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Paul Mahony. Chief Editor

Hostinger must be one of the biggest surprises I’ve had the pleasure of encountering. While reviewing it, I had to constantly ask myself why would anyone choose anything BUT Hostinger for their shared hosting needs. It’s the cheapest, fastest and most responsive shared web hosting platform I’ve ever tested.

There are countless features which I absolutely loved. Hostinger custom-written information sources, like tutorials and knowledge base articles. They seem to value their customers and want them to learn. Almost every tool or feature in Hostinger arsenal is custom-built, which leads me to believe that Hostinger itself was created out of pure passion.

User reviews
Without a doubt one of the most competitive hosting providers in the market. Couldn't find another provider with a price that's as good as Hostinger's, and support is simply the best!
I agree with the consensus here. The support is AAA but it makes you think...wouldn't you actively agree with getting robbed off just because the Lachezar the Gruesome calls you his buddy during a live chat? I think SiteGround went ahead of the game there. By investing in customer support they manage to keep the lowest tier of clients super happy. They can afford that by stupidly limiting the disk space (many hosts allow up to 300GB before saying literally anything) so they don't need a lot of drives to keep the operation going. What SiteGround is, is a three SSD disks with 140 very cheerful guys talking to you about them. What's funny though, is that it works. In a business that is so disconnected and doesn't give a shit about the user (look at Endurance International and their web of lies!) a seemingly human company like SiteGround can basically charge you for not spitting in your face. That's a something. I think I'm impressed.
InMotion is not good in my opinion. I have had a website containing only one page, www.skplusassociates.ccom, titled “WEBSITE COMING SOON“, which contains a minimal graphics and text because it is under construction, and it takes about few seconds to load. Therefore, I have been pondering if it is worth to continue with inMotion as a host. In addition, they wanted to charge me additional fee for adding some other stuff, including security, caching, and God knows what else, when I complained about the slow speed of loading of this one and only web page. On the other hand, iPage, which was my previous host, was blazingly fast, and they have included everything. Note that I have changed iPage only because my previous website was built in proprietary Weebly and therefore I have changed it. I appreciate any comments that you may have.
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