Marcaria Review – Is this Domain Registrar Worth Your Money?


Fiona O’Connell


2019 January 7th


Marcaria is an unusual solution in the domain registrar niche. It describes itself as a company that specializes in the global registration and protection of trademarks and domain names.

Although their company website doesn't look particularly appealing, it is a highly established brand - operating out of 220 countries.

But after conducting my Marcaria review, how does it compare to the other major companies in this market?

Marcaria - First Impressions

Marcaria is a very corporate looking site at first glance, with many impressive brands associated with it.

This lends credence to the domain registrar immediately, and it makes you feel that you are dealing with something of substance and quality.

The front end of the site is also simple and straightforward to use, and I was able to locate all of the relevant information related to domain registration within a matter of seconds.

marcaria review domains

With the serious nature of this website evident, we're off to a good start. Let's take a look at the pricing options.

Marcaria Pricing

In accordance with my impression of the feel of the website, Marcaria lists an extensive array of generic web extensions. You can see the pricing for the most popular TLDs in the table below:

Domain Domain Price Per Year
.com $12
.org $15
.net $15

Overall, the pricing for domain registration with Marcaria isn't great.

With .com domains starting at just $12 and also renewing for $12, their pricing for this particular domain price is okay. However, .org and .net prices are quite above the industry average. 

Domain transfer is available with Marcaria as well, although pricing depends on the domain extension. However, they did make it clear to me that the renewal cost for one year was included in the transfer price.

However, for those of you looking for domain privacy protection services, this is something that isn't currently offered by Macaria.

Overall Evaluation

First of all, it's worth mentioning that Marcaria reviews have been absolutely outstanding on Trustpilot - certainly not a regular occurrence for any industrial area.

Marcaria Review Trustpilot

Marcaria is ICANN registered and is listed on the official registration page. This is quite important to consider when checking out domain registrars, as it proves that the provider actually has full control of the domain, and it isn't just a re-seller!

There are a huge number of the top level domains available with this website too, and they all come at a fairly standard price tag.

Searching for available domains is also made simple with Marcaria, with a vast range of options available for personal and business websites.

Marcaria Review Search

If you can't find what you want and need with Marcaria, it is quite unlikely that you will find it elsewhere.


Fantastic choice of TLDs
Authoritative reputation
Outstanding user feedback
Easy to use


Pricing is okay but nothing special
No Domain Privacy services

Marcaria Review: The Verdict

Marcaria stands out as an exceptional domain registrar site, strongly conveying trust and credibility from the moment that you log on. This initial impression is well founded too, as the whole website is hugely professional and impressive, and fully committed to world-class domain registration.

Furthermore, the wealth of Marcaria's domain registration options available means that this is simply an outstanding provider.

Based on these points, Marcaria is certainly a provider I'd be happy to recommend - unless you're looking for Domain privacy protection!

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