Best Cheap Website Builder – Which One Is it?

A modern, clean, and fully-functioning website is key to the success of any online project or business.

Using a cheap website builder is a great solution for anyone who doesn't want to hire a pro and is on a budget—such as artists, photographers, bloggers, musicians, small business owners, and so on.

Every penny saved is a penny earned, so finding good value is always very important.

So in this article, we will have a look and the best value deals of the website builder world. These right here are best cheap website builders:

  • Wix (beautiful design options)
  • Weebly (powerful free plan)
  • WordPress (ultimate website-building platform)
  • (perfect learning platform for $2.45)
  • Site123 (very simple to use)

1. Wix

Beautiful and simple.

Wix is kind of a big deal in the cheap website builder world and is a brand many are familiar with. Founded back in 2006, Wix has been offering their website building services for more than a decade and specialize in quick and simple web solutions for people with limited tech experience. Users will sacrifice some flexibility in favor of an easy, functional interface that makes creating a website nearly foolproof with their intuitive drag-and-drop system.

Since Wix hosts all of their sites on their own servers, you can expect improved website optimization and faster load speeds. Another perk to using their services is that Wix employs knowledgeable web technicians who can ensure your site is secure and functioning as it should. This also means you don’t have to troubleshoot alone!

The free plan offered by Wix means that the domain address of your site will be structured like “”

That being said, this is true to all free website builders we've tested - it's simply a limitation you have to live with. Which is why there's always a good reason to spend a bit and get a nice premium plan.

Another free plan limitation true to Wix is that fact you will see the company's banner on top of your website at all times, looking like this:

With that out of the way, let's see at Wix's pricing structure.

Wix: Pricing

There's nothing cheaper than free. This is what may interest you about Wix - The pricing plan structure ranges from free to $25 per month and even offers discounts for longer-term use. So if you’re happy with the free version but want to up your website’s resources and drop the annoying ads, you can easily upgrade.

Your personal website with a capability to connect your own domain will cost only $5 a year. The ads will still be displayed though and it will take $7 to remove those and also add video sharing, free domain and loads of Wix own features!

Here are the free and premium plans here in comparison.

Free Plan

 500MB of storage Unlimited pages
 Security guaranteed Mobile-friendly site
 A subdomain (

Premium Plans

 500MB to 20GB of storage 1GB to Unlimited Bandwidth
 Connect a custom domain No Wix ads
 Vouchers for great freebies Free domain in certain plans
 Improved tech support Everything that's in free plans - and so much more

2. Weebly

Fast and customizable.

Weebly is a major player in the web builders world and chances are you recognize their brand due to the company has heavily invested in marketing their services.  

Marketing isn’t the only reason Weebly has grown in popularity over the years. Their success can largely be attributed to the ease with which they make building a website. The process is intuitive and fast, even for those new to the world of website creation. The drag-and-drop format makes it simple to switch up your layout and design, move page elements around as you with, as well as to add content to your pages. Should you want to make something more advanced, Weebly also allows for full code editing of every single one of its templates.

Weebly hosts all websites using their platform and offers fast loading speeds. In addition to great web optimization, Weebly also provides its users with security, backups, and other forms of convenient website maintenance.

Weebly: Pricing

Plans range from free to $25 per month, depending on what type of added services you need. The higher up you go in their pricing tier, the more features and functionality you unlock, such as password protection, site search, video backgrounds, and more.

Should you buy a Free plan, you will later be given an opportunity to purchase a Connect plan.

This right here is $4 a month package, removing Weebly's own advertisements and allowing to connect a custom domain.

This makes Weebly's paid plan one of the cheapest website builders around - and also one of the best.

Here's what you'd be getting with both free and paid plans.

Free Plan

 Has Weebly ads 500MB storage
 A subdomain Basic-level security and encryption

Premium Plans

 No Weebly ads 500MB to unlimited storage
 Connect your domains Advanced site stats, analytics, and security
 HD video and audio hosted on your website Everything that's in the free plan - and additional features on top

3. Wordpress

The ultimate option.

In many cases, this could be seen as a really weird choice. WordPress is immensely powerful, customizable and powers nearly a third of the world's Internet. But it's quite a complicated system. Too complicated to be called a cheap website builder, perhaps?

wordpress tutorialThe answer is simple: it takes a bit of work. But the payoff is worth it. Here's how:

Just finding a great theme and knowing some of the basics is going to be enough to get you going.

From there, it's all about learning how the system works and customizing it for your needs.

And we have covered how to do this in our WordPress tutorial, so it shouldn't be a problem.

There are plenty of themes which employ drag-and-drop techniques and are as easy to use as most website builders.

Another thing you should know about WordPress is its plugins. They allow you to add a whole lot more functionality to your site, kind of like how apps add more features to your phone. WordPress also comes with a slew of themes and templates, similar to other website builders, with the key difference being they are far more customizable. More difficult to master? Yes - but also much more powerful.

WordPress wins in another category - with nearly 50 thousand plugins currently available, it has by far the biggest selection of all the website builders.

WordPress: Pricing

So, now you may have a question - how much does it all cost?

Well, the platform itself is free.

You'll just need some server space to host it in - and for that, you have two options.

You can use a free blogging-style platform they host themselves known as Like all free versions, it will include limited resources and company's-own subdomain. But it will be fully upgradeable to a premium version, starting at $4 a month.

But if you're looking for an ultimate cheap website builder, it's worth to use WordPress as an open-source script and host it on your own server!

Cost of owning a WordPress website

Pricing is where WordPress really shines. After all, this is perhaps an ultimate cheap website builder. Because the platform is actually free - you only need to rent some server space to have a website.

What's better is the fact that hosting tends to be way less expensive than website builders. In our web hosting reviews we found many brilliant hosts costing 1 or 2 dollars a month. Many of them already include a free domain name together with the purchase. And with all additional resources they offer, those hosting plans blow most website builders out of the water.

While does not come with support agents at your beck and call like other website builders, it does boast a community of nearly 250,000 active members. This means free access to a wealth of online tutorials and forums. If you’re stuck on something, chances are hundreds if not thousands of others have encountered and solved the same issue.

In a nutshell, the support from the WordPress community is abundant, not to mention you’ll also have some support from the hosting provider you choose.

WordPress may be tricky - but if you're smart and serious about saving money, this is perhaps the best option around.


Great for learning.

WordPress feels a bit overwhelming? Not to worry. Denmark-based company offers a simple to use, cheap website builder. It's only $2.45 and what's even better, is that you can transfer your website to WordPress - at any time you want.

In many ways, this is a gateway solution. While platforms such as Wix don't allow for transferring your website - effectively holding you within their infrastructure - providers a learning platform for your future projects.

With 24/7 customer support and a very simple interface, is a good option for those who wish to have a nice website builder experience, but still consider to have something more in the future. Pricing doesn't provide a free plan - but your money is still safe. There's a 15-day money back guarantee if you aren’t happy with the product. Plans start at $2.45 per month up to $12.45 per month. The more you pay, the more perks you unlock.

Paid Plans

 Responsive mobile design 5 to unlimited pages, 25GB of storage, unlimited bandwidth and email accounts
 SSL certificate Premium templates
 HD media support Free backups and restoration of your website
 Fully-featured online store

5. Site123

Incredibly simple.

With the motto “By far the easiest free website builder”, you can probably guess why Site123 has made it to this list. They ditch the standard drag-and-drop editing tool most other companies have embraced for a much more simple, fast, and efficient solution—an editing sidebar.

With the popular drag-and-drop approach, you have to drag and move around all of the page elements (like menus, photos, videos, and other items) and make sure they fit nicely. While it’s pretty simple and quick, you’ll still be spending a few hours to get the hang of it enough to get the layout you want.

Site123 cuts your time in half so you’re not playing around for hours customizing a template with their quick and easy customization tools. No frills. You simply get to combine hundreds of pre-existing pages into a website of your dreams.

All of their templates are responsive and come with solid built-in features, such as contact forms, blogs, and ‘about us’ pages to get you moving. They even offer free 24/7 online chat support as well as a forum of how-to articles.

Site123: Pricing

So what about prices? As their motto suggests, Site123 is free to use. If you dig it and want some more, upgrade that plan to their $10.80 a month plan - or ask customer support for something more, and they'll give you additional options.

Some of you may see this as quite an expensive option, but in many cases, Site123 can actually be great value for money.

For instance, the paid plan not only includes a way to include your own domain, it also gives one for free. Then, you get eCommerce capabilities and plenty of increased resources - all of which is pretty great for 10 dollars. It may not look cheap, but Site123 is cheap when you consider the value received.

Free Plan

 500MB of storage 1GB bandwidth
 Floating SITE123 tag on the website

Premium Plan

 10GB storage 5GB bandwidth
 Remove SITE123 floating tag Connect your domain
 eCommerce capabilities Free domain for 1 year

What is the best cheap website builder for you?

Cheap website builders like the list above are great because they can get you a nice-looking website off the ground without having to invest a huge sum of money or a lot of time. And what's even better, these builders allow to do all that without sacrificing quality.

All of these options will give you clean and modern templates, hosting, and customer support along with everything you need to build a beautiful website. With plenty of choices available to help you get started, the next step is choosing the right service for your needs.

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