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$2.95 / month $0.99 / month $0.99 / month
Free domain Free domain Free domain
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Reliability 9.0/10 Reliability 8.5/10 Reliability 10/10
Pricing 7.0/10 Pricing 7.0/10 Pricing 10/10
User friendly 8.6/10 User friendly 7.0/10 User friendly 10/10
Support 7.0/10 Support 7.0/10 Support 9.0/10
Features 9.0/10 Features 8.0/10 Features 10/10
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Paul Mahony. Chief Editor

Hostinger must be one of the biggest surprises I’ve had the pleasure of encountering. While reviewing it, I had to constantly ask myself why would anyone choose anything BUT Hostinger for their shared hosting needs. It’s the cheapest, fastest and most responsive shared web hosting platform I’ve ever tested.

There are countless features which I absolutely loved. Hostinger custom-written information sources, like tutorials and knowledge base articles. They seem to value their customers and want them to learn. Almost every tool or feature in Hostinger arsenal is custom-built, which leads me to believe that Hostinger itself was created out of pure passion.

User reviews
Expensive. That's it. Well said in the review itself - for this money you can get SiteGround and essentially, FastComet is its tribute act. A fat Elvis doppelganger signing modern pop songs in the streets of Reno (not Las Vegas). Surely there are a lot of saving graces here but why would I (or anyone) pay extra money so that company would eventually be good? Either be great or be cheap. It's neither.
never had any problems, at least serious. Prices are very high, so I don't know if it's really worth it. But as I said earlier, no serious problems. The support is helpful, the speed is ok, budget the only issue.
Have to agree with most of the people here. I owe Hostinger a lot because of their tutorials and support. Used to fear working of webpages myself but now I consider myself a pro lol. For real tho, great service. Much appreciated.
High performance Global data centers Best for WordPress
24/7 Support Long introductory plans Fastest Servers
99.9% uptime guarantee
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