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$3.92 / month $5.92 / month $2.95 / month
Free domain Free domain Free domain
User Ratings
Reliability 9.0/10 Reliability 4.5/10 Reliability 9.0/10
Pricing 8.5/10 Pricing 4.0/10 Pricing 7.0/10
User friendly 9.0/10 User friendly 6.5/10 User friendly 8.6/10
Support 9.0/10 Support 3.0/10 Support 7.0/10
Features 9.0/10 Features 7.0/10 Features 9.0/10
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Paul Mahony. Chief Editor

A2 hosting sure had its ups and downs. Transparent pricing, good plans, friendly customer service and a simple-to-use interface gave me a great first impression. However, the performance of the medium-tier Linux plan could have been better.

It wasn’t bad but needs improvements to be ahead of the competition. On top of that, the password retrieval was quite simple. In theory, one person pretending to be a friend could get your password away with relative ease. To sum it up, I believe multiple positive A2 hosting reviews to be completely correct – It is a decent solution for many people. The host is only a couple minor changes away from being a genuine contender.

User reviews
The migration was the first problem. I was told it was going to be scheduled and done through out a weekend, but they left it at 40% and I had to finish it manually. Then problems continued. Lots of downtimes (which weren't refunded or received bonifications for them), and also a lot of problems with email delivery. At one moment I was about to leave A2, but I was told I would be receiving mailchannels for free, that it was going to solve all my email problems, so I decided to stay.... I was left 3 days without emails, because the support service started to set that up in my VPS and left it unfinished and left for their weekend. I chatted 20 times during that weekend with their support level 1 (really level -20) and no solution was given to me. I just had to wait, and meanwhile I lost 2 big clients that had hosted with me for over 6 years. After that email worked for some weeks and it started to have problems again, and they decided to disable mailchannels without my permission, and when I said that, and that I wanted mailchannels to be activated they wanted to charge me for this. The support service had been a real disaster. The Level 1 support is like talking to a grandma, they will just me able to guide you to configure a new email account in a cpanel, but if not they will just ask you to create a ticket. The tickets are dealed really badly. I waited for more than 20 hours for a ticket to be answered, and the average time was 4 to 6 hours.
Back in the old days, ASO was the bees knees, the cream of the crop, the Beyonce of the Destiny's Child. But when eventually people try to cash out on the ongoing technology, the clients suffer. It's been a good ride - take this as a lesson, go to non-EIG hosts, who look genuinely enthusiastic to do their job with their work and not only words.
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Free SSL Certificate New Gen Hardware 24/7 Support
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