BuyDomains Review – Scam Or Great Domain Registrar?


Paul Mahony


2019 October 23rd at 9:55


BuyDomainsis a solely a premium domain provider - these are domains which are either short, keyword-rich or contain a very common word/phrase which makes it easier for customers to find you.

As a site which has been around for the best part of 20 years, you'd think that they would be ahead of the curve in the domain registry business.

But after conducting my BuyDomains review, has this proved to be the case?

BuyDomains - First Impression

My first impression of wasn't exactly great.

I mean, although the website looked sleek and professional, I couldn’t locate the basic functionality that I would associate with domain registrar software.

Also, after checking out some other BuyDomains reviews, I realized that this website had some serious underlying issues.

One review suggests that the site snatched up his expired domain, and overall there seemed to be a lot of "warning" posts from customers of this platform.

BuyDomains Review

This instantly suggested that something wasn't right.

BuyDomains Pricing

I would love to provide a full list of common web extensions and prices, however, due to the nature of the site only offering premium domains, there isn't a strict pricing structure in place.

All I can show you is a generic search for a domain name and the sort of prices that are thrown in your face...

Buydomains Review Prices

As you can expect from a premium domain provider, almost every suggestion that is listed is extremely overpriced.

Not only are the domains overpriced themselves, but I also noticed that sites such as GoDaddy (who also list premium domains), were offering them at cheaper prices than this provider.

It's fair to say that if you're (1) looking to register a domain quick and easy, or (2) looking not to be ripped off, then you're much better looking elsewhere.

Overall Evaluation

Even though I had read plenty of bad reviews about this provider, there was something that I wouldn't expect from a company that has been around since 1999.

I thought it was quite odd that BuyDomains themselves are not ICANN accredited, and instead use a partner. Although this provider may be legit, something about this is a little unclear (especially the wording they've used) and I certainly wouldn't take the risk.

Buydomains Review ICANN

As for the TLDs offered by BuyDomains... well, they do offer a wide variety of TLDs, however it all depends on the domain name you want. For the most part, any TLD that isn't .com or .org isn't classed as a premium domain, so your options are very limited here.


Has been established since 1999
Easy-to-use website


Not an ICANN accredited provider
Prices are overvalued
Worryingly poor online reputation - Conclusion

To cut to the chase - I cannot recommend registering a domain with

It has a terrible online reputation, it quotes extortionate prices, and it is not an ICANN accredited registrar.

There are much better options available for domain registry than BuyDomains - I'd suggest taking a look at A2 Hosting or Hostinger if you haven't already!

Paul Mahony

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Dan picture

2019 February 16th

Buydomains is a domain squatter, not a registrar. You reviewed them on the wrong point.
The only question with buydomains is this: do they successfully transfer the purchaser the purchased domain?
It troubles me that you are a hosting review magazine that doesn’t know the difference between a registrar and a domain squatter.

Tim Huddleston picture
Tim Huddleston

2019 January 23rd is a terrible company in my opinion. My experience with them has been bad. They quoted me a price, sent me a 25% discount then refused to horror it. It felt much like a bate and switch in my opinion. I would not recommend them and will not do business with them in the future.