Squarespace vs GoDaddy GoCentral: Which Has Better Features?

squarespace vs gocentralIn today’s internet era, it has become incredibly important to establish some form of online presence, whether it’s through a blog, Facebook page, what you had for dinner displayed on Instagram, and the list goes on. There are a million and one ways we can leave our digital footprints, but the biggest is having a website. Website builders allow for super fast and incredibly easy website creation through the use of templates, features, and easy customization. In this article, we’ll be looking at Squarespace vs GoDaddy GoCentral to see which platform offers better features and services.

Squarespace and GoCentral are amongst today’s most popular website builders, each offering custom features that make the process of building a website from start to finish. Before diving into what each offers best, let’s take a quick look with a back-to-back comparison of each of their key features.

Key Features!

GoCentral Key Features:

  • SEO optimization
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Extensive library of stock photos
  • Customizable themes, templates, and designs
  • Third-party app integration

GoDaddy is most famous for their web hosting and domain registrar services but has recently been gaining traction as a powerful website building platform with GoCentral. Founded way back in 1997 by Bob Parson, Godaddy hosts over 55 million domains and has over 6,000 employees.

Squarespace Key Features:

  • Image management
  • Integrated Getty images
  • Customizable templates
  • Links to social media
  • Data collection
  • List-building
  • Mobile responsive images
  • Interchangeable content blocks

Squarespace began back in 2004 as a software as a service (SaaS)-based content management system, blogging platform, integrated website builder, eCommerce platform, domain name registrar, and even hosting service, but has been most popularized by their web building services.

Essential Features

Modern Design

One of the most valuable features a website builder can tout is a library of clean, stylish, and modern templates. Design is vital for a website, no matter what industry you’re in. From simple blogging to eCommerce, clean and smart design keeps users on your site.

When it comes to design, Squarespace offers the best selection of themes and templates to work off of. While there aren’t thousands of options to choose from, their 80+ templates on offer are extremely flexible and easy to customize, which adds another level of personalization. If you want to start making changes to your template, all you have to do is start by hitting the Esc key to fly into their editing mode.

Squarespace vs godaddy go central

While GoDaddy offers more templates, you have to create an account first before you can take a look. Their templates are also fairly modern and attractive but have a much more cookie cutter feel than Squarespace templates.

User Interface

In the battle of user interface between Squarespace vs Godaddy GoCentral, Squarespace takes the win. Squarespace offers its users an incredibly easy and clean interface to work with and understand.

Sure, the options may be limited, but each choice presented to you leads to a new set of choices fine-tune a greater end result. What could take hours for a developer turns into minutes with just a few clicks. The interface of Squarespace enables virtually anyone to make changes to their website on the fly with limited knowledge of the platform.

GoCentral also offers a very clear, simple and uncluttered user interface. While it strongly resembles the user interface of Squarespace, there are some differences. GoCentral embraces simplicity with a less descriptive Content Menu choice and limitations on layout design, which can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending what you’re looking for.

Squarespace vs godaddy go central


On this topic, both Squarespace and Godaddy create websites that are compatible with all devices. Roughly 56% of consumer traffic to US websites is now from mobile devices, so having a mobile responsive site is pretty crucial. Thankfully, both of these website builders have that mobile flexibility built into their templates so you don’t have to worry.

Customer Support

Customer support may not be the first thing that comes to mind when considering useful features, but it’s incredibly important when you’re ready to bang your head in frustration, wondering why something isn’t working as it should.

Squarespace boasts real support offered by real people, and they deliver. Unlike many other website builders, they offer support in the form of email (24/7) and live chat (weekdays from 3am-8pm). They also offer a Q&A forum and Help Center.

GoDaddy offers 24/7 phone support, live chat, community forum, and a knowledge base, putting them ahead of Squarespace in terms of support.

Integrated E-Commerce

Squarespace offers a super simple eCommerce integration with Paypal and Stripe for your online store, making it a breeze to get started selling products online and managing them. You can deliver digital downloads, sell physical goods, manage your shipping, and more.

GoDaddy’s eCommerce solutions are only available to Online Store subscribers, which is a $29/month package. This feature allows you to add customization, such as setting colours and size options to products, shipping and inventory options with USPS and UPS integrations, and even allows promotional emails to your contacts.

Unlike Squarespace, GoCentral does not currently allow you to sell digital products, making them a not-too-great option for authors, graphic artists, and musicians.


Squarespace offers its users an easy-to-use editor. Instead of having to jump between a preview window and editing area like on most web building platforms, you can make live edits while viewing the page, making the editing process more efficient and also faster. Squarespace also has the added benefit of allowing for advanced editing with full HTML/CSS control called Developer platform.

GoCentral has a very similar editing approach which also allows for live editing and the ability to add custom HTML and CSS. Squarespace’s editing tools, however, allow for more flexible customization.

Squarespace vs GoDaddy GoCentral: Conclusion

While GoDaddy is obviously a big name in the domain registration and hosting business, their integrated website builder is very simple and basic, and still has a ways to go before it can compete with web builder giant Squarespace.

Squarespace has grown to be one of the most powerful website builders out there with their all-in-one solution that provides virtually everything needed to start a website and establish an online presence. This article has barely touched the surface when it comes to all of the amazing features that come with using Squarespace, but the quickest way to explore them all is by getting started!

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  1. robert campbell picture robert campbell
    2019 February 18th

    Hi Alex,
    I have been using GoDaddy Website Builder since 2014 – and am extremely happy with it.
    Because it is no longer available to new users – and has been replaced with GoCentral – I am concerned that Website Builder will be discontinued in the near future.
    I have also been reading reviews about GoCentral – and the new users do not like it nearly as well as Website Builder.
    Any suggestions what I should do?
    Thank you.

    Robert Campbell

  2. JEANNE McPhillips picture JEANNE McPhillips
    2019 January 24th

    ALEX you rock. thank you so much. i was struggling trying to figure out which site to use. my domain is hosted on godaddy, but i am more of a creative and the squarespace model seems to be more appropriate! warm regards, jeanne

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