Hostinger vs SiteGround – Hosting Comparison

Hostinger vs Siteground

In this matchup, we are going to be taking a look at Hostinger vs SiteGround. They are two European companies, which have big goals and many users all over the world. Both of them prioritize great customer experience and speeds but there is a catch. SiteGround claims to offer superior customer support, while Hostinger boasts about its low prices. These are two popular hosts from very different worlds, so what happens when we stack them directly against each other? Let's see!

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Hostinger is cheap, Siteground is anything but that

In this comparison, we will test only shared web hosting services. And in this part, we will look at how the prices of these hosts compare. It won't only be the introductory plans - their periods and renewal prices are just as important. Let's have a look:

Hostinger plans start at $2.15 a month and there are no increased renewal prices. Siteground is a little bit more expensive and when the package runs out, the prices increase even more. If you want a monthly plan, however, only Siteground may offer it. But it starts at $18.90 and goes all the way to $36.90.

There is a clear difference. It comes as no surprise, as Hostinger positions itself as a 'cheap hosting provider'. Siteground doesn't need any of that. After the promotional period runs out, SiteGround is many times more expensive. If you're looking for a cheap hosting provider - there is no competition between the two. Hostinger draws first blood.

WINNER: Hostinger!

Siteground has loads of brilliant features and add-ons

The first round of Hostinger vs SiteGround is over. Now it is time to check out the features these hosts offer to their clients.

Hostinger vs SiteGround

The hosts are fairly even here - and there are strengths as well as weaknesses in them.

Both hosts provide their clients with free website backups and assisted transfers. There is malware and DDoS protection included - and they will guard information stored in lightning-quick SSD disks.

This is where similarities end:

Hostinger uses its in-house builder with over 200 templates. It's convenient and very simple to use. SiteGround, however, has a solid answer with a super popular Weebly website builder - it comes pre-installed.

If a builder is not enough and you'll need a different piece of software, Hostinger has over 100 auto-installer applications at the ready. SiteGround, on the other hand, has over 300.

Finally, the SSL certificate. Hostinger offers either to buy one "for life" - for $9.99 or get it free by picking a $7.95 plan. SiteGround offers a free SSL with every plan - and it is more advanced and has more features the higher up you go.

In this round, SiteGround gets one back. It's 1-1.

WINNER: SiteGround is the most expansive here!

Two incredibly intuitive platforms!

Ease of use is a very important thing. In this third round of SiteGround vs Hostinger, we will compare the purchasing processes, control panels, and customer support.

Hostinger vs SiteGround

A very close battle once again. Hostinger has a way less complicated purchase process, which doesn't require any phone calls and finishes up almost immediately. In addition to that, an option to pay with BitCoin is very welcomed.

SiteGround offers phone support, which is a nice added bonus. It is worth mentioning that SiteGround support is one of the best I ever encountered, rarely taking more than a minute to respond to chat requests and phone calls, and 10 minutes to tickets.

On the panel, it is almost exactly the same, both hosts offer the same familiar cPanel functionality.

This one is difficult to decide - it is really up to you, what do you prefer more: phone calling or an easy and convenient purchasing process. With difference so minuscule, there is only one option to choose.

This part ends in a TIE!

In performance, Hostinger is king

Performance is quite possibly the most important thing to look at when choosing a host. A quick website means higher rankings in Google searches and more satisfied visitors. Many of the little quirks and even additional investments can be overlooked if your website is blazingly fast.

With that in mind, it is time to start the final part of this Hostinger vs SiteGround duel. Here I am going to look at response times and downtimes. Ideally, your website should be very quick and never go down. Let's see what happens!

Hostinger vs SiteGround

This is almost unfair. Hostinger absolutely obliterates SiteGround. You can't really blame SiteGround though - 400 ms and slightly above speeds are really, really not bad. For most of the time - it's good enough. It's just that Hostinger most likely has servers optimized so well, they are miles ahead. Props to Hostinger - it's great to see a host performing so well.

In this part, we will look into the downtimes of the two hosts. Naturally - the less they go down, the better:

Hostinger vs SiteGround

Both hosts are very reliable. In the last 30 days, SiteGround went down once - but it's only for 5 minutes. Hostinger didn't go down at all.

Now, it's time to see the overall worldwide performance. For that, I use the ever-reliable Bitcatcha tool. It uses its worldwide servers to see how the hosts perform all around the globe. In the end, these results are converted into grades. This is what they are:

Bitcatcha rating for Hostinger - A for low upkeep, B+ for high upkeep.

Bitcatcha rating for SiteGround - A for low upkeep, B for high upkeep.

WINNER: You can't go wrong with Hostinger!


And that's it. The SiteGround vs Hostinger fight is over. It's been very even and that's only fair - both hosts are genuinely very good. SiteGround has more interesting features, while Hostinger has an upper hand on performance. At the end of the day, everything is decided by price. This is where Hostinger shines, offering superior performance for a few times less.

Overall, Hostinger takes this one home.

By a small margin, the winner is Hostinger!

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