly and save you from downtime. Free automated daily backups and server location choice are also included.

InMotion is on a slightly more expensive side, starting at $24.99/month. However, the entry plan gives you 4GB RAM, 75GB storage and 4TB bandwidth.


With SSD disks becoming the new standard, InMotion hosting does not hold back and include them in the packages too. It promises 20x faster servers speeds when compared to HDD disks.

As for the managed VPS hosting, you can ask for a server optimized for WordPress and PHP. Root access with the managed VPS plans is also available so you can have all the control.

As for Cloud VPS, you get to choose the OS from the CentOS, Ubuntu, and Debian. Multiple programming languages are also supported.


  •  Resource monitoring dashboard
  •  Free SSL enabled in cPanel
  •  Root access
  •  Free backups and cPanel
  •  Optimized for eCommerce
  •  Unlocked CPU cores


  •  Promoted package pricing is only with a 2-year term
  •  Free automated data backups available only if an account doesn't exceed 10GB in size

3. Hostwinds

Flexible VPS hosting with the state-of-art hardware

Uptime Unavailable
Speed Unavailable
Disk Space30 - 100GB
RAM1 - 6GB
Support24/7 live chat, phone, email ticket
Email AccountsUnlimited
Pricefrom $5.17/month

Hostwinds have options for all kind of users - there are managed and unmanaged VPS services, available on both Linux and Windows servers. It's also worth mentioning that the company runs its own servers - so it has the full freedom to optimize them for perfect performance.

Additionally, this may also be the reason why Hostwinds can offer their VPS servers at such a competitive price point:


The company offers 8 configurations for managed and unmanaged Linux server partitions and additional 8 plans each for both managed and unmanaged Windows VPS.

Also, with each of the plans, you'll be given a dedicated IP and root access - bargains at such a low cost.

Speaking of bargains, it's super inexpensive to move to the managed VPS platform. Starting price for managed VPS is only 68 cents a month higher than the one of the unmanaged VPS. That's the price of 24/7 support, automatic updates, patching, and troubleshooting - absolutely worth it even if you are a pro.

Worth mentioning is that Hostwinds have a different approach to pricing. With the promoted price you can choose whatever term you want - may it be 1 month or 10 years, it's on you. But after that term, you'll be hit with the higher renewal pricing.


  •  Free dedicated IPs with all plans
  •  99.99999% uptime guarantee
  •  Choice of managed or unmanaged Linux/Windows
  •  Nightly backups
  •  Fast SSD drives
  •  Free website migration
  •  Servers in several locations


  •  Pricing may appear confusing

4. Hostinger

Fast, reliable and the most affordable VPS hosting

Uptime 100%
Speed 59ms
Disk Space20 - 160GB
RAM1 - 8GB
Support24/7 live chat, email ticket
Email AccountsUnlimited
Pricefrom $3.95/month

Starting at $3.95/month, Hostinger offers the cheapest VPS hosting on our list. And this provider is a shining example, that cheap doesn't mean bad.

You get full root access, fast solid state drives, and enough storage to host multiple pages; all with the entry plan.

Also, Hostinger VPS service is semi-managed. What does it mean?

The expert team will take care of the updates and some of the back-end stuff - so you'll get some of the help, not offered by many other, much more expensive hosting providers.


All VPS plans come with a number of OSs that can be installed in a few clicks: CentOS, Ubuntu, Scientific, Fedora, Open Suse, and Debian.

Unfortunately, the daily backups come at an extra price of $12.79/month but you can make unlimited snapshots yourself.

All in all, you get the money's worth and some extra on top.


  •  Free dedicated IPs with all plans
  •  Solid state drives
  •  IPv6 Support
  •  Web Script and OS installer
  •  Free website migration
  •  Servers in several locations


  •  Daily backups are not included

5. FastComet

Best VPS service for stability and reliability 

Uptime 99.96%
Speed 164ms
Disk Space50 - 320GB
RAM2 - 16GB
Support24/7 live chat, phone, email ticket
Email AccountsUnlimited
Pricefrom $59.95/month

FastComet is one of the more expensive managed VPS hosting picks. But it's a good deal, as it's also super powerful and reliable with 8 servers lined up across the globe.

Plans starting at $59.95/month will get you SSD based storage, cPanel, WHM, and Softaculous installer, and daily backups with free data snapshots are included any time.


The service is fully managed but FastComet does not restrict you from having root access. You can manage all your websites from the user-friendly cPanel and scale your plan any time. FastComet promises to deploy your site minutes after registration.

So while it is very not cheap, FastComet is one of the most reliable VPS hosting providers out there. And if your budget allows - it's worth a try.


  •  Fully managed SSD servers
  • cPanel/WHM/Softaculous
  •  Automated daily and weekly backups + full data snapshots
  •  Completely scalable servers on demand
  •  Free Web and CSF Firewall
  •  Choice of data center location


  •  Free setup only with a 3-month plan (additional $19.95 if billed monthly)
  •  The longest term for ordering a plan is only 3-months

The Verdict - Best VPS Hosting for You

There's plenty of VPS hosting providers and even more plans to choose from. And while each and every host on our top 5 is a very good one, they're also different in what they offer. The best option for you may vary differently, depending on your needs.

So think about your resources and needs; here's the list of our leaders and the features they are winning at:

      • DreamHost is best for those who want a full package - scalable resources, excellent performance by the top-notch tech solutions, and even WordPress optimized hosting.
      • InMotion Hosting is great for those who want advanced customization options and high quality for good value.
      • Hostwinds provides some of the best quality with the latest technology powered servers at an affordable price.
      • Hostinger basically gives the quality VPS hosting away and takes the lead being the cheapest in the industry.
      • FastComet offers stable and reliable VPS that is great for reaching global audiences.

So yes - there clearly isn’t a one-size-fits-all web hosting solution. But from this list, I am sure that you can pick the hosting that is right for you. So good luck searching!

Paul joined the Hosting.Review team right from the start as a content writer and marketer. He was the person responsible for establishing a trademark for in-depth web hosting evaluation and superb review articles. Before joining Hosting.Review, Paul was working on various projects as a freelancer. Paul spends his free time reading fantasy books and graphic novels.
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  1. Jason T. picture Jason T.
    2019 January 21st

    We host with EURO-SPACE and the service is great!
    Why only EIG and big companies are listed on each “independent” review sites like yours?
    There are lots of small companies which provide amazing products and services and they sould really get some attention.

  2. Liquid Web picture Liquid Web
    2018 August 30th

    Been using for almost a year now. Had some issues but it looks that they’re serious about their business. Never left me hanging and were really helpful. 100% uptime? I don’t think so

  3. Jane picture Jane
    2018 August 30th

    Inmotion is very reponsive and helpful. I have been with them many years. Look take it from someone who knows and has tried many others.

  4. Tom picture Tom
    2018 August 30th

    Excellent up-time once you know what your application actually needs to run. the MySQL VPS makes it easy to build powerful DBS backed applications without needing to understand complicated stuff. If anyone cares their VPS runs on Ubuntu

  5. thank you goddammit picture thank you goddammit
    2018 August 21st

    thank you for adding Hostwinds and not faffing around with the description of what they do. the vps templates are LIFESAVERS. And you get extra ips if you ask nicely. they look outdated but theyre metal af 😀

  6. eshmesh picture eshmesh
    2018 August 20th

    We have been using DreamHost for all of our projects and bar big prices, there hasn’t been an issue. Although the pricing is precisely what is sad. For WordPress, I think in other article you mentioned Flywheel! It’s definitely a big one but I really missed out on DigitalOcean on this list. Deserves a lot of anyone’s attention.

  7. J Chang picture J Chang
    2018 August 15th

    FastComet is a such a complete mess! Don’t get me wrong, they’re…good (I think?) but no one there in the support could even help me with setting up a VOIP. Sheisse, they’re friendly and nice, but so, so, so suspicious.

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