Namesilo Review – How Good Is This Domain Registrar?


Paul Mahony


2019 January 7th at 3:59

namesilo review

Namesilo proclaims itself to be one of the top domain registrars in the world, being in possession of over 2 million active domains.

The site also offers an interesting range of management tools and claims that it delivers outstanding deals on pricing.

But after conducting my Namesilo review, does it prove worthy of its domain dominance?

Namesilo - First Impressions

Namesilo brands itself as a cheaper alternative to some of the more established domain registry sites. There is a bit of a bargain basement feel to the Namesilo website, but this is clearly deliberate.

Namesilo Review Front End

Branding is extremely important for businesses, and there is nothing wrong with the approach that Namesilo has taken. However, they're working on their front end - a new website is in beta version and looks more professional and polished.

More important from a user perspective is being able to access the key information required, and Namesilo makes this pretty straightforward. The search facility on the site is easily accessible from the front page, while fees and information related to TLDs are also easily accessible.

All in all, Namesilo delivers on the main features that you want from a domain registrar.

Namesilo Pricing

Pricing on Namesilo is exceptionally reasonable - I don’t think there is a cheaper solution available, to be honest.

You can see the pricing for the most popular TLDs below:

.COM $8.99
.NET $7.65
.ORG $10.79

I have also tried entering an array of different website names into the search facility and found that all of them offer plenty of cheap options. It is simply not possible to fault Namesilo in this area.

Namesilo also fully supports domain transfers, and again, they come at a great price - .com transfers are $8.39.

namesilo review

If you purchase a transfer, they also offer an excellent deal of adding a free year to the time remaining on your existing registration. The site also includes a list of FAQs which help you to complete the domain transfer process satisfactorily.

Furthermore, Namesilo offers free WHOIS Privacy Protection for all domain holders without limitation. This helps keep your personal details private, and makes the process of registering your website considerably more secure.

Essential Features For Domain Registrar

Namesilo reviews have focused on the trustworthiness of this provider, and I certainly found that it values transparency.

One important thing to note is that they are an ICANN accredited registrar, and this is outlined explicitly on the site.

Namesilo supports domain catching but only through their API. However, the majority of conceivable TLDs are offered, along with a simply vast number of other possible web extensions.

I found the Namesilo domain checker to be straightforward to use, powerful in terms of the results that it delivers, and transparent in terms of the display of these results on its website.

Namesilo Review Search

There aren’t too many bases that this site hasn’t covered, and Namesilo does an excellent job with everything that it addresses.


Extremely competitive pricing
ICANN accredited registrar
Straightforward interface


 Domain catching only through API

Namesilo Review - The Verdict

Namesilo is undoubtedly one of the top domain registrars on the market, just as it promises to be. The website works extremely well and all of the options that you would expect from a domain registrar are present. Their pricing structure is also extremely competitive.

Another thing that I liked is that Namesilo obviously respects the privacy and security of its users, complying with all important legislation and outlining this on its website.

Do you agree with my Namesilo review? Feel free to let me know in the comments below.

Paul Mahony

Paul joined the Hosting.Review team right from the start as a content writer and marketer. He was the person responsible for establishing a trademark for in-depth web hosting evaluation and superb review articles. Before joining Hosting.Review, Paul was working on various projects as a freelancer. Paul spends his free time reading fantasy books and graphic novels.

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Shamis picture

2019 August 23rd

I’ve been using them for years as well. Moved all my domains over to them and purchase new ones from them. My love for them is that domain privacy is always included. I use the online chat feature and never had a problem getting anyone during the day est. I do not however like their hosting. That’s actually how I came to this page because of a search. I thought since I have their domains it’s a no brainer. I’ve had their hosting for a few weeks now and it’s always a problem. So today I had to find a new hosting. I used dreamhost so I hope they are ok. Namesilo didn’t provide me much if any help at all with my concerns about my website transferring or how to do it. Just said we’ll give you a refund for hosting.

BrandonATL picture

2019 July 18th

Agreed with these points Paul. I’ve been at NameSilo for years now – moved all my domains over from GoDaddy and NameCheap and haven’t looked back. Yeah, when I started with them, their support was mostly over e-mail but they have been improving that steadily as well. I now exclusively use their chat support and they’ve been available everytime I’ve msged them; Kyle, Chris, Abby have been especially helpful. Keep up the good work!

J I picture

2019 May 17th

I have been a satisfied NameSilo customer for four (4) years now. Paul is correct in that NameSilo is a no-frills domain registrar, resulting in extremely competitive pricing options for registering your domain. However, they have been improving their customer interface ever since, with each change being an improvement of the site overall. The latest development is a new hosting option, complete with email and conferencing features. However, I do not know how all that works at the moment. The hosting option must have been released after Paul’s updated review dated January 2019.

Within these four years, I have contacted customer support. Yes, support responses are mainly email based. This is probably one of their major factors for their competitive pricing. Nevertheless, I was able to resolve my trouble(s) based on the information support provided. The answer(s) provided were easily copied and pasted where needed, which is better than trying to type while listening to someone on the other end who may not be speaking the best English. I am not a domain professional by any means. So, I have had to work at gaining the knowledge I needed by researching the Internet if I found some aspect of NameSilo a bit puzzling. If you need more customer support, then pay for it.

NameSilo offers several options for accepting payments when registering. My domains are all on auto-renewal. The only problem I encounter with payments is usually related to my payment method no longer being viable. NameSilo also provides multiple advance notifications by email to notify the customer of pending renewal(s). As well, I receive an email confirmation for each payment. I have yet to find any indication of any scamming as some other reviewer(s) mentioned. Having to get another copy of proof of your payment is probably result of the customer loosing their copy somehow, not a fault to be attributed to NameSilo. I do not understand the expectation of NameSilo to maintain copy of a customer’s payment.

One of the best features of NameSilo is the flexibility I have in choosing web hosting providers. With the various domains in place, I have had to move one or more of my domains to different web hosts. Some web hosts embed domain registration and renewal with web hosting so that it is complicated to separate the two should there be a need to leave a web hosting provider. NameSilo supports multiple email and/or web hosting options.

As I stated earlier, NameSilo has been a very satisfactory domain registrar since I became their customer. I would recommend NameSilo to anyone who needs to register a domain. So far so good.

Joe3 picture

2019 April 28th

They only support you by email. The chat and phone number are just marketing bs. They also refuse to resend the invoice by email. Try HostPapa as they have gotten better.

Mark Bunce picture
Mark Bunce

2019 March 18th

They are a selective scammer. They can flag any accounts they like while near the payout days and then deadlocked you funds into their pocket. If your account is topped up by more than one PayPal accounts, you will probably been flagged. This will give them a very good excuse to scam you. They won’t follow up your case and also will not refund them to your PayPal. Unless you file a claim, otherwise they will do nothing to rip off your money.

max picture

2019 January 9th

Paul, i disagree. I am a paying customer of Namesilo and I find their interface and console are NOT user-friendly. Knowledgebase and help files are mostly useless. Takes hours to figure out how to do something unless you’re a pro.

The most frustrating part is they provide EMAIL SUPPORT ONLY as are NEVER ONLINE FOR CHAT – even in the middle of the day. No phone support whatsoever either. Even in a crunch when begging for help in email. Takes way to long to get responses.

I think others should go find another company who cares about their customers!