WordPress vs Weebly: Which One’s Best For Your Website?


Fiona O’Connell


2019 September 5th

wordpress vs weebly

The competition of website builders is a tough one since plenty of platforms promise an easy and efficient way to make a website.

WordPress and Weebly are among the most popular of such platforms, providing simple page-building solutions. They are both versatile and powerful, supporting millions of websites.

But they're also quite different. So our WordPress vs Weebly comparison explains the differences between the two website builders to help you choose the best option to create your website.

About WordPress And Weebly

WordPress is the biggest open-source content management system, powering around 1/3 of the world's websites, while Weebly is a simple and straightforward drag-and-drop website builder with a strong focus on eCommerce.

The online platform WordPress.com is an easy-to-use website builder, combining open-source freedom and beginner-friendly content management tools.

With it, you can launch a fully functional site in under 5 minutes. Hosting, website builder, and a domain name are all included, and you only need to set up one account for all of this.

WordPress.com Website Builder Homepage

On the other hand, the open-source software WordPress.org, while completely free, requires some experience in website development as well as hosting and a domain name purchased beforehand.

If you're interested which one - WordPress.org or WordPress.com - is right for you, take a look at our post going in-depth about the differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org. Also, if you decide to try out WordPress.org, read our WordPress tutorial for beginners that will help you get started.

In this post, however, our focus is on WordPress.com.

We look at how the features of this platform compare to the Weebly website builder, whose user-friendliness and flexibility made Weebly as popular as it is now.

Weebly Homepage

One of the key features of Weebly is definitely the drag-and-drop editor that makes building a website a very simple, highly visual process. Weebly also strongly focuses on eCommerce and there are plenty of plans and features aimed specifically at businesses looking to sell online.

Comparing WordPress vs Weebly

WordPress.com and Weebly are similar because they both allow creating a website in a few simple steps. WordPress gives access to many customization options for low prices, while Weebly is attractive because of its focus on eCommerce and an extremely user-friendly editor.

To find out what they offer to their users, let's begin with the prices.

Pricing Options

WordPress.com offers 4 paid options that range from $5/month to $45/month. Weebly has 3 paid plans for websites from $5 to $25/month and additional 3 paid options for eCommerce ranging from $12 to $38/month. If you want to choose a plan for these prices, both WordPress.com and Weebly require yearly payment.

WordPress.com and Weebly also have free plans. But they come with some limitations: for example, your website will show ads of either WordPress or Weebly and you will only be able to host your website on a subdomain (i.e.yourwebsite.wordpress.com or yourwebsite.weebly.com).

So if you want more from your website, go for a premium plan.

Cheapest paid WordPress plan starts at $5/month (billed yearly). It removes ads and grants a free domain for one year as well as the storage space of 6GB.

WordPress.com Pricing

For businesses, the recommended option is the Business plan at $25/month that includes eCommerce features and 200GB storage. Also, there are more additional capabilities, like SEO tools and Google Analytics integration.

However, the ideal plan for growing eCommerce sites is the eCommerce plan for $45/month. It allows accepting payments from over 60 countries and integrating top shipping carriers.

Weebly has 6 paid plans starting at $5/month (with annual billing). The cheapest plan allows connecting a custom domain, although other features are quite limited - only 500MB storage is available and Weebly ads are not removed.

Weebly Prices

However, if you plan to run an online store, consider the Business plan for $25/month. It will get you shipping discounts and all features needed to operate an online store: payment options, tax calculator, eCommerce statistics, etc.

Weebly additionally offers eCommerce plans with added features for online stores.

Weebly eCommerce Plans

For starting a website, WordPress.com gives more freedom even with the cheapest plans. On the other hand, Weebly offers more options for eCommerce.

Ease Of Use

Both WordPress.com and Weebly allow publishing a basic site in a matter of minutes. WordPress.com has an intuitive and quick editor, while Weebly's drag-and-drop builder offers unparalleled ease of use.

WordPress.com is an all-around solution for website building. Everything it includes - from hosting plans to built-in analytics - can be accessed and controlled through the online platform.

WordPress.com Website Builder Editor

The interface is easy to understand, so you can focus on your WordPress design without spending any time on coding research.

If you already have some site-building experience, WordPress.com may be convenient to you as it is based on WordPress's CMS, already familiar to many, and also provides the ability to modify HTML.

With Weebly, every feature of a website is customizable through the drag-and-drop editor.

Weebly Website Builder Editor

You can make changes in the left-hand side editor and immediately see your modifications. The blocks for headers and other page sections are in the table, where you can choose to change the font, size, color, and so on.

If you need advanced options, Weebly includes a CSS/HTML editor.

Both platforms are easy to understand and use. But WordPress.com is an all-in-one solution based on WordPress CMS, more advanced than Weebly's simple drag-and-drop editor.

Design Flexibility

WordPress is more flexible than Weebly both in terms of choice of templates and in their customization capabilities.

WordPress is highly customizable. There are 300 WordPress.com themes to choose from and, with the Business plan, you can even upload your own or third-party themes.

WordPress vs Weebly: WordPress themes

You can customize your theme using WordPress's Customizer which shows a live preview of the changes.

In comparison, Weebly has around 50 templates, which is a smaller theme library. And, while the drag-and-drop function is super easy to use, there are limited changes you can make to a theme.

Luckily, the themes are beautiful from the start, so you might not need many modifications. You can find both minimalist and modern templates, and also the ones designed for video backgrounds.

WordPress vs Weebly: Weebly themes

WordPress.com offers more templates with broader customization capabilities. Weebly has ready-made elegant themes, but its library is smaller and fewer modifications are available.

Customer Support

WordPress does not offer phone support but you can get help via email and live chat 24/7. Weebly provides ticket, email, and phone support, but it is available on limited working hours. Both WordPress and Weebly offer knowledge bases and strong communities.

WordPress has an extensive help center and, because it powers so many sites around the globe, you can rely on its huge and knowledgeable community.

WordPress Help Resources

You can post your question on the community forum to get an answer. WordPress also offers live 24/7 live chat and email support.

The possible downsides are that WordPress cannot be contacted by phone - an option that most providers offer, and its chat and email channels are available only with paid plans.

Weebly offers a knowledge base with many common topics covered. You can search for relevant articles simply by typing in your query. Also, you can always post your question or search for topics on the community forum.

Weebly Knowledge Base

Weebly offers phone, live chat, and email support, but it isn't available 24/7. The working hours are 6 AM-6 PM PST on workdays and 8 AM-5 PM PST on weekends, which isn't a long time frame, especially for customers around the world.

Both WordPress and Weebly offer more support options for paying customers. Weebly has phone support, which WordPress does not, but WordPress's team is available 24/7.

WordPress vs Weebly: Same Goal, Different Experience

Both WordPress and Weebly are handy and easy-to-learn website-building platforms. WordPress.com has more flexibility, while Weebly has strong eCommerce capabilities and a simple drag-and-drop editor.

Here's a short summary of the key features of WordPress.com and Weebly:

WordPress Weebly
Offered plans 5 7
Free plan Yes Yes
Prices $5-$45/mo $5-$38/mo
Website Builder Based on WordPress CMS Drag-and-drop
Beginner-friendly Yes Yes
eCommerce features Yes Yes
Templates ~300 ~50
Customer Support 24/7 live chat, email Email, chat, phone on limited hours

Basically, Weebly is best for beginners, smaller sites, and users who primarily focus on online commerce. WordPress.com is more versatile and offers more capabilities even with its free plan.

Choose WordPress.com if you want more freedom with the most powerful CMS. Consider Weebly if your website is more eCommerce-oriented and you want a simple editing experience.

Which of these do you use? Share your experiences in the comment section down below!

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