Google Domains Review – Can This Giant Company Have It All?


Fiona O’Connell


2019 January 7th


Google Domains is another service offered by one of the worlds leading tech companies. Enabling both business and private users to register domain names, Google Domains aims to rival the big players in this highly competitive marketplace.

There is no doubt that Google is big enough to achieve this, but does Google Domains live up to their other products?

Find out in my Google Domains review!

The Strong Interface Of Google Domains

Despite having been launched in 2015, Google Domains is still in the beta stage. This is perhaps a little surprising, but Google is obviously trying to perfect this service before delivering the final blow.

The front page of Google Domains is instantly familiar and follows the same style that most of us are used to seeing every day.

I’m sure that this already well-established brand will help Google Domains attract an audience in the years to come.

As for its ease of use - well, the options that you would expect from a domain registrar company are immediately obvious. It’s easy to search for a potential domain, while the link to the domain transfer section of the website is also easy to find too.

There are specific lists available for the most common web extensions and top-level domains (TLDs), but these are also easily accessed through the domain search facility as well.

All the features included in this service are clear, and overall the feeling of the Google Domains site isn’t cluttered or confusing.

That's what you call a good start.

Google Domain Pricing

Google doesn’t list the prices for common domain extensions on the Google Domains website, but the search facility works well and quickly provides information for any potential domain.

All of the major web extensions cost the same price on Google Domains, as seen in the table below:

.COM $13
.ORG $13
.NET $13

This figure is significantly more expensive than some of Google Domain’s most affordable competitors. In fact, it is pricier than almost every company offering domain registration - particularly for .com domains.

Google also makes domain transfers available through the website, although the pricing of these can vary depending on (1) the domain provider that you wish to transfer from and (2) the web address in question.

Nonetheless, for most common providers and extensions, Google Domains charges $13 per transfer. This price is far more competitive than the standard registration fee and can be considered a reasonable price tag. I wouldn’t say it’s particularly cheap either, though.

The Google Domains registration package also includes full privacy options, which are included in the price of registration. Google allows users to personalize this feature, ensuring whether or not the domain you have registered will show up in a WHOIS lookup.

Pricing with Google Domains didn’t particularly impress me, however, it’s not disastrously expensive either. While the registration of common domains may cost more with Google, we are not talking about huge figures. The fact that domain privacy is included is a little-added bonus too.

Namecheap vs Google Domains

One of the best ways to evaluate Google Domains is to compare it to Namecheap.

NameCheap screenshot

This far-less-known website is particularly focused on delivering domain names at the cheapest prices possible, and it soon became obvious that Namecheap will register domains at a lower rate than Google.

A typical .com registration is more than 30% cheaper on Namecheap, with registrations nearly half the price of that of Google Domains.

Namecheap will also perform transfers at a rate of 25% less than Google Domains.

So, if your sole consideration is cost, then you’re certainly better off choosing Namecheap over Google Domains.

Back To The Features

Now that we've discovered its pricing is a little higher than most, what perks are there of using Google Domains?

First of all, I should mention that Google Domains delivers other features as well as the basic domain registration. Its front page talks users through these quite clearly.

The thing with using Google services is that it makes things far less complicated. All of its services work hand in hand with one another, making things much simpler for small businesses particularly.

Google Domains Options

Google has also been an ICANN accredited registrar for several years... way before it ever got into the domain registry business. However, you wouldn't expect anything less than the most popular website in the world being registered on this list.

ICANN is short for Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers - this is an organization responsible for regulating domain registration. Registration with ICANN means that users can more readily trust the web domain provider.

I also found that Google Domains offers a good range of web extensions, and all common TLDs are covered.

The domain checker included in the Google Domains package is perfectly straightforward to use, and the results that it generates are extensive and accurate.

Google Domains Review Search

Overall, there are many things to like about Google Domains, with the only disadvantage being the pricing and the fact that they don't offer domain catching.


ICANN accredited registrar
Powered by Google
User-friendly interface
Plenty of options and domains


Very pricey compared to rivals
No domain catching

Google Domains Review - The Verdict

Google Domains will almost certainly establish itself as a major player in the domain registration market, simply because its powered by Google.

However, I did find that the front end of Google Domains is user-friendly and transparent. All of the options you would require are easy to access, and everything runs as smoothly as you would expect from any Google-authored site.

The big black mark against Google Domains is its pricing - quite simply, its prices for web domain registration are significantly higher than other sites. But I guess this package works nicely alongside all of their other services, allowing you to keep everything in one place.

Unless you're a small business utilizing the rest of Google's services, I wouldn’t particularly recommend Google Domains at this point in time due to this central pricing issue.

If you have your own Google Domain Reviews, let me know in the comments below!

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