Wix vs Shopify: Which Is The Better eCommerce Platform?

If you are looking to make the perfect online shop, Wix vs Shopify is almost certainly a question that has entered your head.

Both of those options are immensely popular and well worth your time.

Shopify is a well-known option for people looking to turn their businesses into thriving online stores. Wix, on the other hand, is an immensely popular website builder - mostly known for its design first and everything else second. It's very often the first ever option people pick to make beautiful, simple online websites.

However, both of those companies are easily capable of providing its users with a ready-made website with an online store. So - which one of the two is the better eCommerce option for you? Experts Shopify or the immensely-popular and beautiful Wix? This is what we'll be trying to find out in this Wix vs Shopify comparison!

Wix vs Shopify

What is Wix?

Wix is a website-building platform with more than 110 million users from across the world. The solution is completely free to get started with and allows you to create everything from a personal blog to a portfolio website, or even an online store.

While not directly focused on eCommerce, Wix now has a built-in inventory management system and a choice of 17 payment gateways. Furthermore, Wix has a comprehensive app store which allows you to better personalize your site. You can even add discounts and coupons to your individual products.

Touting over 68 million subscribers, Wix has become an apex predator against competitors, bulldozing its way through the cybersphere with pristine, eye-catching template pages and easy-to-use customer interfaces.

Now, Wix has set its sights on the territory of another big company, named Shopify.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is an all-in-one eCommerce solution designed specifically to sell products and services online. The popular online store builder allows you to add an unlimited number of products to your shop while also giving you the chance to manage your inventory, all from one dashboard.

With Shopify, you can choose between more than 70 payment gateways as well as add discounts to individual products. Shopify also has its own targeted eCommerce app store so you can customize every aspect of your shop.

Shopify is a king of the eCommerce sector, working not only with beginner entrepreneurs but also collaborating together with huge online brands and even genuine brick-and-mortar stores. When it comes to eCommerce, Shopify is an option on nearly everyone's lips. And yet - Wix is a genuine challenger aiming to take over a lot of Shopify's market.

In allowing its customers to use their existing Wix page for commerce, the company has attempted to appeal to a huge audience all at once - its own.  

While using one's Wix page for selling goods may seem like an efficient re-purposing of an existing website, it does raise the question:  Are Wix pages fit for the consumption of online shoppers, or should those with Wix sites defer over to a more traditionally commerce-oriented platform like Shopify when beginning an online store?

After all, in our blog post about the best Shopify alternatives we didn't mention Wix - because we didn't consider it a full-fledged eCommerce platform.

Maybe we were wrong not to include it? We will explore how the two platforms differ and get to the bottom of the question - who wins in the online retail battle of Wix vs Shopify and is the former one worth it?

Wix Is Capable But Shopify Offers More

Compare Shopify vs Wix in terms of simplicity and one thing becomes crystal clear - Wix knows how to make things convenient. Convenience was the cornerstone of its business model from the start.

As Wix evolves into a commerce-friendly platform, all signs point to additional commitment to ease of use. Wix is familiar with making website builders that make building websites easier than playing with Lego! Yet it seems that in the field of eCommerce, they're not amazing yet.

The features and functions they offer are not difficult to use - that's not the problem. Lack of convenience arises from a serious lack of options made available to Wix eCommerce users. Some of the tools that come standard for Wix customers are:

  • Access to an endless well of stock images.
  • Tools for Search Engine Optimization.
  • ShoutOut Email Marketing.
  • Integration of Google Maps.
  • An easy-to-use search bar.
  • Wix contacts, which allow owners to keep all of their relevant contacts in one place.
  • A Wix blog, that allows shopkeepers to connect with their customers in a more organic way.
  • Custom Domain Names.
  • Generation of Coupons and Discount Codes.

Shopify, in turn, has no issue keeping pace with these features and offers similar options too. In addition, there are other Shopify resources such as Shopify Point of Sale, Fraud Analysis, Manual Order Creation, and Multiple Staff Accounts. Whatever Wix can do, Shopify can do twice. 

In inventory management, both of these sites offer clean and efficient access. However, once more, Shopify takes the opportunity to shine by allowing access to a product creation page, a section for gift cards, and an inventory tab - all within the same module.  

One area where the experience between Wix vs Shopify starts to differ is in which options they offer for payment processing. Wix is still incredibly wet-behind-the-ears, offering only 17 processing options. Shopify displays its mastery of e-commerce hosting by furnishing clients with more than 70 choices.

While features such as fraud analysis may not capture the interest of many shop owners initially - payment options are incredibly important from day 1. More experienced Wix alternatives such as Shopify win in that regard but due to Wix's massive size, it's almost certain that new payment gateways will be added in the near future. Same goes for many other features.

Wix Has Cheaper & Beautiful Templates

Wix continues making the world of cyber sales easier for those without a website development background. All thanks to free, top-end Wix templates that convey an image of professionalism and clarity for customers. They look beautiful and are certain to give your website an up-to-date feel, as they are modern, as well as optimized for many types of devices.

However, the selection of templates Wix has is still a fair bit limited. When comparing the number of available eCommerce templates, in this Wix vs Shopify battle, the latter is a clear winner. Shopify has way more!

In addition, Shopify allows store owners to hide certain elements of their template, granting them the freedom to reveal them at a later time. All of that may come at a price. Literally.

Shopify templates can cost far more than the complimentary ones offered by Wix. Commonly, a premium Shopify template may cost from $100 to $200. The cost may be justified by the variety and the business-specific character the website template.

After all, given that these templates will be the face of your company that the world sees, it's best that you have a diverse set of business-focused templates! It's important to make sure that what you choose reflects the vision you have for your stores. It's just important to know that the best Shopify themes will set you back a little bit extra.   

While it is important to note that Wix has some exceptional templates for specific niches - such as jewelry sales - it has not yet expanded its selection of templates enough to satisfy as many businesses as Shopify. So there's not much money to spend - and not as much selection either!

Shopify App Store Is Designed For eCommerce

Without a doubt, Shopify is the clear winner in the contest between Wix vs Shopify in this respect.  Offering clients a broad array of apps designed for online retail, they easily trump the assortment of apps provided by Wix. Many of the Wix apps which are frequently irrelevant to online business and in this comparison, they simply do not match.

Shopify dominates this one by focusing on retailers and also allowing third-party creators to make their own tools. Wix is a much more closed platform while Shopify acts like it's Android or iOS.

Wix vs Shopify: Pricing Is Compared!

Another seriously important part, when talking Wix vs Shopify, is pricing. Not many people have money to burn, and it's important to make sound financial decisions! Between Shopify and Wix, there is a serious difference in approach as to how these companies handle their pricing. Wix has a plethora of plans and all of them are still more expensive than anything Shopify can offer! Let's have a look:

Connect Domain$5 a month500 MB1 GBConnect your domain
Combo$10 a month3 GB2 GBAll above + Free domain, no Wix ads
Unlimited$14 a month10 GBUnlimitedAll above + Site Booster, Form Builder, $300 ad vouchers
eCommerce$17 a month20 GB20 GBAll above + eCommerce features
VIP$25 a month20 GBUnlimitedAll above + pro site review, VIP support, priority response

eCommerce is only available with the two Wix plans - "eCommerce" and "VIP". They cost $17 and $25 a month respectively. The more expensive plan provides professional site review by a Wix expert and priority response as well as VIP support included for the duration of your plan.

On the other hand, Shopify doesn't need to have specific eCommerce plans - after all, it's a dedicated online store platform, so all of its plans are ready for that. And as I said earlier, in comparison to Wix, Shopify is seriously more expensive!

For customers just beginning to enter the fray of online merchandising, Shopify's $300 a month peaks may seem to be too big. Even the $29 a month plan is still more expensive than Wix's highest price point.

By contrast, Wix attempts to be more affordable - and perhaps appeal more to people and not full-fledged businesses with big funds. Of course, if you want to save the most money possible, you can always try free web hosting and develop your own system! But it may take a lot of your precious time, especially compared to Wix!

In terms of Shopify and Wix pricing, Wix wins with ease. Its most expensive plan, including priority support, professional site review and loads of great freebies is still cheaper than the entry plan offered by Shopify - which will be more expensive than Wix, no matter what. If your winner of Wix vs Shopify is decided by price, there's only one - Wix.

Wix and Shopify - Business Figures

Both of these companies are serious competitors - fighting with one another for every user that comes their way. Looking at the latest financial results, it may become clear that in Wix vs Shopify, the former is clearly winning - at least one side of the battle.

Despite having a free plan which gives a certain number of features, Wix still has a significantly greater amount of paying customers. Comparing its numbers from Q1 2018 and Shopify's from Q4 2017, there's a massive difference.

That's around 3.5 million for Wix and 600,000 for Shopify! So, the people have already voted with their wallets. Does that mean Wix is a clearly superior option and therefore, the winner?

Not quite. Despite Wix outnumbering Shopify in terms of users, revenue figures paint a completely different picture.

In Wix vs Shopify, Shopify makes a lot more money! To be exact, in Q1 of 2018, Shopify made $214.3 million compared to Wix's $137.8 million. How is that possible?

The answer is very simple.

Shopify aims at premium users

Despite having far fewer paying customers, Shopify charges way more for one person. The average price of a Wix plan is around $14.4 while Shopify averages at nearly $165! There's no surprise Shopify has a fair amount of revenue, considering they earn way more from each paying customer.

And while Wix aims itself as a perfect place for a personal website, Shopify works with a lot of enterprises and premium brands, such as Nestle, Red Bull, Kylie Cosmetics and so much more - this way, increasing its revenue per website even further.

There's a difference in the way both of these companies operate - so in many ways, choosing Wix vs Shopify will often boil down to whether you see yourself as a regular user or an aspiring eCommerce enterprise. The limits you set yourself will be mirrored by the monthly fees.

Shopify Is Great - If You're Ready To Pay

While Shopify wins by a broad margin thanks to the seemingly limitless array of features, manicured inventory management, and overall suitability, high prices might scare off many smaller businesses. Wix, on the other hand, offers lower prices, better for smaller projects.

Since Wix is a big company, you can expect it to become even better. Wix is less powerful, but it's steadily improving and less expensive.

By comparison, Shopify is on top of the world - but you need to pay for it, and quite a lot.

Wix is still very, very interesting - as a website builder. It has beautiful templates and overall, is a more sensible choice for people who prioritize website building capabilities over more powerful eCommerce.

If you compared Wix vs Shopify looking for a perfect website builder, Wix is definitely a superior choice. It's much less an eCommerce platform, and much more a perfect way to make beautiful-looking pages.

If neither of the platforms interests you, there are still plenty of choices out there! Many of the best website builder companies are attempting to win the hearts of their potential clients - yourself included!

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    for beginners, Wix is all that’s needed. Shopify is for businesses, Wix is for people, you can boil it down to this 🙂

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