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Reliability 9.0/10 Reliability 8.5/10 Reliability 10/10
Pricing 7.0/10 Pricing 6.0/10 Pricing 9.0/10
User friendly 8.6/10 User friendly 7.0/10 User friendly 10/10
Support 7.0/10 Support 7.0/10 Support 8.0/10
Features 9.0/10 Features 8.0/10 Features 10/10
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Paul Mahony. Chief Editor

Hostinger must be one of the biggest surprises I’ve had the pleasure of encountering. While reviewing it, I had to constantly ask myself why would anyone choose anything BUT Hostinger for their shared hosting needs. It’s the cheapest, fastest and most responsive shared web hosting platform I’ve ever tested.

There are countless features which I absolutely loved. Hostinger custom-written information sources, like tutorials and knowledge base articles. They seem to value their customers and want them to learn. Almost every tool or feature in Hostinger arsenal is custom-built, which leads me to believe that Hostinger itself was created out of pure passion.

User reviews
I just wanted to share an experience with fastcomet, i subscribed to them due to a recommendation on one of the comment in our group. I transferred my domain from bluehost to the, altho I clearly mentioned that i am not a techie and i need help to ensure there is no disruption to my site to the Fastcomet chat support guys, They failed to alert me of some file transfer, upon an alert by my client , I approached the support guys again and then only they guided me to do file transfer. Finally got that done. Got an automated email from fastcomet stating there is a change in the ticket ( some update ) I did not click on it assuming, it would be maybe a status change/resolver group or something ( me coming from Service Desk background ) Checked my site after few days and it was still not up, contacted the chat guys and i was told i need to give them another thing called dump file. Can u see the inefficieny, of not educating, of not adequately guiding and of not clearly stating that a change in ticket is actually request for further info, Their inefficient has cost my image. I gave name cards only for my client's to see a site that is down. With all due concern, please avoid this guys. oh by the way the supports guys were rude, never apologies and admitted it was their mistake . #FastComet #SayNO
Well, I'm a long time user and woooooow, that password reset thing is a bit grim. Checked a few of your other reviews, Paul, and it looks like a common thing? Does anyone know what stops GoDaddy from doing that?
I think hostinger is one of the best. Hostinger is the cheapest, most reliable, “ultra user-friendly”, and a host with lovely support and extraordinary features. It’s just unmatchable! I cannot get anything better than hostinger in the same price. It’s really affordable – and the most amazing host I have ever seen till date. Initially, I started with many hosts other than Hostinger – but none of them were able to satisfy me as the way hostinger did. Their lovely support is just amazing! And yes, the website speed? It’s FANTASTIC!!! It loads like a rocket! If you are searching for a host that is affordable, amazing, and super fast – then I think Hostinger is a pretty perfect fit for you! I agree.
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99.9% uptime guarantee
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