iPage vs Hostinger: Which Host Is Right For You?


Fiona O’Connell


2019 August 1st

iPage vs Hostinger

If you are looking for web hosting services, you must have already encountered both iPage and Hostinger. They are two big players of the web hosting business: iPage is a true veteran, while Hostinger is a bit "younger", but already has a large and growing user base.

So which of them is better for you?

In our iPage vs Hostinger review, we compared them in terms of prices, features, and performance to find out which is the best.

What is iPage?

iPage is a hosting provider founded more than two decades ago. Its starting goal was to help individuals and small businesses easily build their online presence.

This old-timer was also one of the first providers to offer a website builder that allowed everyone to easily create a professional website.

ipage vs hostinger: ipage homepage

As the years went by, iPage became huge in web hosting - it now hosts over a million websites on its platform.

That said, iPage still mainly focuses on individual customers who need a simple and affordable way to get online.

What is Hostinger?

Hostinger is one of the best web hosting providers known for inexpensive and reliable services. It offers shared, Cloud, and VPS hosting and is rapidly strengthening its position among other leaders of the business.

ipage vs hostinger: hostinger homepage

Hostinger has 8 data centers in Europe, Asia, South America, as well as the United States. It is growing its business worldwide and now employs several hundred people from all around the world.

However, while the company grows and the quality of its services increases even more, its prices remain low.

iPage vs Hostinger: Prices and Features Comparison

In this iPage vs Hostinger comparison, we look at their shared web hosting services.

Both providers offer these services with a similar aim: they want to help people and small businesses get online cheaply and easily.

We looked at how successful they are at this task: what features, performance, and customer support they can offer you.

iPage vs Hostinger Pricing

iPage offers one plan, with the price ranging from $1.99/mo to $2.99/mo depending on the service term. Hostinger prices start at $0.80/mo for the Single Shared Hosting plan and go up to $3.45/mo for the Business Shared Hosting plan.

iPage offers attractive introductory prices that depend on the billing period you choose:

ipage vs hostinger: ipage pricing

However, note that there is no single-month plan, so the total amount and the starting fee will depend upon your chosen period. The longer the period, the lower the prices.

All in all, the initial and renewal pricing breaks down to this:

Introductory Price Renewal Price
12 Months $35.88 $119.88
24 Months $59.76 $215.76
36 Months $71.64 $287.64

After the introductory time, you will be charged for the period you chose initially. But the prices will go back to the regular rates. So they will be noticeably higher than in the beginning. For example, instead of paying the introductory price of $35.88 for 12 months, the price will go up to $119.88 for the same period.

Hostinger, on the other hand, has 3 plans with similar or even lower prices:

ipage vs hostinger: hostinger pricing

The total amount you'll have to pay for Hostinger's services also depends upon the chosen period. However, there is a single-month option in case long-term commitment isn't suitable for you:

ipage vs hostinger: hostinger checkout

The price jump of renewals can be similar to iPage's. But Hostinger might offer an approximately 60% discount before the end of the billing period. This means that the initial and new prices will not be significantly different.

Hostinger, therefore, is a more attractive provider in terms of pricing.

iPage vs Hostinger Features

iPage offers unlimited disk space, domains, email accounts, and unmetered bandwidth.

This sounds good, but - to be fair - web hosting cannot be truly and absolutely unlimited - you won't be able to have a gazillion of websites. This does, however, show that iPage can perfectly meet the needs of individuals and small businesses starting their websites.

Hostinger offers fewer things unlimited - it gives you either 10, 20, or 30GB of space. Honestly, that's plenty: 10 GB allows you to have 5-10 WordPress sites with numerous plugins and media libraries. And that will cost you just $0.80 a month.

Need more?

Pick a $3.45 plan and host up to 30 websites.

What is more, Hostinger offers free site transfer and definitely has an edge since iPage charges as much as $150 for site migration.

Also, Hostinger provides automated weekly or daily backups while iPage does not. That's one more point in Hostinger's favor.

iPage vs Hostinger Ease of Use

Both iPage and Hostinger use unconventional control panels. This will not be an issue if hosting is fairly new to you, but experienced users might miss the most popular and widely used cPanel that they're used to.

However, after the recent increase in cPanel pricing, we may see more and more providers using custom panels.

So, what do you get with Hostinger and iPage?

iPage uses vDeck panel which is one of cPanel alternatives that are similarly easy to use but lacks some of the functionalities. It is browser-based and allows you to easily manage your hosting accounts. You really don't need to be tech-savvy to understand what all the icons do:

ipage vs hostinger: vdeck dashboard

With just a few clicks, you can add the domain you already have, access the site builder, upload files, and do other things.

Hostinger also does not provide a "classic" panel interface. It uses hPanel, which is its own custom control panel:

ipage vs hostinger: Hostinger control panel

But there was a good reason why this panel was introduced: the interface was made simpler, icons - larger, but the usability and functions match the conventional panels.

So, in terms of usability, you won't be disappointed by either iPage or Hostinger.

iPage vs Hostinger Performance

When it comes to performance, Hostinger guarantees a 99.9% uptime. iPage, however, does not make any promises. On the other hand, both of them claim to offer excellent server speed.

To help you make a decision in this debate of iPage vs Hostinger, we checked if these claims are indeed true.

iPage managed to maintain an average 99.97% uptime in the long run. However, iPage's speed lingers around an average of 600ms, which is nowhere near the below-200ms target recommended by Google.

ipage vs hostinger: ipage performance

As well as iPage, Hostinger maintained a 100% uptime during our test. What is more, Hostinger manages to ensure an average response time of 50ms - sometimes even less than that. That is a world-class speed.

ipage vs hostinger: hostinger performance

The winner is obvious. Hostinger's uptime is better and the response time is just lightning fast as compared to iPage's score.

iPage vs Hostinger Customer Support

You can reach iPage's support team via three channels - phone, email, or chat, all available 24/7. Hostinger, on the other hand, offers a 24/7/365 live chat and email ticket support for all users, but no phone services.

Both of them have broad knowledge bases, tutorials, and extensive FAQ sections.

It appears that iPage wins this round in terms of customer support options. But the abundance of choices might not be the deciding factor. Customers express mixed feedback on iPage's support services.

For example, it is sometimes difficult to reach the support team via phone. As we determined in our iPage review, it can take 11 minutes for phone support to respond and you are burdened with upsell-speeches while you wait.

However, iPage's live chat support has earned the company a good reputation. The response is quick and you get competent and friendly answers.

Still, Hostinger might be better here.

On the contrary, Hostinger's support service - or, as Hostinger calls it, the Customer Success team, - is accessible instantly. In our Hostinger review, we saw that the team members are very knowledgeable and proactive - they will do what they can to fix your issue. This is especially helpful to beginner users.

What's more, Hostinger's support is available in 20+ languages, while iPage only speaks English. This may be an important factor depending on your business's location.

iPage vs Hostinger - the Winner

In the duel of iPage vs Hostinger, the latter is the clear winner. Hostinger is cheaper, provides better customer support, and its performance is simply outstanding as compared to iPage.

This does not mean that iPage doesn't have its advantages.

iPage's services are affordable and it's reliable in terms of uptime. Customer support may take longer to reach but they will help you at some point.

So now it's up to you to decide which one you'll choose - Hostinger or iPage. Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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Great picture

2019 February 27th

Come on, you wrote an article of about 70% lies. talk about first time payment, Ipage is cheaper, Even with renewer fee, Ipage is cheaper, website uptime, Ipage still has... Read more

Come on, you wrote an article of about 70% lies. talk about first time payment, Ipage is cheaper, Even with renewer fee, Ipage is cheaper, website uptime, Ipage still has is except for that hostinger has a faster speed. Ipage is way reliable and i think http:www.google.com should not place this content on a first page.

Mac picture

2018 June 5th

Run away from these dangerous amateurs. A general antics. Unreliable. I have known them since 2013. They are hostinger, Weblink and other partners who use common services and the same... Read more

Run away from these dangerous amateurs. A general antics. Unreliable. I have known them since 2013. They are hostinger, Weblink and other partners who use common services and the same stratagems ... Premium = Sites Unlimited + Unlimited SSD + Unlimited Traffic + Unlimited DB + Unlimited + Unlimited Emails ... - No, none of this is true! I've been working with them paying for the premium pack since 2015, and despite having messages indicating that the email service is included and unlimited, which is done on dedicated servers, also having automatic backups and restoration, they claimed last month that the email service is just a "courtesy" offer, running on shared servers, and that they only guarantee the hosting of the websites. Not emails. Filth. For more than a month they tried to fool me with the "courtesy" argument and only softened when I confronted them with the May 2015 message that proves the opposite, failing to respond and diverting the conversation. In recent months the email service is horrible; There are many lost emails that never arrived in the inbox, emails that take 2, 3 hours to arrive, emails sent that never arrived at the destination, maintenance of servers on the knee and unannounced, service offline for more than 5 hours in day / work period. A scandal. When we ask them if they will definitely solve the problem, they report that they can not do anything, since they have no control over the service, because email servers are in Lithuania, they are shared and many users abuse by spamming what they block and clogs the servers causing endless queues, thus damaging all others that nothing bad have done and just want to work normally, where the only solution you have at the moment is to restart the servers with the resulting losses. It occurs multiple times, almost every week since April 2018. Invasion and intrusion of "Insidejobers" in the webmail service of hundreds of accounts at the same time for sending spam, namely from Brazil, for sending phishing, "spreadsheets", zip's and other schemes. In the first 2 years it worked reasonably well, no big problems, but lately the service has been getting worse and the attendants do not know what to do anymore, or it seems that they do not even know what they are really talking about. They give preformatted responses and when we question them more deeply they leave us unanswered or totally detract from the subject. A pity. They can have 29 million users, but the service is getting worse every day and you can not even trust a company that throws everything into the terms of service, which it changes according to its lack of responsibility or irresponsibility and only wants to take out our money, but it does not guarantee anything. Read the current terms of service ... I warned you. When I hired the service it was not this scandal. A great misleading advertising trap and a real case for police authorities. I give a star because I can not give ZERO. Total disrespect for customers who pay them. Many problems, too much damage, solutions, nothing. Google it "reclameaqui" hostinger + email Do not be fooled: - Run away. Friends. HELP