Wix vs Weebly: Which Is The Best Builder For Your Website?


Fiona O’Connell


2019 October 29th

Wix vs Weebly

Wix or Weebly - this is a tough question as these website builders both offer high-quality products. Offering simplistic and user-friendly platforms they aim to compete with professionally developed website designs.

Both of these website builder industry leaders have loads of features and advantages. They offer something suitable for beginner users as well as advanced developers.

But sure there are some strong differences. In this comparison, we'll test how Wix vs Weebly stack up against each other across various different fields. Which is more suitable for your website - Wix or Weebly? Let's have a look!

What Is Weebly?

Weebly is a website builder with a strong focus to provide a comfortable and well-rounded eCommerce platform.

It was founded back in 2007, in San Francisco. But since May of 2018, it belongs to Square now. And that company is centered around enhancing eCommerce opportunities.

best squarespace alternatives weebly

Weebly offers a user-friendly drag-and-drop website builder which allows easy customization. The templates are designed by professionals to be as attractive and functional as possible.

So naturally, we can expect Weebly to be an easy to use website builder with advanced features for making an online store.

What Is Wix?

Wix is a website builder offering a live editor, artificial intelligence page designer, and has hundreds of professional themes. Founded back in 2006 this company has built up and audience of over 150 million users in 190 countries and continues to grow.


Wix works on a goal to provide a website builder for everyone. Therefore, you find such treats as a free plan or incredibly flexible website builder.

To keep up with the competition, it constantly develops new tools. So currently, next to the website builder, you can get the customized logo designs, an online store platform, video maker, an open development platform for coding - Corvid by Wix.

But most importantly, the intuitive and flexible, constantly improving Wix website builder.

Is Wix Cheaper Than Weebly?

The cheapest option of Weebly is the Pro plan which costs only $18/mo while Wix has its cheapest plan for $13/mo.

On the other hand, to get eCommerce features, you have to go with the Weebly Business plan for $35/mo, and with Wix offers its Business plan for only $23/mo.

wix stores

So although the Weebly has a cheaper starter option, when talking about advanced features, the tables turn.

But there is one great thing with both providers - you can get a free plan with both Wix and Weebly! And those aren't some trial versions, you may use a free plan for as long as you want. Of course, those are quite limited ones, so to get a better look of what these providers are capable of, let's take a look at the paid packages.

First, let's overview the Weebly plans.

Weebly has 5 plans including one that is completely free. The paid plans start with the Connect plan for $5/mo. As for eCommerce features, prices start at $25/mo for Business plan. This plan has all the features necessary to have a successful online store. But for most advanced features, Business Pro plan pricing starts at $38/mo.

weebly review pricing

Weebly values commitment, though. There are sizeable reductions for year-long memberships that can shrink the price by up to 40 percent!

Now let's see what Wix offers.

Here you can choose from 8 premium plans and the prices start at $13/month. The most expensive VIP plan will cost you $39/month.

wix pricing

And if you're thinking about an online store, then plans for you start at $23/month and can cost up to $500/month for enterprise-level features.

Wix eCommerce pricing

The pricing system is built to reward long term clients - with yearly and bi-yearly subscriptions you get substantial reductions in price.

So, comparing Wix vs Weebly, we can see that Weebly has a cheaper starter plan and Wix, in this case, seems to be a more expensive option. But to understand which is better, we need to take a closer look at what value comes with those prices.

Weebly vs Wix: Comparing The Features

Generally, Weebly has a strong focus on the eCommerce and Wix aims to offer the widest range of possibilities.

Firstly, keep in mind that these are not only website builders - along with it you get a domain name and web hosting. And that comes with features like SSL certificate, website protection and so on. So you get all under one account.

Except for the Free plan, Weebly offers unmetered disk space and bandwidth. The paid plans get the free domain for a year. But you also can connect your own domain.

Furthermore, each plan allows you to create 10 websites. And to improve them, you get around 250 add-ons.

Weebly app center

Now, Wix plans with unlimited bandwidth start from $14/mo while storage is limited with all the plans. But here you also can connect your own domain or get a free one for a year. And you can create as many websites as you want.

Both providers offer SEO features. Adding keywords to push up your visibility in search engines is a must-have in the current world. But Weebly has a little more advanced tools as you can go to HTML code to work around the SEO tricks. On the other hand, Wix has a more simplistic approach which is still functional.

Another feature to mention is the ability to create a multilingual website. Wix has this option coming with all plans. Just add the languages you want to use and your website is easily switchable for your international users.

wix review multilingual website

Weebly also offers this service, however, it costs an additional $3/mo.

Finally, I want to mention the mobile apps for these website builders. Both have them, but with different intentions. Weebly offers a mobile app that allows you to fix the design for the mobile version. Wix's mobile app is to manage the content or check up on how your online shop works.

So, for the simple website, you may consider Wix. But with the difference of $2 per month, Weebly is a cheaper option for eCommerce than Wix.

Looking at all that, with Wix, you pay less and get more in terms of a simple website. However, if you go for higher plans, Weebly is going to serve well with the powerful eCommerce.

Wix Offers Far More Templates Than Weebly

Both website builders have gorgeous designs, however, Wix offers an exceptionally large library for your choice.

It provides more than 500 templates for your choice. And those are visually appealing and distinctive designs for any type of websites. Musicians, restaurateurs, hotel owners, designers, photographers, and others can easily find a template that appeals to the relevant trends in their occupation.

One drawback to Wix's stunning inventory of templates is that you have to stick with one design. Once you select a template for a webpage, it cannot be changed without losing the content it contains. That can be understandable knowing how complex are editing possibilities of this website builder.

In contrast, Weebly grants users the liberty to change templates with ease without losing the previously compiled information.

And although Weebly has a smaller template library, it still is comprehensive. You'll find over 50 themes that can be customized to your liking.

The templates are also organized by the topic. Weebly offers trendy designs dominated by the imagery.

weebly review templates

Although this trend might discourage you - the templates seem quite similar to each other. Of course, you will change things around adding your content so the website will become a unique place. However, Weebly's versatility cannot compete with what's offered at Wix.

Building A Website: Wix Is Beautiful, Weebly Is Simple

Editing the pages in both cases is done by simply dragging and dropping elements. But there is a major difference: Weebly uses grid whereas Wix allows complete freedom to shape the elements.

Using grid-less Wix allows you to shape the visuals as you want. Sizes of the boxes, composition, overlaying, adding and removing - everything is at your power. Advanced designers will definitely find such creative freedom tempting to be explored.

Wix websites stand out with a polished, organized, easily-digestible layout. And to create them, you get to work with a builder that is made with the same idea of smooth and functional design.

wix builder interface

The menu is on your left, simplified to a row of icons. And the editing options appear on the right. You see the changes right on the screen. And each piece added to your page has its menu popping up when you hover over it.

This platform definitely deserves to be praised. But with great freedom comes great responsibility. Thing is, you might easily get overwhelmed with this much flexibility. If you don't have a specific plan of how the site should look, playing around might result in a messy look. It might be difficult to create a consistent website that would be entirely compatible with any device.

So for those who want to simply create a functional website, better stay with the offered template version. Or go for Weebly.

With Weebly, you get the flexibility to modify the elements while overall composition stays fixed. The interface is also based on the drag-and-drop logic, but it has more restrictions.

You get to choose a template and the customization allows you to change a great many things. However, the overall layout stays the same.

You also make the changes right on the website and see what the final result will be. The editing menu appears on your left and offers different options to change for each element.

weebly review template customization

Customizing colors, fonts, images, adding or removing boxes for buttons or text - all that has to go along the rules of the template. And although that means some limits, on the other hand, the Weebly's editing process is way more simple than with Wix.

Here you don't have too much possibility for modification. And since the templates are professionally designed, the overall aesthetics won't fail you. Plus, you can be sure, that those changes you make won't mess up the mobile version.

Weebly reduces the clutter that can distract novice designers. But for those who want more advanced modifications, there is access to the code. So the user can choose the difficulty level of how they want to create their website.

So, as far as the website design goes, Wix and Weebly go to slightly different directions. Wix templates tend to look a lot prettier, while Weebly seems to endorse a more minimalist platform, offering fewer apps and frills overall.

Weebly Is Fast, Wix Is Faster

As you not only get the website builder but also hosting, the server performance is definitely something to be measured.

At this point, we can see that Weebly and Wix have a close competition here.

Weebly's overall server uptime is above average - it is able to provide 99.97% of uptime. But the response times are improving each month. Currently, it averages around 300 ms.

free website builders

And how about Wix? Well, it provides a great uptime of 99.99%. And the server speed is around 254 ms, so that's a much better result than Weebly's.

Wix-vs-Shopify-Wix uptime and performance

Server speed is a crucially important characteristic. If the website loads slowly, the customer experience decreases. Especially, if you plan on creating a website loaded with visuals. And with Wix's opportunities, your website will probably be full of that!

So what considers the server performance part, Wix has definitely put more into providing a great service. And although Weebly doesn't fall too far behind, Wix gets points here.

Wix Has A Better Customer Support

Having several channels to get support is what you want from a good provider. Wix and Weebly are competing with the same offers here.

Weebly offers knowledgebase, ticket and phone support. And it does its best to cover all the possible questions in the knowledge base. You can simply type your question to the search field and you'll get all the related articles.

weebly review customer support

Weebly's knowledgebase is a large library of various topics with thorough answers and tutorials. But if you run into some specific problems, you should use the ticket system. The responses come quickly and issues are solved no matter the daytime.

Wix also offers knowledge base, phone and ticket support. The knowledge base is really extensive and covers a lot of issues with thorough explanations, step by step instructions or tutorials.

But what's even better, Wix recently started testing its brand new live chat support. And although it still has some improvements to do, that's a great step forward. Having live support is always a faster and more productive way of solving issues.

Overall, although the compared services don't descend to each other, Wix is one step ahead with the development of live chat support.

The Main Difference Between Wix And Weebly

As these website builders are fighting over the same audience, they turn out to become similar to each other. So what's the main difference between Wix and Weebly?

Wix will perform the best for creative minds that need a very flexible platform to shape unique websites. Meanwhile, Weebly goes for those who need a simple site with a powerful online store.

Here are the main qualities and lackings of these website builders for comparison: :

Wix pros:

  • Flexible website builder
  • Reliable performance
  • Extensive plugins library

Weebly pros:

  • Easy website setup
  • Unmetered space and bandwidth
  • Complex SEO tools

Wix cons:

  • Content is fixed to the template
  • Pricey eCommerce plans

Weebly cons:

  • Restricted template customization
  • Limited customer support

Wix vs Weebly: The Verdict

Both Wix and Weebly platforms offer high-quality services and great user experience. But comparing all the details, Wix turns out to have a little more for its customers.

For those who want an easier set up of an illustrious site, Weebly is a great option. And starting an online store can be cheaper here. 

However, slightly more advanced users would find Wix to be the best option in creating pages of a unique design. Reliable and fast server performance, as well as a thorough list of features, including an easy option for a multilingual website - all add up to what you'd call a great deal.

Ultimately, in the duel of Wix vs Weebly, they both are leading and trustworthy website builders. And with both, you are guaranteed to create a compelling online presence in no time!

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Zeeshan Abbasi

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Very nicely written comparison. Well done.

Very nicely written comparison. Well done.

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Simply wanna tell that this is extremely helpful, Thanks for taking your time to write this.

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Your style is so unique compared to other folks I've read stuff from. Thank you for posting when you have the opportunity, Guess I'll just bookmark this site.