Hover Review – Domain Registrar Hovering Over The Competition?


Bart Keating


2019 April 12th at 4:50


Hover was founded in 2009 as a branch of Tucows Inc. - a major company, and second biggest ICANN domain registrar, providing various Internet services. However, Hover solely provides and manages domain names for companies and individuals.

Their motto is "We stick to what we know best - domains", meaning that you shouldn't be looking for any other services as they are not there.

You could say that Hover is a one trick pony but if the trick is amazing (like laying golden... nuggets) why not stick with this domain registrar?

In my Hover review, I'll take a look at the pricing and features offered by this domain name registrar to see if it can stand out in the competitive market.

Hover - First Impressions

Hover is a company focused strictly on domain name services and their website is a great example of this practice. It's simple, responsive and clutter-free. Everything you need is before your eyes and just one click away.

hover domain registrar

You can get plenty of domain extensions and match your email address to your domain, making your email more personal and representative.

If your company wants to have a GLOBAL impact and reach you can get a '.global' domain with a considerable discount on your first year.

Possibly some can be disappointed by the lack of services, offered by the Hover domains but sometimes less is more. Specialized service is better almost every time than so-called one-stop-shop where you get everything but with the lesser quality and lacking support.

Hover Pricing

Hover pricing is as plain and simple as their services and website are. It's not the cheapest option in the domain registering business but, possibly, the most transparent one.

hover domain registrar pricing

You can find the pricing for the most popular TLD (top-level-domains) below:

  • .COM Domain Extension - $12.99 ($14.99 renewal)
  • .NET Domain Extension - $15.49 ($17.49 renewal)
  • .ORG Domain Extension - $13.99 ($15.99 renewal)

The major plus is that there is no upselling. The pricing is as clear as it can be. In the single table, you can see the price for the first year, price after renewal and how much it will cost to transfer a domain name. When your domain is about to expire, you'll be notified via email. No spam.

The prices do not include ICANN fees, meaning that you'll need to add an additional $0.18 on your purchase.

For the fixed price you'll also get a free WHOIS privacy, which will be switched on automatically. It is included with all supported top-level domains. If you're new to domain registering services, here's a simple explanation what WHOIS privacy does:

hover whois privacy

This is a must-have for every website owner, considering all the scammers, hackers and marketers roaming freely online.

Matching email address to domain

If your domain needs an email address you don't need to go looking elsewhere. Hover can offer this service, whether you are looking to add email to an existing domain name or register a new name and then add an email address to it.

The pricing for this emailing services is as it follows:

hover email marketing

Forward - $5/year for forwarding. You'll be able to get forwarded emails, addressed to your custom domain.

Small Mailbox - $20/year for a mailbox. Features sending and receiving emails, 10GB of storage, forwarding, IMAP, POP and Webmail, autoresponder and built-in antimalware.

Big Mailbox - $29/year for a bigger mailbox. Additionally includes 1TB of storage, file storage and sharing, calendar, and RSS, email recovery.

Essential Features For Domain Registrar

Hover reviews have focused on the simpleness and the pricing transparency of this domain name provider.

One important thing to note is that Hover is an ICANN accredited registrar, and this is pointed out explicitly on their website.

Hover doesn’t support domain catching (aka backorder). A service that helps you acquire a domain name once it becomes available for registration.

Hover also has a domain checker which is quite responsive and offers a great variety of sale deals, search features, and useful filtering options.

hover domain search

Hover Customer Support

hover domain registrar support

The real person support is what Hover is all about, this company positions itself as a "phone tree haters", meaning that there'll be no bots answering your questions and you'll always be interacting with a real person. Via phone, chat, email or social media.

The responsiveness was great.

I submitted a request and was prepared to wait for an hour or so to get a response. Well, after 5 minutes the email with a clear answer was sitting in my inbox.

Although the support is not 24/7, hours of operation are quite long and flexible.

  • Weekdays: 8am-11pm Eastern time
  • Weekends: 8am-8pm Eastern time

Since Hover is a very focused company, their answers are professional and extensive, and for the self-help, you have a vast knowledge base.

Help for Nonprofit

Hover doesn't shy from supporting various projects and helping them to attract attention and play a growing role in the well-being of the community.

hover non-profit support


Transparent pricing
Free domain privacy
 Top-notch customer support
 Very simple domain registrar


Prices are on the higher side
No domain catching
 Services could be expanded

Hover Review - Conclusion

Hover is a great and professional domain registrar with well-informed and responsive customer support and easy-to-use website. Although Hover' services are on the expensive side, Hover compensates its shortcoming with transparent, upsell-free pricing and free domain privacy which is included automatically.

Hover is a company focused strictly on domain name services and their website is a great example of this practice. It's simple, responsive and clutter-free - everything to make your purchase as simple as possible.

Would I recommend it?

Yes. Hover reviews are better than the market standard and this provider has plenty of pleased customers. If you're not looking to save a couple of bucks per year, Hover is a great domain shop.

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Nzinga picture

2019 July 16th

You mentioned there being some cheaper options available. Could you provide the names so that I can review to compare against Hover?

Thank you.

    Paul Mahony

    2019 July 18th

    Hey there,

    Namecheap is definitely much cheaper. Even some hosting providers like Hostinger tend to be cheaper (although they’re not nearly as powerful when it comes to multi-domain management)