1and1 vs Hostinger – The Complete Hosting Comparison

Hostinger vs 1on1

It's time for 1and1 vs Hostinger. This comparison of the two hosting brands will look into the quality of the services they provide.

1&1 is a veteran of the Internet business, being around since the late 80s. With Mail.com and many other successful brands under its belt, United Internet is a huge corporation with loads of experience.

On the other side of the ring, there's Hostinger. The Lithuanian provider has been around since 2004 but only recently it became popular. A steadily-growing customer base praises the price and quality combination of the host's services.

You can see the 1&1 review here and the Hostinger review here for more information. In short, this is what we found out:

Both 1&1 and Hostinger offer great pricing options

This part is fairly straightforward. Here we will see which provider is cheaper. We will not only look into the initial package prices. Hosts will also be compared with the length of the plans provided. Let's see how 1and1 vs Hostinger starts.

In terms of price, Hostinger vs 1&1 is a very close and tense battle. Hostinger position itself as a 'cheap service provider'. That much is definitely true, as the host offers plans starting from $2.15 and there is no increase in renewal prices when the starting package runs out. In the long run, you are going to save a lot of money with Hostinger. As my reviews have discovered, it is perhaps the cheapest high-quality hosting provider.

Even with that in mind, 1&1 has a lot going on for itself. For instance, there is a 99-cent plan, which is less than half the price of Hostinger's entry offer. This price is valid when paying for one year in advance. Therefore, you can get 12 months of hosting for less than $12!

It is also important mentioning that unlike Hostinger, 1&1 offers a monthly plan. Although it isn't exactly the best option available, for $7.99-$14.99 a month you can get hosting without committing for a long term.

So, as you can see, both hosts have interesting options. Is it up to you, whether you care about paying less in the long or short run. Therefore, the winner here is...no one.

This round ends in a tie!

Hostinger offers more bang for the buck

Of course, the price isn't everything. It is also important to know what are you going to get for your money. In this part of the comparison, we will see how the hosts compare in terms of features provided to its customers.

Hostinger clearly has more going on for itself. Not only you get speedy and more reliable SSD disks to run your websites in, you also get a great website builder and cyber attack protection free of charge. Also, if you need assistance in transferring your website, Hostinger is there to help - 1&1 isn't. The only genuine advantage 1&1 has is free SSL certificates with every plan. However, for $9.99 Hostinger offers you an SSL certificate for life (included free of charge in some plans!).

All in all, Hostinger vs 1and1 simply boils down to the former offering more value for the money.

WINNER: Hostinger!

Using web hosting shouldn't be this stressful!

Time for the third round of 1and1 vs Hostinger. Here I am going to look into a yet another very important thing - ease of use. This means a combination of several things: how difficult it is to register, how good is the customer support and in general - just how easy it is to use hosting.

In my 1&1 review, I have already stated that its customer support is one of the weak points. Live chats are difficult to start and not very helpful. Also, the purchase process is slightly complicated, especially for international users. Finally, a lot of criticism needs to be said about the 1&1 control panel, which is text-based and custom made, very difficult to navigate if you are not used to it.

Hostinger has none of the aforementioned problems. The purchase process is simple, the customer support is great and the panel is easy to use, very similar to many other popular hosts. Things like accepting BitCoin for payment or an expansive Knowledge Base with plenty of tutorials is only a cherry on top - we mentioned that in the Hostinger review as well.

Overall, there is no question who is the better host here.

WINNER: Hostinger takes this round too!

1and1 is powerful - still no match for Hostinger

Of course, it wouldn't be a proper hosting evaluation if we didn't compare the performances. In this final 1and1 vs Hostinger test, we will see how quick and reliable both of the hosts are.

Here we will compare a few different things. First, we'll see the response times - simply speaking, the delays when your website is being loaded. They depend on the quality of software and hardware used by the hosts.

Then, we will look into the downtimes - just how often each host's servers are unavailable. Simple logic here: the less, the better.

Finally, we will use our trusty BitCatcha tool to determine just how well do both hosts perform in various worldwide servers. Plenty of worldwide tests will boil everything down to a mark.

Let's see how both of the hosts do!

1and1 vs Hostinger

Hostinger gets a fairly nifty lead right from the start. This is where you can start seeing the advantages of using advanced SSD servers. Although it needs to be said that 1&1 are also incredibly quick - one of the best hosts I've tested in that regard. Yet still, no match for Hostinger.

Time for downtimes:

1and1 vs Hostinger

In the last 30 days, both hosts are doing well. 1&1 has been down for only 5 minutes. That is a great result! Once again though, Hostinger go a step further. In the last month, the server we tested hasn't gone down once. Obviously, this result can't be beaten.

For the final test, let's see the BitCatcha scores of both hosts - with both a small and a big website.

BitCatcha rating for 1&1 C+ for low upkeep, C for high upkeep.

BitCatcha rating for Hostinger – for low upkeep, B+ for high upkeep.

There's that. It can be assumed that a more advanced Hostinger CDN (content delivery network) is what makes the whole difference.

WINNER: Hostinger takes the prize once more!

The winner is...Hostinger!

1and1 vs. Hostinger duel draws to end. With the first glance, it appears that 1&1 offers a terrific deal - less than $12 dollars for a year of hosting is genuinely very good. Yet that impression quickly fades away once you see what you get for your money. Hostinger is still a very inexpensive provider and even being like that, can offer modern SSD servers, free assisted website transfer, a great website builder, many auto-installer scripts and true 24/7 customer support.

Performance is good in both of these providers but for every trick 1&1 has, Hostinger has two.

To sum it up, there is a clear winner.

1and1 vs Hostinger
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