Blogger vs WordPress: Which Platform Is the Blogging King?


Bart Keating


2019 September 9th

Blogger vs WordPress

If you want to create a blog and start writing as soon as possible, the two providers that focus on blogging are Blogger and WordPress.

Both of these platforms have their advantages and disadvantages, which can make choosing between Blogger vs WordPress difficult.

In this guide, we'll take a closer look at what differentiates and Blogger.

Blogger - Blog That Only Requires Google Account

Blogger is Google’s blogging platform. The service is absolutely free to use and just requires a Google account to sign up. But, keep in mind that your blog will have a subdomain. Your website address will look something like "".

Blogger vs WordPress - Blogger Home Page

When it comes to starting a blog, Blogger is about as simple as it gets. You can choose from a handful of basic layouts for your site’s appearance. On the backend, all of your posts are contained in a minimalist dashboard.

WordPress - When I Say WordPress, You Say Blog

WordPress is a blogging software and a website builder platform. There are two versions of WordPress, gives you full access to the open-source free software, wraps website hosting and blogging together.

Blogger vs WordPress - WordPress Home Page

You can build a full-fledged website or an eCommerce store from your blog with However, these possibilities come with added complexity if you just need a blog.

If you want to know more about the differences, check our vs article. We'll be comparing Blogger to in this review.

Blogger vs WordPress - Let Them Fight

Both Blogger and WordPress have a lot of functionality to offer to bloggers. In order to help you figure out whether of them can better meet your needs, let’s take a closer look at how they stack up.

Blogger vs WordPress - Getting Started

When it comes to getting your blog off the ground, it is incredibly simple to set up a blog on Blogger. You simply log into your Google account, give your blog a name and URL, and choose a theme from a list of 11 choices.

Blogger vs WordPress - Blogger Setup

With the setup process is also straightforward. After you created your account, you choose your blog's name and what it is about, and the theme is automatically selected.

Note that at this moment you can't switch to a different theme, only after you finished the setup you're allowed to change the theme.

Blogger vs WordPress - WordPress Setup

The difference here is that WordPress tries to upsell you a domain name or one of it's paid plans during the setup process. Blogger, in this regard, is a much smoother experience if you just want to create a blog.

Blogger vs WordPress - WordPress Setup Upsells

So, with both providers, you'll spend less than 5 minutes when setting up your blog.

Blogger vs WordPress - Control And Choice

When it comes to controlling the appearance of your blog, WordPress and Blogger have similar options. But WordPress mostly hides them behind a paywall, while Blogger gives you the big guns right from the start.

With WordPress you get 154 themes at the beginning for free, also, there are about the same number of premium themes. Of course, all the interesting designs and features are only available in premium themes, so, if you want a unique design, it can cost you up to $80.

Blogger vs WordPress - WordPress Themes

Apart from the theme choices, you can't really customize your website anymore. To have custom CSS you have to upgrade to a Premium plan.

But the worst thing, you can't even change the color scheme of your blog whit the free plan. Even if you spend money on a theme, you won't be able to modify it.

Blogger vs WordPress - WordPress Themes Editor

Installing plugins will save us - you might think. But here puts a paywall too, so if you want to install any plugin you need to upgrade your plan. All these design limitations mean that your blog will likely look the same as most blogs online.

With Blogger, you have 11 themes available, every theme gets from 3 to 7 variations. While the theme selection is very limited, you get a lot of editing options. You can change fonts, size of each element and the color of nearly everything on your blog.

Blogger vs WordPress - Blogger Theme Editor

But Blogger goes a bit further here. You can fully customize the CSS and HTML of your blog. If you have the coding knowledge, you can modify any part of your website to make it unique.

Blogger vs WordPress - Blogger HTML Editor

If customization is important to you then Blogger is a better choice, you can change the look of your blog and edit the code itself. But if you need a good looking theme to just start writing, then offers more varied theme choices.

Blogger vs WordPress - Making Money From Your Blog

If you’re planning to monetize your blog, the choice between Blogger vs WordPress is even more important. Both platforms take a different approach to earning money.

Blogger’s monetization features are relatively limited since you have to use Google AdSense. This means that the only thing you can sell on your blog is ad space, rather than physical or digital products like in a true eCommerce store.

Blogger vs WordPress - Blogger Monetisation

If you want to make side money just from adds, Blogger is still a viable option.

WordPress, on the other hand, gives you powerful eCommerce features through its plugins. You can build an eCommerce store on the same website as your blog using plugins like WooCommerce or others. Better yet, there are plugins for selling ad space on your blog to develop a consistent income stream.

Blogger vs WordPress - WordPress Monetisation

But, to have plugins and eCommerce features you have to upgrade to the Premium plan. Working with the free version of, you won't be able to display any ads on your blog.

Blogger vs WordPress - Custom Domain Names

Let's say that you started with the free plan and created your first blog. But now you want to have a custom domain name for your website. Well, Blogger and WordPress let you add a custom domain name whenever you want.

With Blogger, you have the option to add a third-party domain name. But you need to find and buy it on your own, and then configure all the info yourself. If you want more information, we made a guide on finding the best blog domain names.

Blogger vs WordPress - Blogger Custom Domain is a bit better here. While you can add a custom domain name to your blog from a third party, WordPress can do it for you. You can find the domain name you want and buy it in the blog editor, so you will have all you need in one place.

Blogger vs WordPress - WordPress Custom Domain

Blogger vs WordPress Support

Neither Blogger nor WordPress offers an official support system for their platform. However, when something goes wrong, it is much easier to find answers for WordPress than for Blogger.

WordPress has a richer online community that users can turn to for help. In addition, many IT services have grown up around WordPress, and these paid services can be used to add complex functionality to your website.

Blogger vs WordPress - WordPress Support

With the free plan, you don't get a live chat or any other support options. But always has an option to update your plan and get 24/7 email, live chat, and phone support. 

Blogger, on the other hand, has relatively minimal user support. Apart from a few helpful articles and a decent support forum, the only other way to get support is to leave feedback for Google staff.

Blogger vs WordPress - Blogger Support

In general, both services offer minimal support and leaves you with forums and articles to sort the problems yourself.

Blogger vs WordPress: WordPress Shares The Throne With Blogger

After all these tests for Blogger vs WordPress, we can see that both providers are great in certain areas. WordPress is the most popular blogging platform on the Internet and has a great range of upgrade capabilities.

Compared to it, Blogger is much simpler but has extensive customization options for free users.

The advantage of is that you can upgrade your plan, and turn your blog to an eCommerce store.

The free plan doesn't allow you to modify your blog appearance and limits its features, but it can also offer more than 150 free themes for you to choose form.

Blogger makes it simple to start a blog within minutes and integrates nicely with Google AdSense for monetization.

It's significantly better when it comes to customizing the look and feel of your site, as well as controlling your content without paying money. But you are limited to 11 themes.

Did this comparison help you choose between Blogger or WordPress? Let me know in the comments below!

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Xartaj khan picture
Xartaj khan

2019 October 2nd

Great job on the research. Valid information for anyone who needs it.

Great job on the research. Valid information for anyone who needs it.

Samuel picture

2019 August 7th

Nice information i want to know if i have a domain and want to redirect from blogger platform... So, is it good or choose wordpress platform

Nice information i want to know if i have a domain and want to redirect from blogger platform... So, is it good or choose wordpress platform