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best cheap hosting

Cheap web hosting is a great option for people who want to get started.

If you're looking to learn and get better, you don't need to spend much on hosting. There are loads of platforms that can give just what you need for a great price.

I've been in your position: several years ago, I tried finding the best cheap hosting myself. I looked at so many reviews that I wasn't even sure the word 'Hosting' was real anymore.

But these reviews helped me narrow down a list of the best choices for the best inexpensive hosting providers. They all had to be cheap, yet premium in what they offered. And they were. Being cheap was no excuse for being bad.

Writing this post, I've done my research once again. After testing, right here are the best cheap web hosting providers for your website that I could find:

1. Hostinger

Price from:$0.80 /month

Top performance at a low price

Speed: 82ms Uptime: 100.00%

hostinger main page

Hostinger tops this cheap web hosting list for several good reasons. First, cheap shared hosting plans with Hostinger start at just $1.45 /month. Even the basic plan includes 100GB of bandwidth and 10GB of SSD (yes, SSD, not HDD) space. This is a value that's near-impossible to beat.

Second, Hostinger generously includes several safety tools completely for free on all plans. These include the SpamAssassin anti-spam tool, and also the very secure BitNinja anti-theft system. No payments on top are needed and you get to use some seriously useful safety tools without an additional price tag.

It's also worth mentioning that you get free automated backups and a free domain name if you purchase any plan with hosting period of 12 months or more.

Overall, Hostinger offers brilliant cheap web hosting services. You should hop on if you still haven't - prices can always change.

Superb speeds will keep users happy

With a response time that averages 88ms, Hostinger is certainly a great choice if you want a speedy website (well, who doesn't, right?) Even when the speed dips, it barely ever exceeds 300ms.

In addition to speed, uptime is another metric that matters. There's no use having a fast host if half the time your site isn't even up and running. That's why Hostinger places a big emphasis on keeping their servers up and healthy. With uptime stats around the 100% mark, you will be hard pressed to find a more reliable host.

Great for growth

Entrusting developers with new tools, skills and assistance happen to be one of Hostinger's largest values.

At Hostinger our vision is to enable millions of people around the globe to unlock the power of Internet by giving them tools to learn, create and grow online.Arnas Stuopelis: CEO, Hostinger

When starting a new business online, Hostinger offers a wide selection of tools to give you a hand. These include over 300 video and text-based tutorials, as well as a domain checking tool and a free domain name. If you ever do get stuck, Hostinger's agile customer support team will be there to help.

When your business takes off and the need to grow increases, then transferring to Hostinger's powerful cloud Business Hosting will be effortless.


  • Responsive and easy-to-use account management panels
  • Helpful 24/7 live chat customer service
  • Almost 100% uptime and super-fast server response time


  • No phone support
  • No plans for dedicated servers

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2. A2 Hosting

Price from: $3.92 /month

Speed: 200ms Uptime: 99.98%

Unlimited storage and great performance

a2 hosting main page

Established in the early 2000s, over the years A2 Hosting became a well-known player in the hosting industry. And with their cheapest plan being 3.92/month - it does deserve a spot in this top cheap web hosting list even though it is a bit more pricey than its competitors on this post.

A2 Hosting's aims are completely user-oriented and it shows when it comes to the features and performance on offer:

Our goal isn't to win awards. Our goal is to offer the best web host solutions that are both blazing fast and ultra-reliable. Even so, we're still extremely proud of our team's accomplishments! Since our launch in 2003, their hard work has helped us earn recognition and accolades as the top hosting provider in the industry.

Impressive speeds for a smooth experience

A2 Hosting demonstrates good performance that should help your website running smoothly.

a2hosting uptime

When I tested A2 Hosting, I managed to get great speeds. A server response time of 211ms is not the best I've seen but it's definitely enough for quick website loading.

As you can see above, the main time peak was a short one at around 1500ms. For a peak - it isn't that bad, seeing that it only happened once. Additionally, A2 Hosting proves its reliability with 100% server uptime. 

Premium features with the cheapest plan

a2 featuresAlthough A2 Hosting's starter plan is the most expensive on the list, it's packed with features that would normally come at a higher price tag.

The most noticeable and perhaps the most useful is the unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth it offers. It's unusual for the provider to include these in their cheapest plan - they're usually kept for mid-range or high-end plans.

Hosting companies tend to limit storage space with lower-tier plans. So, getting unlimited storage and bandwidth for less than $4/month is a steal.

Additionally, while many hosting companies still use slower HDD discs, A2 Hosting ditched them for SSDs. That means increased performance, speeds, and overall reliability for the user.

And if you encounter an issue (and at some point, you will - never overlook what support methods are on offer), 24/7 customer support by live chat, email,  tickets, phone, or Skype is also available with all plans. Matching the nature of the issue to a specific customer support method definitely makes life easier.

However, one of the major downsides is the renewal price - after your introductory plan ends, you will have to pay a higher price. Let's say you buy a $3.92/month package for a 12-month period. After it ends, you'll be subjected to paying $7.99/month (current pricing). That's a steep increase.


  • SSD storage
  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth with the cheapest plan
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 100% uptime


  • High renewal costs

3. ResellerClub

Price from:$1.99 /month

Insanely cheap, incredibly powerful

Speed: Down Uptime: Down

resellerclub main page

Founded in 1998 in Mumbai, India, ResellerClub deserves a place on this best cheap hosting list. As you probably guessed from the name, ResellerClub is primarily focused on reseller hosting.

The servers they rent to other hosts are reliable and in good shape. Hence, you can use that reseller hosting to rent these quality servers to your customers. If you're in the game of personal hosting though, give ResellerClub's top-quality shared packages a go.

best web hostingEver since we have started offering web hosting solutions, our constant focus has been on getting the basics right for our customers.Shridhar Luthria: Sr. Vice President, Channel Partnerships

Amazing long-term opportunity

Most likely, you won't need a website for, let's say, few months. A website's lifespan usually lasts at least several years and for all of that time, you'll need a server. In the long run (1, 2, or 3 years), ResellerClub has great overall pricing.

resellerclub pricing$1.99 a month for the duration of the contract is a very good deal.

Because in other cases, a provider may suggest a good price at first and later increase it. Or maybe offering different prices for different durations of the plans.

With ResellerClub there are no such issues. 3 years of hosting for 72 dollars? A mighty good deal.

Not the top player when it comes to speed

ResellerClub uses 'Varnish Caching' as standard on all of their shared hosting packages. Here's what it does:

it temporarily places data in a server, keeping it there as to almost pre-load the site, instead of loading it from scratch on every visit. This improves page loading times.


During the ResellerClub testing, I have experienced average response times. A server response time of 355ms is not very impressive.

The only impressive number in this instance - the overall server uptime was 100%. The largest of the peaks was a brief one at around 3500ms, which as a peak isn’t terrible.


  •  100% uptime
  • Great support
  • Choice of server location


  • Poor UI and UX
  • Live chat only pre-sale

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4. Hosting24

Price from: $0.80 /month

Recently relaunched and ready to save you money

Speed: 323ms Uptime: 99.85%


Hosting24 was a host with not much going for it in recent years, but at the turn of the year 2018, it relaunched. Since then, the host has been doing fantastic work.

With prices starting at just $1.45 /month you can see that Hosting24 are in the game of attempting to provide fantastic quality for a low price. And they are succeeding.

All plans come with the free Zyro website builder for effortless site creation, as well as RAID disks and automatic backups to make sure you don’t lose your data.

Good speeds

Hosting24 offers great performance. However, it doesn't compare to Hostinger - but the result of around 300ms is absolutely fine and shouldn't cause any speed issues.


Hosting24 will keep your site secure

Hosting24 take security seriously. Have a look at the following exert from the part of our review where we tried to brute force our way into the account, and you'll see what I mean:

...Instead of getting told I’m blocked or that password is still incorrect, I was redirected to a blank page. No explanation, no message, nothing<...> after 10 attempts a brute-force bot will be sent on a little vacation to a blank page. And someone trying to guess your password will be left thinking there’s something wrong with their internet connection.

Simple? Yes. Absolutely brilliant? Also yes.

Now that is genius.


  • Free website builder with all plans
  • 24/7 support
  • Incredibly streamlined and simple


  • No phone support
  • Chat wait times fairly disappointing, software could be better

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5. FastComet

Price from: $2.95 /month

Feature-dense solution with 24/7 help

Speed: 278ms Uptime: 99.99%

fastcomet main page

FastComet, established in 2010 offers a fairly priced introductory package, starting at $2.95 /month. With the promise of superior performance and support - it's a great choice for affordable web hosting services

With worldwide server location options and a customer support line that is available 24/7, FastComet attempts to hit a sweet spot for a variety of users.

The $2.95 /month price tag, like with other hosts, is only valid for a period of 36 months or more. If you want 1 full year of FastComet hosting, you'll pay $59.40 for the entry-level StartSmart plan.

Here's a nice move by the company - FastComet made the decision to keep renewal prices the same as the introductory rates.

Worldwide servers

fastcomet server listFastComet has servers in 6 countries: the USA, the UK, Germany, Japan, Singapore, and the Netherlands. This means you can truly host your site as close as possible to your largest user-base.

If your main site visitors are from South-East Asia, then go for Singapore. If they're from South America, then choose the USA.

It's a nice option to optimize your speeds.

Customer support rocks

An important aspect of any good cheap host is customer support. A lot of the time it can end up being the deciding factor when considering which host to go for. FastComet understands this and decided to implement 24/7 support to ensure their users are always able to get help if needed.

FastComet also knows that good support reflects good business practices, as Director of Marketing Elena Tileva explains:

FastcometIf there’s one thing modern businesses should believe in, it’s the power of a good reputation.Elena Tileva

Speeds are decent, uptime isn't great

FastComet has the word 'Fast' right there in its name. So a website hosted with them should certainly be a snappy one. And well, it is.

cheap web hosting

A response time of just under 400ms isn't bad at all. It's not as fast as their name suggests, but we've seen far worse. What is a bit disappointing about Fastcomet is their average uptime.

It's a hit or miss, with some months having 100% uptime and others just 99%. It might not sound like much difference, but 99% over a month translates to almost 8 hours of downtime. That could be split into several minutes per day or in more severe cases a full 8 hours in one day. Not ideal.


  • Top support
  • Great features
  • Easy-to-use interface


  • Not as fast as the competition
  • Uptime not ideal

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Cheap Website Hosting - What to Look For?

There are many things that I took into account when deciding which cheap hosting picks are worth your time and money. Here's a breakdown of 5 features that, in my opinion, you should pay attention to.

Don't let the initial price trick you

best cheap hostingNaturally, pricing is an area where I had put loads of my attention because of this post's topic.

You might instantly want to go with the cheapest website hosting provider. But there's something that needs to be mentioned - renewal pricing.

In other words, this is how much your monthly hosting plan will cost after the initial contract period.

Say you take 12 months of ResellerClub's basic hosting plan. It's going to cost you $2.99 /month for the entire 12 months.

Sounds like an amazing bargain, and in this case - it is. However, always take a look at the small font when choosing a plan. Many hosting providers offer a great starting price that jumps after a certain period.

And, of course, no one wants to tell the users about that price jump. So, keep your eye on pricing conditions after the initial period.

Despite the fact that these cheap web hosting providers are great in almost all areas, there are certain times where we just want something for free.

Here's a list of great free website hosting providers for you to consider. Just keep in mind that paying a couple dollars a month will, in most cases, deliver much more functionality and performance than the free option.

User-friendliness will simplify your experience

This metric is one that can be pretty difficult to make clear for everyone.

My perception of easy-to-use could be completely different from yours.

Simply put, user-friendly is a metric that encompasses both User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX).

Both of these are important, and together they make a simple, beautiful and easy-to-use host. Look at the example on the left of Hostinger's clean and elegant control panel as proof of this.

But one thing you should always look for is great customer support. It's no use having a fast and cheap site if when something goes wrong you are left in a big problem. Usually offered in more than one way (phone, live chat, tickets etc.), the best hosts must have top-end support.

Being cheap web hosts is no excuse for bad customer support. Having a 24/7 live chat and/or phone support is the ideal scenario, of course.

Performance is not only speed

One of the key factors to any site's success is how fast it is. This doesn't mean just how fast the page responds when you're scrolling through, it also means how fast it loads. You'll see that all 5 cheap hosts in the list above offer very good performance. Their speed is fast, their uptime is strong, and their overall responsiveness is as good as can be.

Cheap Web Hosting: The Verdict

When searching for the affordable web hosting package, you have to take some things into account. The price, obviously, will be your main thought, but also think about customer support and very importantly, site performance. All things considered, the most important thing is to find a provider that suits your personal needs.

Best FeaturePrice From
HostingerImpressive performance, good price$0.80 /month
A2 HostingExceptional customer support$3.92 /month
ResellerClub Great yearly prices$1.99 /month
Hosting24Very secure$0.80 /month
FastCometTop support$2.95 /month


In the comments section below, let us know your favorite cheap host! What were your experiences and horror stories with some of the bad ones like? We'd love to find out!

Paul joined the Hosting.Review team right from the start as a content writer and marketer. He was the person responsible for establishing a trademark for in-depth web hosting evaluation and superb review articles. Before joining Hosting.Review, Paul was working on various projects as a freelancer. Paul spends his free time reading fantasy books and graphic novels.

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    2018 July 8th

    How is it even possible to be as fast as Resellerlub are, they must be doing some kind of indian magic tricks! Signed up for the 3 months for 3 dollar deal, so far really f*ing happy with it. Cheap and fast, awesome

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