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$3.92 / month $5.92 / month $2.95 / month
Free domain Free domain Free domain
User Ratings
Reliability 9.0/10 Reliability 4.5/10 Reliability 9.0/10
Pricing 8.5/10 Pricing 4.0/10 Pricing 7.0/10
User friendly 9.0/10 User friendly 6.5/10 User friendly 8.6/10
Support 9.0/10 Support 3.0/10 Support 7.0/10
Features 9.0/10 Features 7.0/10 Features 9.0/10
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Paul Mahony. Chief Editor

A2 hosting sure had its ups and downs. Transparent pricing, good plans, friendly customer service and a simple-to-use interface gave me a great first impression. However, the performance of the medium-tier Linux plan could have been better.

It wasn’t bad but needs improvements to be ahead of the competition. On top of that, the password retrieval was quite simple. In theory, one person pretending to be a friend could get your password away with relative ease. To sum it up, I believe multiple positive A2 hosting reviews to be completely correct – It is a decent solution for many people. The host is only a couple minor changes away from being a genuine contender.

User reviews
You can choose a server and get as many backups are you would need. It’s crazy that it’s not offered all the time, by everyone. Clearly shows that A2 aren’t holding their clients as fools.
I like oranges. Small and big, any size really. A small orange should be more user friendly than a large one but, well, here we are
Its all ring and bells in the payment process but after that....well....the review is right
Unlimited Websites Honest Pricing High performance
Free SSL Certificate New Gen Hardware 24/7 Support
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