What’s The Best Web Hosting for Small Business?

best small business hosting review

There is a huge choice of hosting providers, not all of them understand what small businesses actually need. Fortunately, some of them do.

The best web hosting for small business is the one that combines security, speed, and support - and does it all for a good price. But which ones are the best?

I reviewed dozens of great providers, in order to find the ones most suitable for you. Here's the best web hosting for small business:

  • Hostinger (best prices, great scaling options)
  • A2 Hosting (fast worldwide servers)
  • Wix (simple website builder for businesses)
  • SiteGround (brilliant customer support)
  • WPEngine (professional business hosting for big projects)

Here are those 5 providers - described in full detail.

1. Hostinger

Premium business hosting for an affordable price

hostinger hosting for small businessPrice From: $8.95

Last downtime: 3 months ago

Speed: 66ms   Uptime: 100%

Hostinger is a company that focuses on bringing premium features for the lowest price in the industry. And even though it's cheap, the provider doesn't skimp on its customer support. Live chat is available 24/7 and can help everyone make a website in minutes.

And there's plenty more that small businesses will love.

Hostinger has data centers in 7 different regions, all data is protected by fail-safes, RAID-10 (writing two disks at once to protect data) and daily or weekly backups.

Every website is protected from DDoS attacks with a traffic analyzer and firewall.

All any of Hostinger plans you'll get a huge amount of included features, like custom website builder with large amount free website templates, free domain, WordPress optimized hosting and 24/7 support.

best web hosting for small business hostinger full pricing

The Single Shared Hosting package is only $8.95 per month and if your business begins expanding, we recommend going with its business plan. In this case, you'll get unlimited websites, email accounts, SSD bandwidth, MySQL databases, free domain registration, SSL and daily backups. The Business plan is cheaper than the market average and offers a wide variety of services, needed to launch your, hopefully successful, business.

If your website needs more power and up to 3x faster hosting and dedicated resources you can choose from one of Hostinger Cloud Hosting plans. This way you'll have your own dedicated server managed by the Hostinger team of experts.


  • Extremely affordable
  • User-friendly website builder
  • Near 100% uptime
  • Professional 24/7 Support


  • Limited bandwidth and storage with the starter plan

2. A2 Hosting

Speedy and limitless web hosting for small businesses

a2 hosting best small business reviewPrice From: $3.92

Last downtime: 5 months ago

Speed: 199ms  Uptime: 99.99%

A2 Hosting puts emphasis on speed and unlimited resources. It uses exclusive, high-speed SwiftServer platform for hosting websites and have data centers in the USA, Europe, and Asia.

For your small business A2 Hosting has a wide variety of features and perks. It uses fast SSD drives, Cloudflare CDN for improved loading times, multiple backups, 24/7 support and advanced technologies that are supposed to make your site load much faster than it normally would.

Shared Hosting plans start at $3.92/month and if your business expands and needs more intensive care, you can upgrade to a dedicated hosting plan, starting at $99.95 monthly. Also, there's a VPS Hosting option if you want more speed, power, and privacy.

Every shared hosting plan includes unlimited storage and bandwidth, cPanel and server location options. Even with the cheapest plan, you'll get 25 email addresses, 5 databases and free SSL for your website. For $9.31/month you can upgrade to 20x faster hosting and get all the premium features - unlimited websites, databases and LiteSpeed Cache plugins for faster application speed.


  • Unlimited RAID-10 Storage
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Server location options


  • Turbo server requires more expensive plan

3. Wix

Affordable, beautiful, and easy to use business website builder

wix small business review

Price From: $0.00 /month

Last downtime: Unavailable

Speed: Unavailable  Uptime: Unavailable

Wix is a website builder, that focuses on superior style and design, offering hundreds of beautiful templates. It's incredibly easy to use and has a lot of powerful features.

And what's best - it also has a free plan.

So if you're on a budget, don't need premium features and don't mind small Wix brand ads on the website - the free version may be enough.

After all, Wix offers a great way to make a beautiful and responsive web page even without any developmental background. You'll have everything you need for building a website on your own.

Additionally, it provide complete and reliable hosting solutions included in its paid plans.

Wix pricing options

With any of Wix premium plans, you'll get a free domain name and a personalized mailbox. If you already own a domain name you can connect it for free to your new Wix website just in just a few clicks.

Wix G Suite Mailbox includes 25GB email storage, 5GB cloud storage, 24/7 support and a 99% uptime guarantee. After the set-up, you'll be able to easily access your business email from anywhere through gmail.com

wix small business email box

Overall, Wix is a good option if you're looking for a simple way to make a beautiful website. But it's also powerful enough to give your business a great home as it grows.


  • User-friendly website builder
  • Beautiful theme templates
  • Personalized email
  • Free domain connection


  • Free plan is very limited

4. SiteGround

The best customer service around

SiteGround websitePrice From: $3.95

Last downtime: never

Speed: 1,029ms  Uptime: 100%

SiteGround is a company that understands the needs of small business owners. It has the fastest and the most professional customer service around, so its users won't need to hire professional developers.

But it's not only the customer service that is good - the hosting itself is also a perfect fit for any small business that is ready to grow.

With the data centers across the USA, Europe, and Asia, it makes sure that the users all around the globe get the speediest service. In addition to that, your data is stored on SSD disks. It means, your website gets a performance boost when compared to HDD disks.

Looking at the shared web hosting, prices start at the $3.95/month, and there are two more advanced plans, coming in at $5.95 and $11.95 each.

SiteGround pricing options for hosting

You'll get a 30-day money back guarantee, unlimited email accounts, unlimited databases, and free Cloudflare CDN. Overall, all 3 plans are great for small businesses - SiteGround is a great place to start.


  • Great and speedy customer support
  • SSD drives
  • Unlimited emails
  • Unlimited traffic


  • Expensive renewal prices

5. WP Engine

Top-notch security and premium customer support

WP Engine home pagePrice From: $35.00 /month

Last downtime: Unavailable

Speed: Unavailable  Uptime: Unavailable

WP Engine is (how its name suggests) a WordPress-only platform offering advanced hosting solutions for businesses of all sizes.

WP Engine offers premium safety features, enterprise performance, and plenty of integrations, making this a great platform for developers.

But those looking for the best web hosting for small business should consider one thing - WP Engine is not cheap.

Its cheapest Startup plan is $35/month and includes one website with limited traffic. However, for the price, you also get the newest developer tools, marketing analytics, security features, and responsive design.

If the Startup plan is not enough, you can always scale up. WP Engine has Growth plan ($115/month ), Scale plan ($290/month), and also a custom plan.

WP Engine pricing options

High prices for WP Engine hosting can be explained. It claims to manage all the ugly technicalities and track your site for any flaws 24/7.  WP Engine also partners with Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services to provide clients with a range of enterprise-grade solutions for fast, scalable and secure experiences.

WP Engine team offer 60 days risk-free refund. This means, that if you're not happy with a plan, you can cancel it within 60 days and get your money back (not available for custom plans).


  • 24/7 Support from WordPress experts
  • Managed security
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Automated daily backups


  • High price point

What Hosting Features Are Important for Small Businesses? 

Businesses looking for the hosting provider are often subject to all sorts of features and promises. Which of the features should you be looking for when choosing a company to work with?

Let's have a look at some of the most important things right here:

Free domain hosting - a perfect start for businesses

A custom domain name and different variations of it (.com, .net, .org, etc) are crucial for the branding of your business. And why pay for domain hosting if you can get it for free?

For example, with Hostinger's Premium or Business plans, you can register your domain name free of charge for a first year. So, when looking to launch your business name online, keep an eye for domains already included in web hosting packages.

small business hosting review hostinger

Email hosting - more accounts and storage space

Email services are crucial for any business that's operating online.

You need to look credible and professional. That's why [email protected] may not be the best address for your business-related inquiries. Again, you don't have to pay twice - when you buy a domain name, you are also buying a legitimately looking email address.

When your business grows and more employees and departments appear, you'll need more than 5 domain names and more than 200MB of disc space. Try to predict the amount of space and domain names you may need in the future when looking at the specifications of the hosting packages.

For example, SiteGround offers unlimited email accounts even with the cheapest plan. It's one of the best email hosting options for small business in the market. Also, you can look at email hosting providers specifically, if you can't find a plan suiting your needs.

small business hosting siteground

Managed WordPress hosting - more powerful, more simple

If you're planning to set up your business website using WordPress, you have plenty of options. All hosts mentioned earlier in this article can handle it and are perfect options for starting out. And while WordPress is flexible and enables you to build and manage any type of website, sometimes the time spent is not worth the money.

This is where providers like WP Engine step in - they're just a little bit different.  They are managed WordPress hosting providers.

This means that most of the administrative tasks will be handled by your hosting company. You can leave installing, updating, speed optimization, built-in security mechanism optimization, database optimization, server scalability for the experts and focus on your day-to-day business operations.

a2 hosting managed wordpress
A2 Hosting managed WordPress features

If you have a bigger budget and wish to work with WordPress, a managed platform is something worth considering.

Fast servers will help any business

Website speed is especially important for small business, which is trying to be noticed and stand out amongst others.

best hosting for small business performance
Your website performance should be A+

There are several reasons for that. For example, page performance is closely tied to the search engine ranking. All your SEO tricks can go to drain if your hosting provider fails to guarantee a good performance and decent response times!

Also, a fast loading site equals better customer experience. Better customer experience equals more sales and more money. Therefore, when choosing a hosting provider, you should put its performance on top of your priority list. Make sure the uptime is stellar and response times from the area of your target audiences - good. Luckily, there are plenty of fast web hosting providers you can choose from.

Final Words

There's a bunch of things to consider when choosing your best hosting for small business. You need to keep in mind the speed, data limitations, security, and last but not least - price. So choose according to your needs:

  • Hostinger is a budget option that won't limit you in the future.
  • A2 Hosting might be the fastest option you can get.
  • Wix can be used to build an exceptionally beautiful site without a need for a professional developer.
  • SiteGround is a fast, secure, and reliable option with effective customer service.
  • WPEngine will work best for growing WordPress websites with big ambitions.

Do you think we missed something? Share your thoughts in the comment section down below!

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  1. Florin picture Florin
    2019 April 10th

    I would rank Hostinger as number one too even though I didn’t try all of the providers from here. Just it seems that I have found the best fit for me, I really like the panel and the most appreciated thing is the support that is working 24 hours a day – best wishes for the hard workers that saved my page multiple times!

  2. Rose picture Rose
    2019 March 13th

    I am using https://www.siteground.com for a few years from now and so far it is going great. Specially if you are looking for a reliable WordPress hosting service. My sites load fast and also I get great customer service when needed.

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