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Paul Mahony


2019 January 7th at 3:59


Uniregistry is the brainchild of Frank Schilling - undoubtedly one of the biggest names in the domain registry field.

Schilling is regarded as one of the largest portfolio holders of private domain names in the world. Cool, right?

This has helped his website achieve popularity, but did my Uniregistry review find this provider to be any good?

First Impression

The front end of Uniregistry is pretty decent, and the search facility for the site is both immediately apparent and easy to use.

However, while it is easy to search for a particular domain that you may be looking to register, the site does not make top-level domain (TLD) names immediately obvious.

uniregistry review search

When I first searched for a domain, I was presented with .sexy and .property extensions first, which was quite fascinating... surely most people will be far more interesting in common web extensions?

Even though I did eventually locate them, I thought this was a little strange. I suppose this isn't anything major, but maybe a slight fault with this providers search algorithm.

Uniregistry Pricing

Pricing for Uniregistry is (again) quite difficult to find. Unfortunately, the pricing isn't very clear for the most commonly used TLDs.

Why this is, I really don’t know. However, I did manage to find something, which is outlined in the table below:

Domain Extension Cost
.com From $10.88
.org From $14.88
.net From $14.88

Please take note of the "from" - this is because Uniregistry sells a bunch of different quality domains, therefore they are all priced differently.

uniregistry review transfersAs for domain transfers, well this information was a little easier to find. You can see the pricing for this in this image.

In all honesty, the prices for transfers aren't actually too bad - considering that companies like Hostinger charge $10.99 to transfer a .com domain.

Overall, I felt that the pricing with Uniregistry was certainly reasonable.

As for domain privacy - when you register a domain name with Uniregistry, your personal details are entered into the public WHOIS database. Depending on the TLD you choose, they offer a free service called Privacy.Link, which allows your personal data to be masked.

I can confirm that this comes free with the TLDs listed above.

Can Uniregistry Be Trusted?

As I went deeper into my Uniregistry review, I noticed that Uniregistry appears on the current ICANN accredited registrar list, meaning that this is a site that can be trusted. This is always a positive.

However, I couldn’t locate any specific details on the Uniregistry website regarding domain catching - which tells me that this feature isn't offered.

What I did find, though, was a buyers and sellers marketplace for domains, allowing domain holders to sell domains instantly to eager buyers. I thought this feature was pretty cool, and something rather unheard of.


Decent pricing
Plenty of domain names
Big industry reputation


TLDs not made immediately obvious
Some policies aren't transparent

Uniregistry Review - The Verdict

Uniregistry offers web extensions at very reasonable prices, and makes it easy to register them. The site has garnered a huge amount of trust due to its founder’s big reputation, and there are plenty of options available.

However, the Uniregistry site has a slightly bizarre approach to common extensions, isn’t organized in an immediately obvious fashion, and Schilling’s business activities might not appeal to everyone.

With this being said, I don't see anything particularly wrong with this Domain name provider and therefore can recommend them to anyone seeking their services.

Paul Mahony

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James Jink picture
James Jink

2019 August 8th

Total useless – total scam – stay away

Will picture

2019 August 8th

I purchased a domain name from this fucking company. They SUCK ASS – it took 30 days to transfer then I had to keep it in there service for 10 additional days. FUCK THIS COMPANY

Fe picture

2019 July 12th

Cayman company . Not transparent under lower. They close company and you get without domains. they bussines is very poor they catching domain done and make price like $20000 don’t support terrorist!

carledgar picture

2019 June 16th

Dynbadot charges $7.99 – $8.75 for .com transfers depending on volume and whether promotions are running – well below those you’ve quoted.