iPage vs Hostinger – Hosting Comparison

iPage vs Hostinger

iPage is a veteran of web hosting business. Having been around for many years, it has plenty of visitors and a lot of devoted fans. Hostinger, on the other hand, is a provider on the rise. Becoming increasingly mainstream, this Lithuanian company is quickly catching up to the usual leaders of the business. In this iPage vs Hostinger showdown, we will compare the two hosts, deciding which one of the two is more worth your hard-earned money.

I will review most of the crucial things. That means price, features, ease of use and naturally - performance. Let's start the test to see which provider finishes on top. Let the Hostinger vs iPage battle begin.

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Low iPage prices are a trap!

In this battle, we will review shared web hosting services - the entry option, usually most popular between bloggers and regular website owners.

The prices we will compare won't only be the promotional offers you see in advertisements. Their durations and renewal prices after they expire are just as important.

From the first glance, iPage is off to a great start. Neither provider offers monthly plans but $1.99 for a full web hosting plan is quite brilliant. Hostinger can't quite match that, as the plans go from $2.15 to $7.95.

The things become more clear when the initial offer runs out. Hostinger doesn't increase its renewal prices, iPage does. By around 4-5 times, going way above Hostinger. The prices also won't be monthly, as iPage will charge you for the same period you purchased earlier.

If you plan using hosting for a bit longer, Hostinger will have a better deal for you. Its renewal prices are way better - and it wins the first round of iPage vs Hostinger.

WINNER: Hostinger!

Hostinger is ready for modern times

Good features are very important. Let's see how these hosts compare with theirs:

Hostinger dominates this one. Quicker SSD disks used in servers show that Hostinger is more future-proof. Both hosts have website builders and they're both really not bad - but the one from Hostinger offers more variety and extra templates. Little things, such as website restore and protection from harmful programs are included by both providers.

Both hosts have website builders and they're both really not bad - but the one from Hostinger offers more variety and extra templates. Little things, such as website restore and protection from harmful programs are included with both hosts.

Where iPage really takes a hit, is its website transfer service. Free in many hosts, here it costs $150. That is quite expensive for a thing that could be done for free. Overall, Hostinger does everything either the same or just better. Round two of iPage vs Hostinger goes to...

WINNER: Looking for features? Look no further than Hostinger.

Sometimes less is more

Ease of use is very important. In this part of the iPage vs Hostinger review, I looked into the purchasing process, the simplicity of panels and quality of customer support.

iPage provides phone support - which is great. However, it doesn't provide ticket support which is important, if dealing with serious technical problems. Hostinger goes a slightly different route, not offering any phone services - but offering extensive ticket support instead. This way, even with fewer options,

While I was testing iPage, I had serious issues trying to complete a purchase - no such thing with Hostinger. Add that to Hostinger accepting Bitcoin and it feels like this provider offers an overall better experience during the buying process.

Finally, the panels. iPage uses vDeck - an alternative to cPanel. In many ways, this feels like a waste of resources. There is little to no reason why would anyone choose vDeck over cPanel, which is more functional and easier to use. iPage panel is in no way superior!

WINNER: Hostinger is easier to use!

iPage is no slouch but it's still behind Hostinger

Finally, our Hostinger vs iPage fight has reached its finale. It is time to compare the performance of the hosts. The speed of your website is very important. It affects your Google rankings and may even be the difference between success and failure of your business! In this part of the review, I will check the response times and uptimes of the hosts. In addition to that, I will also look into the BitCatcha speed rankings.

Let's see how it goes:

iPage vs Hostinger

Hostinger is a speed demon and there's not much surprise iPage loses this battle. Usually, the iPage website went from 400 to 700 ms, which is not bad. Sometimes, there were dips in performance, with response times going over 1 second.

Hostinger, even in its worst times, rarely went over 200 ms.

Now, it is time to check on the downtimes. The system here is simple - the less a host is down, the better:

iPage vs Hostinger

Both hosts are relatively reliable. iPage only went down for 9 minutes in the last 30 days. On the other hand, Hostinger didn't go down once. That's a result that simply can't be beaten.

Now, let's see how our favourite performance tool, BitCatcha rates both of these hosts. BitCatcha loads the pages on many worldwide servers, seeing how the hosts perform in many locations all over the globe. Finally, these numbers are all put together into one overall grade. Here's what they are:

BitCatcha rating for iPage for low upkeep, C+ for high upkeep.

BitCatcha rating for Hostinger for low upkeep, B+ for high upkeep.

The results are pretty clear here. Hostinger wins in terms of performance.

WINNER: Hostinger offers better performance!


Hostinger is just very good. iPage is a cheap hosting provider - there is no denying that. However, once the introductory package runs out, you will be hit with huge renewal prices, so even that advantage is gone. Hostinger is quicker, more reliable, and has more features.

Hostinger is a superior provider

iPage vs Hostinger

Paul joined the Hosting.Review team right from the start as a content writer and marketer. He was the person responsible for establishing a trademark for in-depth web hosting evaluation and superb review articles. Before joining Hosting.Review, Paul was working on various projects as a freelancer. Paul spends his free time reading fantasy books and graphic novels.
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  1. Great picture Great
    2019 February 27th

    Come on, you wrote an article of about 70% lies. talk about first time payment, Ipage is cheaper, Even with renewer fee, Ipage is cheaper, website uptime, Ipage still has is except for that hostinger has a faster speed. Ipage is way reliable and i think http:www.google.com should not place this content on a first page.

  2. Mac picture Mac
    2018 June 5th

    Run away from these dangerous amateurs. A general antics. Unreliable.

    I have known them since 2013. They are hostinger, Weblink and other partners who use common services and the same stratagems …

    Premium = Sites Unlimited + Unlimited SSD + Unlimited Traffic + Unlimited DB + Unlimited + Unlimited Emails … – No, none of this is true!

    I’ve been working with them paying for the premium pack since 2015, and despite having messages indicating that the email service is included and unlimited, which is done on dedicated servers, also having automatic backups and restoration, they claimed last month that the email service is just a “courtesy” offer, running on shared servers, and that they only guarantee the hosting of the websites. Not emails. Filth.

    For more than a month they tried to fool me with the “courtesy” argument and only softened when I confronted them with the May 2015 message that proves the opposite, failing to respond and diverting the conversation.

    In recent months the email service is horrible; There are many lost emails that never arrived in the inbox, emails that take 2, 3 hours to arrive, emails sent that never arrived at the destination, maintenance of servers on the knee and unannounced, service offline for more than 5 hours in day / work period. A scandal.

    When we ask them if they will definitely solve the problem, they report that they can not do anything, since they have no control over the service, because email servers are in Lithuania, they are shared and many users abuse by spamming what they block and clogs the servers causing endless queues, thus damaging all others that nothing bad have done and just want to work normally, where the only solution you have at the moment is to restart the servers with the resulting losses. It occurs multiple times, almost every week since April 2018.

    Invasion and intrusion of “Insidejobers” in the webmail service of hundreds of accounts at the same time for sending spam, namely from Brazil, for sending phishing, “spreadsheets”, zip’s and other schemes.

    In the first 2 years it worked reasonably well, no big problems, but lately the service has been getting worse and the attendants do not know what to do anymore, or it seems that they do not even know what they are really talking about.
    They give preformatted responses and when we question them more deeply they leave us unanswered or totally detract from the subject. A pity.

    They can have 29 million users, but the service is getting worse every day and you can not even trust a company that throws everything into the terms of service, which it changes according to its lack of responsibility or irresponsibility and only wants to take out our money, but it does not guarantee anything. Read the current terms of service … I warned you.
    When I hired the service it was not this scandal.

    A great misleading advertising trap and a real case for police authorities.
    I give a star because I can not give ZERO.

    Total disrespect for customers who pay them.

    Many problems, too much damage, solutions, nothing. Google it “reclameaqui” hostinger + email

    Do not be fooled:
    – Run away. Friends.

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