InMotion vs SiteGround: Which Hosting Provider Is Better?


Fiona O’Connell


2019 August 9th

inmotion vs siteground

InMotion and SiteGround remain two of the most popular options for web hosting on the market. And for a good reason.

Both InMotion Hosting and SiteGround are established and well-known brands in the hosting industry. The two provide similar services and products for almost the same pricing oriented towards small and midsize businesses. 

But which provider will fit your business and personal website needs the best?

In this InMotion vs SiteGround comparison, we'll see which is actually the better provider. So let's go ahead and start!

What is InMotion?

Launched back in 2001, InMotion is a US-based hosting company, providing shared, WordPress, VPS, and dedicated hosting solutions as well as a website builder. 

Since 2003, InMotion hosting consistently received 3/3 star rating from CNET and even an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

inmotion vs siteground: inmotion homepage

Throughout the years, InMotion has made huge strides in its hardware, infrastructure, and networking capabilities which have resulted in over 300,000 happy customers today. And while it isn't the cheapest hosting provider on the market, it has one of the most reliable and fastest networks out there.

What is SiteGround?

SiteGround is a hosting provider that was officially founded in Bulgaria in 2004 and has grown to have data-centers all over the world, including the US, Amsterdam, London, and Singapore.

With its powerful servers, SiteGround is capable of providing fast shared, WordPress, Cloud, and dedicated hosting.

siteground vs inmotion: siteground homepage

Its continuous innovation has allowed it to grow steadily over the years and earn a top reputation in the web hosting market.

Servicing over 800,000 domains, SiteGround has rolled out an abundance of features that have allowed its servers to perform optimally and keep the customers satisfied.

InMotion vs SiteGround: Hosting Providers Compared

InMotion and SiteGround aim at providing fast and reliable hosting services for small- to medium-sized websites. And both of them have a lot to offer.

So let's compare the features and see which is the best.

InMotion vs SiteGround pricing

Both InMotion and SiteGround have medium- to high-ranged pricing. However, InMotion is a more expensive option with the prices starting at $6.39/mo and going all the way up to $14.71/mo, while SiteGround is cheaper and the pricing starts at $3.95/mo and goes as high as $11.95/mo.

But there is one thing that is the same with both of the providers.

No matter which way you'll compare, InMotion hosting vs SiteGround both have their pricing tricks.

InMotion hosting pricing

With InMotion, advertised pricing is only available for the first billing period. So, the $6.36/mo for the Launch plan becomes $7.99/mo after the renewal. Pricing for the Power plan goes from $8.49/mo to $9.99/mo, and the Pro plan pricing changes from $14.71/mo to $15.99/mo.


Overall, it's not the biggest increase that we've seen. But still - keep it in mind.

SiteGround hosting pricing

SiteGround has way bigger increases. StartUp initial pricing of $3.95/mo increases to $11.95/mo. The GrowBig $5.95/mo goes to $19.95/mo. GoGeek increases from $11.95/mo to $34.95/mo. 


SiteGround pricing increases are huge, although it is completely common in the web hosting industry. So no matter which provider you choose, you need to read the fine print.

So, which in our SiteGround vs InMotion comparison offers better value?

Plans Pricing/month Storage Visits SSL Domain name Backups
InMotion Launch $6.39 to $7.99 Unlimited Unlimited Included Included $2/mo
SiteGround StartUp $3.95 to $11.95 10GB Up to 10,000 Included $15.95/year Included, daily
InMotion Power $8.49 to $9.99 Unlimited Unlimited Included Included $2/mo
SiteGround GrowBig $5.95 to $19.95 20GB Up to 25,000 Included $15.95/year Included, daily
InMotion Pro $14.71 to $15.99 Unlimited Unlimited Included Included $2/mo
SiteGround GoGeek $11.95 to $34.95 30GB Up to 100,000 Included $15.95/year Included, daily

As you can see, to get fully-featured hosting, you'll have to purchase something extra with both InMotion and SiteGround. For InMotion it's daily backups, and for SiteGround it's a domain name.

Both InMotion and SiteGround are not cheap hosts. However, if you're not planing to stay after the renewal, SiteGround offers a better value. But in case you're looking for long term solution - InMotion hosting is more affordable.

InMotion hosting vs SiteGround performance

InMotion and SiteGround are two of the best hosting providers in terms of performance. However, InMotion shows better results - the hosting provider is both faster than SiteGround and offers a more reliable uptime guarantee. SiteGround, on the other hand also provides fast and reliable hosting.

InMotion claims to provide 99.999% uptime while SiteGround is not so brave and ensures 99.99% uptime guarantee.

Therefore to check the claims, we've done some of our own testings.

InMotion hosting performance

Unfortunately, InMotion did not manage to score 99.999% uptime and averaged at around 99.97%. The response time, on the other hand, was great and remained at around 266ms which is more than two times better than the industry average.


When we looked at SiteGround, we saw a pretty similar picture.

SiteGround performance

SiteGround showed poorer results in terms of server performance. The uptime was okay - the promised 99.99%. However, the response time could and should be improved - it averaged at 578ms which is slightly worse than the industry average.


Overall, both hosts show okay results. However, they both could use some improvements.

InMotion was down several times. The periods were not long, but such downtimes are better to be avoided.

SiteGround had only a few micro-downtimes (most likely due to an overcrowded server) but the response time was much poorer.

In terms of performance, InMotion is faster. On the other hand, its server health can be quesioned. InMotion was down several times while SiteGround fas slower but only had a few micro downtimes.

SiteGround vs InMotion support: both are great

SiteGround has more support options than InMotion and offers faster response times, though both of the hosts are available 24/7. SiteGround can be reached via phone, live chat, and ticket system, while InMotion is available through live chat and email.

As we found out from our SiteGround review, its support response times are among the best and you’ll rarely have to wait more than a couple of minutes to get connected.

SiteGround support

One of the perks with SiteGround’s support is the ability to specifically request Technical Services (which include things like your website being down, domain or email assistance, password changes, WordPress or Joomla help, etc) and Advanced Technical Services (which typically includes slow website response times, creating backups, performing restores, migrations, etc).

For InMotion, response times are typically less than five minutes. Once you connect to a support agent, you’ll quickly find that they know their stuff. Even if it’s an issue that escalates to 2nd line support, you won’t get disconnected.


In our InMotion review we found out, that its support is exceptionally great - agents are fast, helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly.

When it comes to tech support, both SiteGround and InMotion do an excellent job. Though it's hard to beat the fast and professional SiteGround support, InMotion is not far behind.

SiteGround Strengths

While both companies are on par with each other when it comes to many things, such as support and performance, let’s now take a look at some things SiteGround offers that make it a popular provider. 

Security and Let’s Encrypt

SiteGround is quite proactive when it comes to security and making sure it keeps hack attacks at bay through the use of custom rules on its firewall.

If there is ever an active risk, SiteGround will implement new rules to reduce it. It has also been one of the first hosting platforms to implement SSL certificates through Let’s Encrypt.

This basically makes the whole web more secure by bringing together companies who strive to ensure HTTPS is implemented on as many websites as possible.

WordPress and Joomla Updates and Tools

One of the most common ways websites get hacked is through security vulnerabilities.

Even if there is a patch for it, maybe it’s not applied in time. SiteGround has developed a system where as soon as WordPress or Joomla core updates are available, they are installed immediately to your site, ensuring the fastest patch updates.

SiteGround is also well-known and loved for its constant push in advanced solutions for its customers. Some technologies it has developed to makes websites faster include SuperCache & WordPress. Not to mention Joomla admin toolkits, Git repos and staging sites for testing, and so much more.

InMotion Strengths

While SiteGround is great at security and updates, there are other things that make InMotion a popular hosting provider.

Let's take a look!

Fast Servers

As we’ve already seen, between InMotion vs SiteGround, InMotion is considerably faster. When it comes to page load times, you’ll quickly find that every millisecond counts.

InMotion has faster servers, without a doubt.

Affordable Hosting

Apart from its medium-ranged shared hosting plans, InMotion offers very affordable VPS hosting solutions, with prices starting as low as $29.99 a month. This is a great option for freelancers or small agencies that allow you to host your clients’ websites without breaking the bank.

Shared hosting is also noticeably cheaper than what SiteGround has on offer. But still, it's not the cheapest in the industry.

InMotion vs SiteGround: Pros And Cons

Each company offers an abundance of their own pros and cons, some of which we’ve discussed, and some of which we haven’t. Let’s dive deeper into SiteGround vs InMotion by taking a closer look at each of their pros and cons:

InMotion Pros

  • Max speed zone technology
  • Free SSD Drives
  • Business Class Hardware
  • Free site transfer
  • Unlimited disk space and data transfer
  • Free backups and restores
  • The Softaculous one-click installer
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • cPanel interface

InMotion Cons

  • Fixed number of websites allowed per accounts for Launch and Power Hosting plans
  • Highest level of services only available to Pro level accounts
  • Fixed number of websites allowed
  • You have to pay for a full year in advance

As you can see, InMotion has a lot going on. But how about SiteGround?

SiteGround Pros

  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL
  • Free Domain Name
  • Free daily backup and restore
  • Free Cloudflare CDN
  • Staging for WordPress and Joomla
  • Solid State Drives
  • cPanel interface
  • SuperCacher for increased speed
  • Top-class support

SiteGround Cons

  • Webspace capped at 10-30GB
  • Managed hosting features require GoGeek or GrowBig plans
  • Setup fee for monthly billing

InMotion vs SiteGround - the Verdict

InMotion and SiteGround are both great hosting companies with their own pros and cons. SiteGround is slightly more expensive but offers probably the best support while InMotion is fast and provides better value for the money.

When talking about InMotion vs SiteGround performance, no company is actually better. InMotion had several downtimes but kept great response times, while SiteGround only had micro-downtimes, but server speed was poorer.

All in all, you won't be disappointed by either of the companies - both SiteGround and InMotion are great.

What do you think? Share your experiences in the comment section down below!

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