Wix vs WordPress: Which One Makes A Better Website?

wix vs wordpress

Forget the times when you needed to pay thousands for a crappy website and hire a professional to upload your content. Website builders changed the industry and now you can create an excellent website yourself. No coding knowledge required.

And for people looking to build a website, Wix and WordPress often come on as two primary options. They're two giants with massive user bases - but which one's better?

That's what we're going to find out here. Let's compare Wix vs WordPress and see how they do.

What is Wix?

Wix is the number one in website builders market. It's known for providing an easy to use website building platform using intuitive drag-and-drop tools.

Users can also add additional functionality such as eCommerce, contact forms, email marketing, social plugins, and much more.

An extensive Wix App Market includes many free and premium applications, which make advanced website development as simple as launching an app on your phone.

wix vs wordpress wix screenshot

What is WordPress?

But as popular as Wix may be, it will never have such a strong background as WordPress.com has. WordPress.com is the hosted version of WordPress open source software, that's powering 1/3 of all sites on the internet.

As confusing as it may sound, it's not that difficult to separate WordPress.com from WordPress.org. 

In short - WordPress.org is the actual open source content management system (CMS). WordPress.com, on the other hand, is a hosted website builder (just like Wix), powered by WordPress software.

That's how you take the best of both worlds. You get effortless hosting and simplifications with a website builder and powerful tools from a leading CMS.

And while WordPress.com is not the most popular website builder around, it can definitely compete with Wix.

Wix vs WordPress: Which One is the Best?

Both platforms have their advantages and disadvantages. We'll compare the features like ease-of-use, design options, functionality and also pricing to see which one is better, Wix or WordPress.

Setting up a website is easier with Wix

Wix ADI questionsFrom the point when I clicked the Register button, to the site that had a fully functional design, less than two minutes have passed. Minus my own descriptions and photos.

This can be done with Wix's Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) function.

With it, you don't even have to pick out and edit templates. Everything you need is to answer some questions about your project and its goals.

Also, you can preview your site and publish it for free (with Wix subdomain) to see how it does.

Example of Wix ADI website

With WordPress, on the other hand, it's different.

Once you press the Getting Started button, you'll go through all the regular registration procedures like your email, business name, etc.

Before you can select the design for the website, you'll have an option to choose a domain name. Then, you can either go with WordPress subdomain (for free) or pay for your selected plan and domain.

And only then, a setup process starts and you can begin choosing your preferred template. In the time I was done with Wix, I still had a long way to go with WordPress.

Wix wins this one.

WordPress has the best choice of designs

Thanks to its fairy godmother WordPress CMS, the hosted website builder can brag about having the biggest choice of design templates.

Apart from almost 300 both free and premium templates WordPress.com has to offer itself, you can upload your own themes with the business plan. That makes your choice basically limitless.

choice of wordpress themes

But Wix is also keeping up. It has more than 500+ designer-made templates to choose from. And while you cannot upload your own theme, Wix recently added Corvid development platform. This newest addition allows you to create a custom design from scratch.

It's nowhere close to the freedom and customizability that WordPress has though - not for now, at least. So WordPress takes this one.

choice of wix themes

Building a site is easier with Wix

There's Wix ADI which will create a website for you. In addition to that, there are also hundreds of templates, and they come with a drag-and-drop editor. It means that building your site and uploading new content can be very intuitive. That's because you can see changes happening on your page live, as you add or remove elements.

wix vs wordpress wix editor

WordPress has a steeper learning curve and does not come with a drag-and-drop editor.

So it's a bit more difficult to use. But in all fairness, it has a powerful visual content blogger, which is perfect for bloggers, and you can edit all elements of your WordPress theme.

WordPress user interface

But if drag-and-drop functionality is your thing, it's possible to plugins that will add similar functionality to your WordPress site. So let's see how the two compare in that.

You can build a more functional site with WordPress

Both Wix and WordPress have a bunch of different tools to make your website as functional as it can be. And to fully use those features, they will both charge you extra.

Wix has its own App Market with over 250 applications. So you just download an app you need, set it up, then drag-and-drop to your website. Just like installing an app on your smartphone.

choice of wix apps

On the other hand, WordPress has dozens of thousands of plugins. And with the business plan, you'll even be able to upload your own. And though a little bit more difficult to manage, you'll be able to install the plugins easily.

choice of wordpress plugins

Both Wix and WordPress have all the essential extensions you need - for blogging, eCommerce, email, forums, etc. And while Wix App Market is very pleasing, it simply can't compare to how massive WordPress plugin library is.

Support features are different - but helpful

There's no clear winner for customer support. Neither Wix nor WordPress will leave you hanging should something happen.

Wix tries to make problem-solving as interactive as possible. There is an excellent library of learning tools, such as videos and tutorials, as well as tech support in the form of phone and 24/7 email.

Before you contact a real-life customer support agent, Wix suggests that you try and solve the problem using its knowledge base.

wix vs wordpress wix knowledge base

Just like that, a lot of the Wix issues can be solved immediately. Very convenient - and very smart.

WordPress  includes a live chat for its paid users - which is available 24 hours a day, on weekdays. Support forums are available 24/7, as well as the very extensive knowledge base, which covers thousands of topics.

WordPress support knowledge base

So, all in all, with Wix, you get a ready-made library of resources, guides, and tutorials online. With WordPress - you get a very similar experience plus live chats available on weekdays.

Wix vs WordPress Pricing: WordPress Is Cheaper

Both WordPress and Wix have free versions which won't even require your card details. With that, of course, comes limitations. You'll have to agree with ads, subdomains, limited customization options, and data limitations. So for a professional website, free plans are not a choice.

As for the premium plans, WordPress is way cheaper.

Premium plans for personal use start at $3/month for which you get dozens of free themes, 6GB storage, and free .blog domain for a year. If you are looking for something more, Premium plan for $8/month will get you site monetization options, unlimited premium themes, domain name registration, and 13GB storage.

WordPress personal website pricing options

Meanwhile, Wix premium plans start at $11/month. That will get you a free domain, 3GB storage, and no Wix ads. Its Unlimited plan for $14/month can be compared to WordPress Premium plan. However, you only get 10GB storage space.

Wix premium pricing options

But if you are launching an online business, I would recommend looking at more expensive plans. WordPress has three options for business websites starting at $8/month. However, I would strongly recommend the Business plan for $25/month.

For that, you'll get unlimited storage, domain name registration, possibility to upload your own themes and plugins, and Google Analytics integration.

WordPress business website pricing options

Wix offers more expensive business plans - and their features are quite comparable to what WordPress offers. None of which have unlimited storage space.

Also, for $500/month you can launch a huge project and negotiate the features you need directly with Wix.

Wix business website pricing options

Free WordPress.com alternative (almost)

Open source WordPress CMS is your option if you want all the features WordPress.com Business plan can offer. But much cheaper.

WordPress CMS can be easily installed on any hosting provider, so basically, hosting is the only thing you are going to pay for. Also, you'll get access to all the plugins and themes. Not to mention you'll be able to upload your own.

The disadvantage?

You'll need to get WordPress hosting. There are some free web hosting options that can do the job - but I suggest a look at the premium web hosting platforms as well.

Once you choose a provider and download WordPress - you're on your own. So choose a hosting provider you can trust, offering the kind of support and help you need.

Wix vs WordPress: Which One Wins the Battle?

Wix and WordPress.com are both hosted website building platforms. But they are not compared easily.

While Wix is probably the easiest platform to use, you won't have any problems with WordPress either. And WordPress is way cheaper. So choosing the one depends entirely on your preferences:

  • Choose Wix if you want to set up a beautiful website in a few minutes and use it for small projects.
  • Choose WordPress if you are launching something big and want all the customization options possible.

Have you tried WordPress or Wix? Share your experiences in the comment section down below!

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