Best Web Hosting

All web hosting reviews found on this list are constantly updated and written extensively to highlight their best and most significant features. It is time to choose your very own best web hosting!
RankProviderTop FeaturesRecommended ForOverall RatingPrice fromMore
#1 Hostinger logo

Small & Intermediate Websites

9.8 $2.15 /mo Visit Site ReviewRead Review
#2 SiteGround logo

Internet Startups

9.5 $3.95 /mo Visit Site ReviewRead Review
#3 a2 hosting logo

Personal Websites & Portfolios 

8.8 $3.92 /mo Visit Site ReviewRead Review

Beginner WordPress Users

8.8 $4.89 /mo Visit Site ReviewRead Review
#5 NameCheap logo

Short-term Projects

8.6 $0.82 /mo Visit Site ReviewRead Review

Internet Professionals

8.4 $3.95 /mo Visit Site ReviewRead Review
#7 1and1 logo

European Localizations

8.0 $0.99 /mo Visit Site ReviewRead Review

Experienced Developers

7.8 €1.99 /mo Visit Site ReviewRead Review

Eco-conscious Users

8.0 $3.95 /mo Visit Site ReviewRead Review
#9 GoDaddy logo

Domain Registrations

7.5 $3.49 /mo Visit Site ReviewRead Review
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What do we look for in best web hosting?

We have spent numerous months testing all of these companies you see above. Loads of continuous tracking and testing were done just so we can determine what is the best web hosting. There are plenty of tools that we use: our always-on uptime tracker sees how quickly do the web pages respond and start loading. A powerful worldwide server network tests how does each host perform in every corner of the world. Finally, an in-depth analysis sees how easy to use each of them is and just how informative and knowledgeable is its customer service. All of this helps us to separate the best from the rest and determine the best web hosting.

We buy services from each host secretly, without them knowing. This means that the companies we test have no knowledge that we are evaluating their services. This leads to genuine server performance and customer service agents talking to us like we are regular users - not reviewers.

There are several main factors we look into when we look for the best web hosting: 


It doesn't get any more simple than this - speed is a crucial part of every website. Enhanced visitor experience and better Google rankings are both things worth looking for. All hosts strive to offer the quickest services possible. The best web hosting companies succeed.


What is speed if it's not paired up with reliability? We have tested plenty of web hosts which offered amazing speeds. But it's not only speed that matters. Look for the hosting companies which offer 99.9% or even better monthly uptimes. We even have a status page for that!

Ease of Use

It's a very important thing for many users. Not many things are more frustrating than doing a seemingly simple task and getting tangled up because the company makes it very difficult to do it. Best web hosting succeeds to make various tasks as simple as possible.

Customer Support

No matter how good the services are, you may eventually run into some problems. It's only natural - we're only human, gimmicks and issues are in our nature. When that happens, however, it's always good if your host is there to help you. It's good to know that support is out there.


In a world that's improving every second, everyone must stay on top of the game. If you're not improving, you may as well be going backward. Best web hosting means treating the users with the most advanced features of various fields. Choose a host which cares about the newest technology and stay with the times.

Server Locations

The logic here is simple - when the server is closer to your visitors, your website gets a noticeable speed bump. With both international servers and advanced content delivery networks, best web hosting means delivering great performance worldwide. Go international and achieve even more success!

How can you choose the best web hosting yourself?

Fair and transparent pricing

You have to know what you're paying for. Higher fees are not always worse - in some cases, this means more features and better overall quality of the services. What you should avoid, is hosts hiding their renewal fees and attempting to trick you into buying features you don't need.

Easy to understand plans and features

Best web hosting companies have nothing to hide. Always look for a full features list for every plan. Such a list should include limitations and most of the available features. Customer support should also be able to easily explain to you what they are.

Plenty of learning and support channels

A good host should strive to turn you into a web professional, capable of making advanced websites and using the greatest tools. Pick a host which offers a lot of tutorials which will turn you into an expert!

How to know what kind of plan is right for you?

We test a lot of providers and write a lot of reviews. After reading what we have to say, chances are, you will find the host which you like the most. However - there is still one question that needs answering. Which plan is right for you? What features should you be looking for and which ones should take a back seat? Try answering yourself some of these questions.

How many websites do you plan to have?

Many hosts offer more advanced web hosting packages which include “unlimited websites”. This means you can connect multiple domains and have several separate websites running on one plan at the same time. However, if you only intend to have one domain connected, what’s the point? Don’t buy a “multiple websites” plan just for the sake of it. Very often, a basic plan may be all you need. 

How many visitors are you expecting?

Do you plan on having up to several hundred visitors a day? Or is more like several thousand? Estimate how many viewers you may get and choose accordingly. Even the entry web hosting plans are perfectly capable of enduring 15,000-20,000 visitors a month. As the number improves, so should your plan. By paying a couple extra dollars a month you may be capable of having 50,000 or even more monthly visitors. The question is - is such a number realistic for you? Choose a plan according to your visitor expectations.

Do you plan to sell online?

Online sales not only require more resources. Your hosting plan also needs to have some extra features. One of them - an advanced SSL certificate. Choose a plan which either includes it or offers a very lucrative deal to buy it. In fact, during our quest of finding the best web hosting, we even found plan who did not support it in the first place! Imagine buying such a plan to sell online just to find that out later. Awful, isn’t it? In other cases, the SSL certificate proves to be almost as expensive as the plan itself. In that case, a more expensive plan with free SSL for life is a perfect option. Make sure to run the numbers how much everything is going to cost in the long run. When you’re happy with that - go with it! There’s another side of the coin, of course. If you don’t plan to sell, an advance eCommerce SSL is only going to prove a waste of money. Pick your plans accordingly.

So...What is the best web hosting?

There is never one ultimate answer. The best web hosting is the one which fits your needs. Some of you may be interested in South American servers. Some plan to sell online and need advanced SSL servers. We understand that.

In our top web hosting rankings, we rate these hosts by speed, reliability, ease of use, customer support, and server locations. When put together, they make up a solitary number which we use to find the best one in the world. These rankings get constant updates and we keep testing a lot of new providers to ensure that our top 10 is always fresh. Check out our reviews and pick a plan which suits your needs the best. We're here to help!