Best Domain Parking Service Providers: Which One To Choose?


Dani Nolan


2020 January 9th

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Whether you own one domain or hundreds, it can be hard to manage your web address when it's not in use. Managing a series of domain names can also be expensive if you don't approach the process in the correct way.

Fortunately, there's a low-cost solution for holding domain names when you're not ready to build a new website: domain parking. How does it work?

It's the process of holding a domain name without an actual functioning website.

In some cases, people or companies use domain parking to reserve domain names prior to developing new sites. In other cases, people park domain names because they have bought them as investments.

No matter what reason is behind the domain name parking, it's important to find a domain parking provider that's secure and affordable. That's why I handpicked my best domain parking service providers that are trustworthy partners for your idea.

Best Domain Parking Service Providers

In no particular order, here are some of the best domain parking services currently available on the market:

  • GoDaddy (monetize your parking, cheap registration)
  • HostGator (best domain parking for beginners)
  • Hostinger (one of the best affordable domain parking solutions)
  • DreamHost (feature-rich domain parking)
  • HostPapa (best domain parking for long-term investments)

1. GoDaddy - Monetizing Your Domains

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GoDaddy Homepage

GoDaddy is one of the hosting providers that offers a domain registrar alongside its hosting services. It is one of the most popular domain registrars in the USA.

One of the most popular extensions .com would cost you $11.99 a year. It's quite an affordable option considering the pricing in the industry these days. However, renewal prices might seem quite expensive. After your domain parking purchase ends, and you have to extend the reservation, it will cost $17.99 a year.

That pricing may scare some users off, but remember that .com isn't the only domain extension available. Actually, GoDaddy has tons of domain extensions available for purchase. Some interesting choices include - .earth or .art, which is pretty cool.

Okay, now you purchased a domain or reserved it for later, let's say. And you don't intend to build a website anytime soon. There is a possibility to profit even without having a website. GoDaddy has a feature that lets you gather revenue just by parking your domains.


GoDaddy is one of the best domain parking providers because it gives you the possibility to make money out of your owned domains. How does it work? Basically, like an investment.

GoDaddy CashParking Plans

You rent your domain for others to put ads in it that gather earnings per clicks. Depending on the plan that you choose, a percentage of gathered income belongs to you. There are two plans - Basic and Premium. Basic costs $3.99/month, meanwhile Premium plan costs $9.59/month.

  • The Basic plan includes 60% of shares that were gathered due to ads in your domain;
  • The Premium plan includes 80% of shares and a free membership to GoDaddy Domain auctions;

So GoDaddy not only lets you park a domain for a certain amount of time but it also lets you make money owning it. That already proves that you're in good hands.

Domain Privacy and Protection

GoDaddy offers a great solution to enhance your data's security while using domain privacy and protection. It is a paid add on that costs $9.99/year.

Domain parking looks like an easy way to invest and profit. However, as nice as everything seems, there are some security measures needed. When buying a domain, you give your information to that domain registrar's database, which includes personal information as well.

There are ways to find that information (if it's not protected) and you don't need to be some kind of a hacker to do it. WHOIS databases are a tool that is offered by some hosting providers. Using that you can look up that information by entering a domain name that already belongs to someone.

WHOIS Database Search Results

However, if you use domain privacy - search results would be something like the picture above. That means that your personal data would be protected and no public approach would be possible.

GoDaddy is one of the best domain parking service providers because it offers a secure parking. This domain registrar even lets you profit from parking your domain.


  • CashParking
  • A variety of interesting domain extensions
  • Affordable domain protection and privacy


  • Quite high renewal pricing

Visit GoDaddy

2. HostGator - Easy to Manage Domain Parking

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HostGator Homepage

HostGator is one of the biggest and most powerful hosting providers. It's an all-in-one solution for creating a website that includes hosting, website building, and a domain registrar.

HostGator's domain registrar is known for being easy to use. It has a beginner-friendly interface for managing your domains.

This host offers 15 domain extensions on its own, which include most popular ones that are usually on the internet - such as .com, .net, .co, .club, and etc. Yet if you're looking for a more exotic option, HostGator has as its partner. This partnership ensures that some of the latest TLDs would be up for purchase.

The most popular domain extension .com costs $12.95 a year and renewal price jumps to $17.99/year. That looks like a high renewal pricing, however, it's competitive in the industry. For example, GoDaddy offers a lower price on the starting year yet when you extend a reservation for a domain, you pay the same as with HostGator.

Beginner-Friendly Domain Parking

HostGator's domain registrar ensures that it would be easy not only to purchase and park domains, but to manage them as well.

HostGator Domain Registrar Features

This domain registrar makes sure that your domain names would auto-renew. That prevents domains from being in a pending to delete or a redemption status due to human error. You don't want to lose a valuable domain just because you forgot to pay in time, do you?

HostGator also provides an easy to use interface where you can park and manage an unlimited amount of domains.

Domain Protection and Privacy

Domain protection is an essential feature that all of the best domain parking providers should offer. Even if you don't host a website, after purchasing a domain, your private information gets stored in the provider's database.

HostGator Domain Privacy

That personal information can be easily accessed in WHOIS. Well, not easily, if it's protected. HostGator offers to hide your personal data for $14.95 a year. That's not too much of a price, considering what damage could be done if you decide to leave your personal info in the open.

HostGator is one of the best domain parking providers because it's easy to use. It also prioritizes domain security and offers that for an affordable pricing.


  • A wide choice of TLDs
  • Great 24/7 customer support
  • Beginner-friendly


  • Renewal price is quite high

Visit HostGator

3. Hostinger - Affordable Domain Parking

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Hostinger Homepagee

Hostinger is one of the best hosts to park your domain with. This hosting provider manages to offer surprisingly cheap services that do not fail in quality.

Hostinger's domain registrar has around 100 of top-level domains to choose from. That includes most popular ones like .net, .com, .site, and etc. It's not half a thousand of different extensions like some providers offer, but that's still an honorable number.

A smaller variety of domain extensions is not always a problem. Especially, when this provider manages to offer affordable pricing for its features considering domain parking. For example, .com TLD would cost you only $8.99 for the first year and the renewal price is as low as $10.99/year. Some cheaper TLDs can cost as low as $0.99 per year. 

In addition to being a budget-friendly choice, Hostinger proves itself as a professional in its field.

Professional Domain Parking

Hostinger places user needs in the first place and does its best to provide a professional service. This host has 6 tips written (in its domain purchase landing page) on how to find an ideal domain name.

Hostinger Tips on How To Choose A Good Domain

Some of the tips that are really important:

  • Take a look at popular keywords when thinking of a domain name;
  • Make it easy to remember;
  • Keep it short;
  • Protect your privacy.

Hostinger also has a great support team to answer all your queries considering domain parking. It works 24/7 and is available via live chat and email. It also has a wide knowledge base where such questions as "how to transfer my domain?" or "how to enable domain privacy?" are answered in detail and save you from the hassle.

It seems like this provider excels at being a professional in its field with a great support team and useful tips for quality domain parking.

Domain Protection and Privacy

Being the budget-friendly option that Hostinger is - it also provides affordable pricing for domain protection and privacy.

This essential security measure costs only 5 dollars a year.

Hostinger Domain Privacy and Protection

This hosting provider seems to realize that an essential feature requires affordable pricing. It makes it cheap to keep yourself safe from unwanted sales calls, spam, and other virtual annoyance that may stumble upon your way.

Hostinger is an affordable domain parking solution that doesn't smother its users with high renewal pricing like some providers tend to. It also focuses on staying professional with its 24/7 support team.


  • Really cheap domain parking
  • Professional 24/7 customer support
  • Affordable domain protection and privacy


  • Offers less TLD options than other domain registrars

Visit Hostinger

4. DreamHost - Domain Parking with Tons of Features

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DreamHost Homepage

DreamHost is one of the best domain parking service providers to transfer your domain to. It has a domain registrar that has an outstanding feature - privacy protection for free. It's an amazing deal considering how essential it is when parking your domains.

Talking about domains, let's talk about their extensions. DreamHost offers a huge variety of them - more than 400. So you are definitely going to find something that fits your taste there.

The most popular TLD .com costs $7.99 a year and the renewal price jumps to $15.99 a year, which is quite pricy.

Feature-Rich Domain Parking

DreamHost offers a lot of useful features when parking your domain with it.

DreamHost Domain Parking Features

Those features include:

  • Free domain privacy - a cheap solution to keep your data protected;
  • Free custom nameservers - a possibility to brand your nameservers with your domain name;
  • DNS management - easily manageable nameserver updates;
  • Domain forwarding - for possible redirecting to different sites;
  • Unlimited free subdomains - if you ever decide to host a website, great feature to have for navigating a website;
  • Optional domain locking - protection from unauthorized transfers of a domain that belongs to you.

So, as you can see, DreamHost is quite generous with features that are added for free.

Domain Privacy and Protection

So we've got to the best part of this domain registrar. Its attractive feature - a completely free domain privacy registration.

DreamHost Free Domain Privacy and Protection

DreamHost offers free domain privacy for new domains and it also protects transferred ones. However, the transfer costs a little. Depending on the type of TLD it can be a few dollars or a few hundred dollars.

However, free domain protection is still an amazing feature to have, especially when DreamHost offers it for a lifetime of your domain. 

DreamHost is one of the best domain parking service providers because of features that it offers alongside to an ownership of the domain.


  • Free domain and privacy protection
  • A variety of TLDs
  • 24/7 customer support


  • No free domain transfers

Visit DreamHost

5. HostPapa - Long-Term Domain Parking Solution

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HostPapa Homepage

HostPapa is a hosting provider that has a domain registrar as well. It's a great place to park your domain. Especially since it offers long term reservations.

Usually, other domain registrars offer a domain reservation up to 3 years and are in need of renewal. However, HostPapa gives you the possibility to hold a domain name for up to 10 years for the same price.

The most popular TLD .com costs $10.99 a year. That's an average price for a .com domain extension in the industry. All the other top-level domains are also available for affordable pricing. However, HostPapa has a tendency to charge way more when it's time for a renewal.

Long-Standing Domain Prices

HostPapa is a great domain registrar because it lets you reserve a domain for longer periods of time. Usually, a domain registrar lets you buy a domain for up to 3 years, but this host lets you park it up to 10 years.

That's great because prices are changing constantly and to be able to pay the same price for ten years in advance is definitely a pro.

HostPapa Long-Term Domain Pricing

So to avoid high renewal prices you can as well park a domain for a longer time, so you save money this way. Of course, let's not forget domain protection and privacy.

Domain Protection and Privacy

As you already know, domain privacy and protection is important to avoid fraud and other virtually encountered issues. It's to protect your personal data so it wouldn't be accessible to everyone in public.

This host understands that this feature is important and offers domain privacy for quite an affordable price - $9.99 a year.

HostPapa has a great domain registrar that offers long-term solutions for affordable domain parking. However, be aware that renewal prices are pretty bank-breaking.


  • Long-term domain reservation
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Affordable domain privacy and protection


  • High renewal prices

Visit HostPapa

Best Domain Parking Service Providers - The Verdict

There's a lot of domain parking service providers out there. I picked my best domain parking providers that I find reliable and quite affordable for investment. Each of them is unique in its own way.

  • GoDaddy is great for making passive income while parking your domain.
  • HostGator is really beginner-friendly domain parking service provider.
  • Hostinger reliable and really cheap domain registrar.
  • DreamHost is a great domain parking service provider because of its free domain privacy and protection.
  • HostPapa is best for people who are looking for long-term investments while owning a domain.

So that's it for my list of the best domain parking service providers. I hope you found what you were looking for and good luck registering that catchy domain!

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