5 Best Web Hosting Providers To Boost Your Small Business

best small business hosting review

How to recognize the best hosting provider?

I can guarantee that you will look at the key features like price, security, and support. And you will be right because it's important for any kind of hosting.

But there are some great hosting providers that think outside the box and realize what small business hosting really needs.

What are the features to be on the top of small business hosting cake? It just happens that we have them listed below.

Here's what's the best web hosting for small business:

  • Hostinger (super low prices, great scaling options)
  • A2 Hosting (fast worldwide servers)
  • Wix (simple and beautiful website builder)
  • SiteGround (brilliant customer support)
  • WPEngine (a professional option for big projects)

Here are those 5 providers - described in full detail.

1. Hostinger

hostinger hosting for small businessPrice From: $0.80 /month

Last downtime: 3 weeks ago

Speed: 71ms   Uptime: 100.00%

Hostinger company was created in 2004 and is known as a cheap hosting provider, capable of offering premium quality features for the lowest price in the industry.

Hostinger has data centers in 7 different regions, all data is protected by fail-safes, RAID-10 (writing two disks at once to protect data) and daily or weekly backups.

All customers are protected from DDoS attacks on multiple layers - anti-DDoS traffic analyzer and firewall.

With any of Hostinger plans you'll get a huge amount of included features, like custom website builder with large amount free website templates, free domain, WordPress optimized hosting and 24/7 support.

best web hosting for small business hostinger full pricing

The Single Shared Hosting package is only $0.80 per month and if your business begins expanding, we recommend going with their business plan. In this case, you'll get unlimited websites, email accounts, SSD bandwidth, MySQL databases, free domain registration, SSL and daily backups. The Business plan is cheaper than the market average and offers a wide variety of services, needed to launch your, hopefully successful, business.

If your website needs more power and up to 3x faster hosting and dedicated resources you can choose from one of Hostinger Cloud Hosting plans. This way you'll have your own dedicated server managed by the Hostinger team of experts.

Every Hostinger shared hosting plan includes:

 Website builder High-speed SSD storage
 24/7 Support Easy-to-use control panel

2. A2 Hosting

a2 hosting best small business reviewPrice From: $3.92 /month

Last downtime: 1 month ago

Speed: 203ms  Uptime: 99.98%

Founded in 2003, A2 Hosting is a company that puts emphasis on speed and unlimited resources, while many other web hosting providers focus on their pricing.

They use exclusive, high-speed SwiftServer platform for hosting websites and have data centers in the USA, Europe, and Asia.

For your small business A2 Hosting has a wide variety of features and perks. They use fast SSD drives, Cloudflare CDN for improved loading times, multiple backups, 24/7 support and advanced technologies to make your site load 20x times faster.

If you're not fully satisfied with the services provided, A2 Hosting offers an Anytime Money-Back Guarantee.

Shared Hosting plans start at $3.92/month and if your business expands and needs more intensive care, you can upgrade to a dedicated hosting plan, starting at $99.95 monthly. Also, there's a VPS Hosting option if you want more speed, power, and isolation.

Every shared hosting plan includes unlimited storage and bandwidth, cPanel and server location options. Even with the cheapest plan, you'll get 25 email addresses, 5 databases and free SSL for your website. For $9.31/month you can upgrade to 20x faster hosting and get all the premium features - unlimited websites, databases and LiteSpeed Cache plugins for faster application speed.

Every A2 Hosting plan includes:

 Unlimited RAID-10 Storage Unlimited traffic
 Free SSL certificate Server location options
 Free site migration cPanel

3. Wix

Price From: $0.00 /month

Last downtime: 1 day ago

Speed: 278ms  Uptime: 100.00%

wix small business review

Wix is not mainly a web hosting provider but a website builder. It's a great alternative and you shouldn't miss out on this one!

For a small business that doesn't really need a domain and doesn't mind small Wix brand ads on the website, the free version can be enough.

One of my favorite craft beer bars uses Wix free version and it looks decent and professional!

No wonder that Wix is one of the most popular website builders in the world. They focus on superior style and design, offering hundreds of beautiful templates. Wix website builder is incredibly easy to use and has a lot of powerful features.

Wix offers a great way to make a beautiful and responsive web page even without any developmental background. You'll have everything you need for building a website on your own. Additionally, they provide complete and reliable hosting solutions included in their paid plans.


With any of Wix premium plans, you'll get a free domain name and a personalized mailbox. If you already own a domain name you can connect it for free to your new Wix website just in just a few clicks.

Wix G Suite Mailbox includes 25GB email storage, 5GB cloud storage, 24/7 support and a 99% uptime guarantee. After the set-up, you'll be able to easily access your business email from anywhere through gmail.com

wix small business email box

With Wix, you'll be able to design your site exactly the way you want and optimize it for various devices, add web apps, add design features (animation, video backgrounds, scroll effects) and so on.

Every Wix Premium plan includes:

 Free domain connection 500MB+ storage
 Google analytics Free domain registration
 Free hosting Personalized email

4. SiteGround

siteground cheap small business hosting reviewPrice From: $3.95 /month

Last downtime: 3 weeks ago

Speed: 449ms  Uptime: 99.99%

SiteGround company was founded in 2004, by a handful of students, working from their university dorms.

Now, after 14 years, SiteGround has more than 400 employees, still working and having fun together. The main difference is that it's not in the dorm rooms anymore but in the capital of Bulgaria with data centers across the USA, Europe, and Asia. 

While SiteGound offers many different kinds of services, their main stand-out quality is a stellar customer support. When you're a small business, there's very little room for mistakes and that's why you need to have a perfect, responsive 24/7 support.

SiteGround has a reputation just for that!

Their support agents are available 24/7 for phone, chat or ticket support. Their shifts are overstaffed so there is always someone to pick up the phone or online chat in just a few seconds.

More to add, the SiteGround support can professionally help you with free CMS installation, free site migration, script extensions, plugins, and templates, investigate and fix various issues.

If you don't feel like talking with human beings (it happens to everyone), there's plenty of tutorials, webinars and setup wizards to get some detailed self-help guidance.

For your small business SiteGround has everything you might need:

siteground small business review hosting

Looking at the shared web hosting, prices start at the $3.95/mo (renewal price is $11.95/mo.) and if you need more elaborated features, the GoGeek plan is $11.95/mo. ($34.95/mo at renewal).

You'll get a 30-day money back guarantee, unlimited email accounts, unlimited databases, and free Cloudflare CDN. If your online shop is small, the StartUp plan can be enough, but most probably you'll outgrow this plan.

Every SiteGround shared hosting plan includes:

 Free website builder Unlimited emails
 Free SSL certificate SSD drives
 SSD storage Free daily backups
 cPanel  Unmetered traffic

5. WP Engine

wp engine small business hosting reviewPrice From: $35.00 /month

Last downtime: 1 week ago

Speed: 822ms  Uptime: 99.99%

Wp Engine is a WordPress digital experience platform, founded in 2010 and headquartered in Austin, Texas.

WP Engine is one of the first companies to offer managed hosting services, particularly for the WordPress

As you may have already noticed, WP Engine is not cheap. Their cheapest Startup plan is $35/month and includes only on site with up to 25k visits/month.

So why go with the provider which is more expensive than the competition? Well, we will give you a couple of reasons.

WP Engine will ensure that your hosting is properly configured for your business, with the newest developer tools, marketing analytics, security features, and responsive design. They will make sure, that your hosting, security, and speed is handled by their specialists.

All the ugly technicalities will be managed and if your time-is-money, choosing WP Engine is a logical step to make. It's just like hiring a dedicated programmer that will be managing your site 24/7!

WP Engine is technology partners with Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services, providing clients with a range of enterprise-grade solutions for fast, scalable and secure experiences. Of course, what's really important for business, all the customers get access to 24/7 WordPress experts support.

Also, you'll get a bunch of premium WordPress themes with each plan:

wp engine best hosting for small business

WP Engine team offer 60 days risk-free refund. This means, that if you're not happy with a plan, you can cancel it within 60 days and get your money back (not available for custom plans).

Every WP Engine plan includes:

 Free SSL certificate Support from WordPress experts
 Free automated migration Managed security
 35+ StudioPress themes Automated daily backups

What Else to Look For? 

There are even more features worth taking into account when looking for the best hosting option. Let's quickly run them through.

Free domain hosting

Why pay for domain hosting if you can get it for free?

For example, with Hostinger's Premium or Business plans, you can register your domain name free of charge for a first year. So, when looking to launch your business name online, keep an eye for domains already included in web hosting packages.

small business hosting review hostinger

Email hosting - more accounts and storage space

Email services are crucial for any business that's operating online.

You need to sound credible and professional, that's why [email protected] may not be the best address for your business-related inquiries. Again, you don't have to pay twice - when you buy a domain name, you are also buying a legitimately looking email address.

When your business grows and more employees and departments appear, you'll need more than 5 domain names and more than 200MB of disc space. Try to predict the amount of space and domain names you may need in the future when looking at the specifications of the hosting packages.

For example, SiteGround offers unlimited email accounts even with the cheapest plan. It's one of the best email hosting options for small business in the market.

small business hosting siteground

Managed WordPress solutions

 All web hosts can handle WordPress and if you're a beginner, most simple and reliable answer is to build your website based on the WordPress CMS. It will give your small business everything it needs to start and to grow.

While the WordPress is flexible and enables you to build and manage any type of website, sometimes the time spent is not worth the money.

That's why you should consider managed WordPress option.

This means that the most of the administrative tasks will be handled by your hosting company. You can leave installing, updating, speed optimization, built-in security mechanism optimization, database optimization, server scalability for the experts and focus on your day-to-day business operations.

a2 hosting managed wordpress
A2 Hosting managed WordPress features

Fast Page Loading Speed

a2 hosting small business review

Page load speed is especially important for small business, which is trying to be noticed and stand out amongst others.

Page load speed now is closely tied to the search engine ranking. All your SEO tricks can go to drain if your hosting provider fails to guarantee a good performance and decent response times!

Make sure, that uptime is stellar and response times from the area of your target audiences - good.

Which Type of Hosting Do You Actually Need?

Most newbies, entering the web hosting world, will choose the cheapest-possible shared hosting option, because it's... the cheapest and the most simple one.

And it's ok, but keep in mind, that you'll be sharing server resources with plenty of other users. That's why the performance will definitely suffer if the website begins to grow! Though there are fast and reliable shared hosting packages, you might want to consider VPS.

VPS is a good option to upgrade to when your requirements for speed and resources begin to expand and become more demanding.

VPS is great for running fully featured eCommerce solutions while it'll give you a good storage and bandwidth features. Also, it's perfect for websites that may get spikes in visitors from various flash-sales or new content going viral or just streaming various media.

small business review hostinger

Ending Words

Building a successful business is not easy and you shouldn't put yourself into handicap by not investing enough to ensure that it runs smoothly.

Be honest with yourself and keep in mind the features you will need immediately and in the future. No one likes to change the horses or hosting providers in the midstream.

What do you think about our list of hosting providers for small businesses, was it useful? Did we miss something? Write your thoughts in the comments below and we may review or add your suggestions in the future.

Don't miss out on Cyber Monday deals and good luck with your business!

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