Dynadot Review – Can This Registrar Compete With The Best?


Dynadot is a UK-based domain registrar site that has been involved in this competitive field for some years.

Promising to deliver the perfect URL and domain for your personal or business website, Dynadot might well be a valuable tool.

But did my Dynadot review find the domain registrar site to be a helping hand or just another problem site?

First Impression

My first impression of Dynadot was that the site’s front end could be significantly improved – to be quite frank, I thought it looked quite amateurish.

Dynadot Review Search

However, even though some aspects could be made a little more obvious when first connecting to the site, I was able to find all of the content that I was looking for.

The domain search facility for the site is quite obvious and their advanced search options are easy to understand too – which is always helpful.

Dynadot Pricing

Full information and pricing is available on all of the common TLDs, and this information is held in the table below:


To be fair to Dynadot, I would consider its pricing to be good for the most common web extensions.

Domain transfers for .com sites are priced at $8.35 at the time of writing, and I liked the fact that there is cheaper prices available for bulk transfers.

The site can also be commended for containing an entire section devoted to web privacy. Furthermore, Dynadot makes no charge, instead offering free domain privacy for all URLs registered with the site.

Overall Evaluation

Despite my initial difficulty with locating information on Dynadot, I ultimately found everything I needed from the domain registrar provider. The site has an impressive commitment to transparency too, which is always welcome.

The site also states quite clearly that it is ICANN registered, while also taking the time to explain the precise benefits of this. Of course, I had to double check this, and I found that Dynadot has indeed been registered since 2013.

Dynadot Review ICANN

Dynadot also fully supports domain catching, with a massive list of potential domains available. These are (again) very reasonably priced, costing just $24.99 each.

There are also a huge number of top level domains (TLDs) offered. In fact, while conducting my Dynadot review, I found more TLDs offered than almost every domain registrar I’ve visited.

dynadot review tld

So, if you’re looking for a particular TLD, Dynadot is a great place to start your search!


Transparent pricing
ICANN registered
Lots of domain options


Pricing is mediocre
Slightly confusing front end

Dynadot Review – The Verdict

On the whole, Dynadot reviews posted online have been pretty positive, and I can concur with this reaction.

Dynadot offers a solid domain registration service, which is entirely competitive when compared to other providers. The general tone of Dynadot’s website is great – it offered everything that you’d like from a domain registrar in a clear and easy fashion.

I’m not exactly blown away, but it is certainly one of the better domain registrars I have reviewed.

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