Wix vs Weebly: The Duel of Website Builders

Website builders are in a constant arms race. They battle to design platforms that are user-friendly, non-intimidating and wrest the monopoly on website design from professional developers. Two of the most popular options grappling for control over the market are Wix and Weebly.

Wix vs Weebly

Both of these website builder industry leaders have loads of features, perfect for developers - of all levels of ability. They're also so close together in terms of quality, it may be really hard to pick! So in this piece, we'll explore how Wix vs Weebly stack up against each other across various different fields. Let's have a look.

Weebly allows more useful modifications

One of the hallmarks of websites built using Wix is their polished, organized, easily-digestible layout. With more than 500 templates available, Wix provides an arsenal of coding-free options for industry-grade websites, regardless of the field in which you work or the audience you're targeting.

Musicians, Restaurateurs, Hotel Owners, Designers, Photographers, and others can easily find a template that appeals to the relevant trends in their occupation. While Weebly offers a large variety of easily manipulated templates as well, the general consensus is that Wix's are more visually appealing.

One drawback to Wix's stunning inventory of templates is that they demand monogamy to one design. Once a user has selected a template for a webpage, it cannot be changed without losing the content it contains. This can hinder adaptability of the webpage, and prevent designers from modifying their sites as their businesses evolve. In contrast, Weebly grants users the liberty to change templates with ease without losing the previously compiled information. That's a point to Weebly.

Wix is beautiful, Weebly is simple

With more than 100 million subscribers and 46,000 new users jumping aboard the Wix Bandwagon every day, calls for new and innovative apps quickly develop the momentum necessary to reach the eyes and ears of Wix's development team. This creates a fertile environment for apps to bloom and provides ample avenues for customization of one's website. More importantly, the frequency at which Wix's apps are downloaded (at a rate of over 42,000 a day) demonstrates that they are providing improvements to users' web pages that are both desired and required. The prolific rate at which new apps are burgeoning is reassuring because it increases the likelihood that even if the app you need doesn't presently exist, it'll soon appear on the proverbial horizon.

Like Wix, Weebly also boasts easy-to-use apps the integrate with ease into the user's dashboard. Wix templates tend to look a lot prettier, while Weebly seems to endorse a more minimalist platform, offering fewer apps and frills overall. Weebly sites are simple and great for storing basic information.

However, this may be because Weebly intentionally seeks to reduce the clutter that can bog down the operations of a webpage for novice designers who may be unaware of the strain that their whistles and bells are putting on their site. Evidence of the idea that they reserve the more advanced customization options for those that know how to use them is that they offer code access for their templates, allowing users with coding experience to modify it at will.

Two happy fanbases!

In wouldn't be a decent Weebly vs Wix comparison without first looking what their users think! Wix, touting its 109 million subscribers against Weebly's respectable user base of 40 million, appears to be the winner. However, popularity does not always speak to user satisfaction (the millions of involuntary Comcast customers could readily tell you that much!).  However, if we heed the advice of those that tell us to, “follow the money,” we see that Wix has almost 3 million paid subscribers. Is opting to pay for the services of a company in the presence of both free alternatives and competent competitors a good endorsement of the company's usefulness? If so, then we can say that Wix is providing a quality, reliable service that their customer base depends on and isn't afraid to pay. Another market-based indicator of the positive consensus towards Wix is its consistent yearly expansion by slightly over 40%. However, searches on internet forums paint a darker image about the quality of Wix's user experience, with posts by users on websites like Trustpilot and Shivarweb lambasting their customer service.

In turn, Weebly's numbers are nothing to blush about. With more than 40 million users and consistent growth, all signs would point towards the fact that users are enjoying their experience with Weebly. Because their ownership is private, exact sales figures are not released, but the solid pedigree of many of their investors suggests that sales must be going well. In this part of the Wix vs Weebly showdown, it is fairly difficult to select a winner. When having a Weebly vs Wix dilemma in your head, it's important to remember that they're both business leaders for a reason - and it appears that they are both financially sound and have more happy than unhappy users.

Weebly and Wix: prices compared

Though both website-builders offer free plans, there are differences between Wix vs Weebly's multi-tiered premium options.

Wix has a total of 5 levels of services, with the higher-grade options proffering a more extensive spectrum of features and tools.  Prices can vary anywhere from $7-30 a month, but commitment is rewarded, with yearly and bi-yearly subscriptions garnering substantial reductions in price.  

Weebly response to Wix's pricing structures has been a four-option menu that ranges in price from $14-46 a month. They value commitment, though. There are sizable reductions for year-long memberships that can shrink the price by up to 40 percent!

Wix vs Weebly: Which is the Winner?

To put it in simple terms: both of these platforms keep following the moves of one another. They both improve and try to stay relevant in this everchanging market. As a consequence, both show enough variation that your choice should be motivated less by a which one is perceived to be of higher-quality, but more by what specific feature you are more interested in. For those who want a more illustrious site with slightly less room for customization, Wix is likely to appeal more.  However, slightly more seasoned users that want to direct their skills at creating a page more reflective of their unique creative sensibilities will probably find themselves drawn to Weebly. However, ultimately, both Weebly and Wix are high-quality, reliable website builders that will guarantee that you'll have a compelling cyber-presence in no time!

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