1and1 vs Hostinger – The Complete Hosting Comparison


Fiona O’Connell


2019 August 7th

Hostinger vs 1on1

1&1 IONOS and Hostinger battle in order to take up as much hosting space in the industry as possible. At the same time, both of them are great hosts that are only rising to their peak.

So now, it's time for us and you to decide which one is the best.

In this 1and1 vs Hostinger comparison, we tested which one of the two is the winner. So let's take a look!

What Is Hostinger?

Hostinger is one of the most affordable hosting providers aiming to deliver the highest quality services to its worldwide users. Right now, Hostinger offers cheap shared, Cloud, VPS, Windows VPS, and email hosting services.

It also has a website builder solution on offer, SSL certificates, and domains for sale.


Hostinger is an emerging company, that earned this place in the industry just a couple of years ago. We can see that from the new features and services being added often. Also, it aims at providing a highly scalable hosting solution.

So if you like Hostinger services, you can use it both for your start-up websites and enterprise projects alike.

What Is 1&1 IONOS?

1&1 IONOS presents itself as the largest European host. Lately, 1and1 host started storming the US market as well by providing shared, WordPress, ASP.NET, cloud, and dedicated hosting solutions.

From 1and1 IONOS, you'll also be able to buy domains, SSL certificates, online marketing, and email services.

1and1-vs-Hostinger-1and1 ionos

Just like Hostinger, 1&1 IONOS is still growing and trying to build a huge user base. So it is interesting to see, how these two hosts compare.

1&1 vs Hostinger: Features Comparison

Hostinger and 1&1 IONOS offers pretty similar hosting deals - affordable pricing, lots of services, 24/7 customer support, and great performance.

So let's see which is actually better - Hostinger or 1and1 IONOS.

1&1 vs Hostinger Pricing: No One Can Beat Hostinger

Hostinger offers probably the cheapest prices in the hosting industry starting at $0.80/mo for its shared hosting plans. Meanwhile, 1&1 IONOS pricing looks really close - shared hosting starts at $1/month. But with IONOS, there's a catch.

Taking a closer look, $1/month is only the price for the first month if you choose the IONOS Business plan. All of the following months will cost you $8 each. So, compared to Hostinger $0.80/mo, that's a bit of an increase.

1and1-vs-hostinger-1and1 pricing

As you can see, 1and1 IONOS pricing actually starts at $4/month with its Essential plan. The Business plan costs $8/month with the first one for $1, and the Expert plan is $14/month.

At the same time, Hostinger's most expensive plan is still cheaper than the cheapest 1&1 IONOS plan. The Single plan costs $0.80/mo, the Premium is $2.15/mo, and the most expensive Business plan will cost you $3.45/mo. 


On the contrary, the cheapest IONOS plan will get you a free SSL and a domain name. The situation with Hostinger is a bit different. The cheapest plan does not include a domain name, though others do. Also, Hostinger often has offers for SSL certificates to be installed for free no matter what plan you choose.

But if you happen to buy hosting when the offer is not available, you'll need to pay around $12 for the installation of an SSL certificate.

All thing considered, Hostinger is still unbeatable with its cheap pricing. 1and1 IONOS is affordable, but not as much as Hostinger.

Hostinger Offers More Features Than 1&1

Of course, the price isn't everything. It is also important to know what are you going to get for your money. In this part of the 1and1 and Hostinger comparison, we will see how the hosts compare in terms of features provided to its customers.

Hostinger clearly has more going on for itself. Not only you get speedy and more reliable SSD disks to run your websites, you also get a great website builder and cyber-attack protection free of charge. Also, if you need assistance in transferring your website, Hostinger is there to help - 1&1 isn't.

Hostinger web hosting - features

Hostinger also makes sure to back-up your website at least weekly. With more expensive plans you get nightly backups as well. With 1&1 IONOS, you'll have to pay for your backups.

The only genuine advantage 1&1 has is free SSL certificates with every plan. However, for around $12, Hostinger offers you an SSL certificate for life (included free of charge with frequent offers).

1and1 IONOS web hosting features

All in all, Hostinger vs 1and1 simply boils down to the former offering more value for the money.

Better User Experience With Hostinger

In my 1&1 review, I have already stated that its customer support is one of the weak points. Live chats are difficult to start and not very helpful. Also, the purchase process is slightly complicated, especially for international users.

Finally, a lot of criticism needs to be said about the 1&1 control panel, which is text-based and custom made, very difficult to navigate if you are not used to it.

1and1 vs Hostinger: 1and1 control panel

Hostinger has none of the aforementioned problems. The purchase process is simple, the customer support is great and the panel is easy to use, very similar to many other popular hosts.

hostinger cpanel

Things like accepting BitCoin for payment or an extensive Knowledge Base with plenty of tutorials is only a cherry on top - we mentioned that in the Hostinger review as well.

Overall, there is no question who is the better host here. Hostinger wins this round too.

Hostinger Performs Faster Than IONOS

Both 1and1 and Hostinger are promising their users great performance and high availability. Hostinger has a 99.9% uptime guarantee on its SLA. However, even in performance Hostinger is better.

Hostinger averages around 60ms response time with only a few minor spikes throughout the week. Also, it keeps a stable 100% uptime most of the times for it to average at 100% in the long term.


1&1 IONOS performance is also pretty decent. It manages to keep 100% uptime, though the response time is on the slower side. It averages at 530ms with no significant spikes.

1and1-vs-hostinger-1and1 performance

Yet again, Hostinger proves to be one of the best web hosting providers. Thanks to the advanced technology used including CDN, it is fast and keeps great uptime.

1&1 IONOS is lagging a bit behind, but still is one of the best of our providers.

1&1 IONOS vs Hostinger: Customer Support

1and1 has more customer support options available than Hostinger. It has 24/7 email, phone, and live chat support, while Hostinger is available through live chat and email 24/7. 

1and1 customer support channels

But despite lacking phone support, Hostinger is still a winner here - it simply provides a better service.

In our 1and1 IONOS review, we ran into a big problem with its support - live chat agents were not knowledgable to answer more technical questions.

At the same time, Hostinger agents were both knowledgable, polite, helpful, and replied instantly.

So yet again - a win for Hostinger.

1and1 vs Hostinger - The Verdict

Hostinger is a clear winner in the battle with 1&1 IONOS. In every part that we tested, Hostinger is at least slightly better. It has better pricing, better customer support, performance, as well as a more convenient user interface.

But in no way is 1and1 IONOS a bad provider. Just like Hostinger, it is affordable, offers great features, and performance. One thing though that 1and1 needs to improve is its user interface and experience. From the start to managing hosting, Hostinger is way way better.

So at the end of our 1and1 vs Hostinger comparison, we can say - choose the one that you like and you won't be disappointed with either. Hostinger, at least for now, sounds like a better deal to us.

What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comment section down below!

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Ryan Setliff picture
Ryan Setliff

2020 January 11th

I use hostinger for my web site Ryan Setliff Online, which offers books, information on the classics, humanities, liberal learning and Western Civilization. It's a very good provider.

I use hostinger for my web site Ryan Setliff Online, which offers books, information on the classics, humanities, liberal learning and Western Civilization. It's a very good provider.