Review – One Of The Top Domain Registrars? is undoubtedly one of the best-known domain registrar sites on the Internet - which I'm not surprised with such a top-class domain!

It offers a wide range of different features and certainly seems to be one of the most professional providers out there.

But after conducting my review, does the website deliver the high-class service you'd expect? - First Impressions

This website undoubtedly has a slick feel from the moment that you arrive on its landing page. It has a very pleasing appearance, responsiveness and instantly instills a sense of trust in the user. review front page

However, one thing I have learned in life is never to judge a book by its cover...

So, how does actually stack up against the competition?

Well, first of all, offers quite a lot outside of the field of domain registration. This includes a website builder, hosting, SSL, eCommerce, email and a whole other bunch of marketing services. Once again, this shows real professionalism and shows credibility. review features

In terms of domain registry, features several different ways to interact with the website. There is a domain search facility, as well as tonnes of other information regarding their packages.

However, there was one thing that I absolutely couldn't stand about this website.

That is how pushy this website is to get you to buy. When I was searching for domains, the website was automatically placing what I had searched into my shopping cart. Perhaps the website founders believe that this is helpful? However, it felt aggressive and intrusive to me.

Furthermore, the site makes you register before you can see the pricing for the domain (that has already been put in your shopping cart). This is just unnecessary, while it also prevents you from acquiring the information that you actually need.

I'm not the only one either, it turns out that other reviews felt the same. review reviews 
However, once you get over this initial teething trouble, the site does actually offer some robust domain registrar options at competitive prices. There is also a considerable number of top level domain (TLD) and less common extensions available, and the domain checker isn't too bad either. Review Search Pricing

Pricing is critical in the overall assessment of any domain registrar.

To be fair to, it does actually score quite highly here, although it was disappointing that the pricing for this provider was rather difficult to find out. Once you've managed to navigate through the site and encounter the domain registrar pricing options, though, there is no doubt that they’re incredibly competitive.

All major domains are offered at $5 each, as shown in the table below:

.NET$5 does support full domain transfer, and this costs $12 per transfer. The site also makes its $11 cost for domain privacy clear.

Overall, pricing for is highly affordable. It is just unfortunate that the company makes you jump through hoops in order to find this information.

Overall Evaluation

There are some positive things to say about The site offers a wide range of TLDs, and pretty much every extension option imaginable. review tlds is also fully ICANN registered. To explain this briefly, ICANN is a non-profit organization that oversees domain registration. Being ICANN registered means that can be trusted.

It also has a decent search engine, which does provide accurate information on domains once you have registered for the site. However, it fails to clearly list generic pricing for all of the common web extensions - which is quite ridiculous.

This is surprisingly common in the domain registrar field. However, there should be no reason for an established site such as to go about business in this fashion. Again, this seems overly 'salesy', and results in a lack of transparency.


Excellent pricing
A wide variety of options
ICANN accredited registrar


Pushy sales practices
Annoying front end
Lack of price transparency Review - Conclusion offers some useful features, and the pricing of its domains is excellent. The site offers a wide variety of features, has been established for quite some time, and is an ICANN accredited registrar.

But I'm afraid that's it for the good stuff.

The disadvantage is that makes it as difficult as possible to find out any tangible information without first signing up to the site itself. The site expects you to submit your full name, business name, address and contact number before it will tell you how much your domain costs.

Personally, I think this is terrible business practice, and it must turn away so many customers.

I would avoid simply because the developers have made it so hard to find information that should be readily available. Although its pricing is good, there are too many faults with the overall experience when using

Do you agree with my review of Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. John Fro picture John Fro
    2019 January 22nd

    Actually, they charge $38 per year now to renew a domain after the initial purchase. That’s “.com”, which is the basic. Other TLD’s can be a lot more. They still act like a monopoly and make it very difficult to anything once you are locked in.

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