Namesilo Review – How Good Is This Domain Registrar?

namesilo review

Namesilo proclaims itself to be one of the top domain registrars in the world, being in possession of over 2 million active domains.

The site also offers an interesting range of management tools and claims that it delivers outstanding deals on pricing.

But after conducting my Namesilo review, does it prove worthy of its domain dominance?

Namesilo – First Impressions

Namesilo brands itself as a cheaper alternative to some of the more established domain registry sites. There is a bit of a bargain basement feel to the Namesilo website, but this is clearly deliberate.

Namesilo Review Front End

Branding is extremely important for businesses, and there is nothing wrong with the approach that Namesilo has taken.

More important from a user perspective is being able to access the key information required, and Namesilo makes this pretty straightforward. The search facility on the site is easily accessible from the front page, while fees and information related to TLDs is also easily accessible.

Perhaps the front end would benefit from a bit more polish, but Namesilo delivers on the main features that you want from a domain registrar.

Namesilo Pricing

Pricing on Namesilo is exceptionally reasonable – I don’t think there is a cheaper solution available, to be honest.

You can see the pricing for the most popular TLDs below:


I have also tried entering an array of different website names into the search facility and found that all of them offer plenty of cheap options. It is simply not possible to fault Namesilo in this area.

Namesilo also fully supports domain transfers, and again, they come at a great price – .com transfers are $8.39.

namesilo review

If you purchase a transfer, they also offer an excellent deal of adding a free year to the time remaining on your existing registration. The site also includes a list of FAQs which help you to complete the domain transfer process satisfactorily.

Furthermore, Namesilo offers free WHOIS Privacy Protection for all domain holders without limitation. This helps keep your personal details private, and makes the process of registering your website considerably more secure.

Essential Features For Domain Registrar

Namesilo reviews have focused on the trustworthiness of this provider, and I certainly found that it values transparency.

One important thing to note is that they are an ICANN accredited registrar, and this is outlined explicitly on the site.

Namesilo doesn’t support domain catching. However, all conceivable TLDs are offered, along with a simply vast number of other possible web extensions.

I found the Namesilo domain checker to be straightforward to use, powerful in terms of the results that it delivers, and transparent in terms of the display of these results on its website.

Namesilo Review Search

There aren’t too many bases that this site hasn’t covered, and Namesilo does an excellent job with everything that it addresses.


Extremely competitive pricing
ICANN accredited registrar
Straightforward interface


Front end looks a little cheap
No domain catching

Namesilo Review – The Verdict

Namesilo is undoubtedly one of the top domain registrars on the market, just as it promises to be. The website works extremely well and all of the options that you would expect from a domain registrar are present. Their pricing structure is also extremely competitive.

Another thing that I liked is that Namesilo obviously respects the privacy and security of its users, complying with all important legislation and outlining this on its website.

There is one minor black mark against Namesilo, and that is the presentation of its services. However, you shouldn’t let this put you off this excellent registrar, and you should certainly consider using Namesilo as your domain registrar.

Do you agree with my Namesilo review? Feel free to let me know in the comments below!

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