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CodeCombat – A Revolutionary Way to Learn Coding with an RPG Game

For some, learning to code feels like an uphill battle. For others, the similarities might not be close enough. Enter CodeCombat:  A free,…
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Bluehost vs DreamHost: Which One is Better and Why

As you may have noticed, there are simply tons of web hosting providers on the market, all touting the fastest load times, best…
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Hostinger free trial

Hostinger Free Trial: Give it a try!

Everyone loves a freebie, right? Well, it's a good thing that Hostinger give you the chance at trying their premium services…
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Bluehost vs GoDaddy

Bluehost vs GoDaddy: Deciding which popular host is best

Though there is an array of hosting platforms available online, which is the host with the most? Two of the top contenders for…
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Inmotion vs Sitegound

InMotion vs Siteground: Pros and Cons

InMotion and SiteGround remain two of the most popular options for web hosting solutions on the market, and for good reason. Both are…
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Wix vs Wordpress

Wix vs WordPress: Comparing Website Building Giants

When searching for the best and ultimate website builder, two giants of the industry are often at the forefront of this debate: Wix…
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Debian vs Ubuntu

Debian vs Ubuntu: The Complete Rundown of Linux Server OS

Debian and Ubuntu are among the top Linux distributions available and together, they form one of the…
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CentOS vs Ubuntu: Choosing the Best OS for Your Server

Deciding on an operating system (OS) for your server can often be a challenging task. While you may well know what you want…
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WordPress Tutorial For Beginners – Get Real Good, Real Soon!

WordPress is a content management system used by around one-third of the world's active websites. There's a good reason for that, too! The…
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6 Best Wix Alternatives

Wix, with its easy-to-design templates, a wealth of apps, and sprawling user base is presently the leading website-building platform. However, its hardly perfect…
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