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Bart Keating


2019 December 19th

Over the past few years, online businesses became so popular that there are tons of eCommerce solutions to choose from. Those platforms were updated and developed over time so they would be easy to use even for people who have no coding knowledge.

One of those beginner-friendly eCommerce platforms is PrestaShop. Additionally to being beginner-friendly, it's also open-source and free to use eCommerce Content Management System (CMS).

Best PrestaShop Hosting

However, it's not enough to choose a good eCommerce platform for an online store to be successful. There is this one really important aspect that impacts your online business massively - a hosting provider.

In fact, there are a lot of hosting providers that specialize in PrestaShop hosting and offer PrestaShop oriented features to bring out the best of an online store.

It may be difficult to choose the right hosting service since there are so many to pick from. However, there are certain features that a good PrestaShop hosting provider should offer: great performance, good uptime, security, good support, and many more. 

So to save your time (so you could focus on your business) I tested the best PrestaShop hosting providers and their features. Let's take a look!

Best PrestaShop Hosting Providers

These are my top 6 best PrestaShop hosting services that take PrestaShop hosting to another level:

  • A2 Hosting - one of the most secure PrestaShop hosting providers;
  • HostGator - all-inclusive PrestaShop host;
  • InterServer - the most feature-rich PrestaShop hosting provider;
  • Hostinger - the most affordable PrestaShop hosting solution;
  • Bluehost - best PrestaShop hosting for beginners;
  • HostPapa - PrestaShop host with a professional support team.

1. A2 Hosting - Secure PrestaShop Hosting

Response time
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A2 Hosting PrestaShop Hosting Landing Page

A2 Hosting has one of the most secure and fastest hosting solutions for PrestaShop hosting. This host provides its users with great performance, top-notch security, one-click PrestaShop install, and fast responding support.

A2 Hosting Pricing

A2 Hosting's cheapest plan "Lite" starts with $1.98/mo and offers unlimited SSD storage and bandwidth, a free SSL certificate, 25 email accounts, and a free site migration. 

A2 Hosting PrestaShop Hosting Pricing

The most expensive plan - "Turbo" - costs $6.27/mo and has the "Turbo" feature integrated for free. It also provides more resources for your eCommerce store and has free automatic backups included for security.

A2 Hosting shows that it cares for its customers with its anytime money-back guarantee. If for some reason you don't want to have any business with this hosting provider anymore, you can get a refund for the resources that were unused.

Secure PrestaShop Hosting Performance & Features

Thanks to its free Cloudflare CDN inclusion and SSD storage, A2 Hosting provides great response times for a website. It averages at 200-300ms. In addition, you can choose a data center closest to your targeted audience to minimize the server's latency.

Moreover, A2 Hosting offers a "Turbo" feature, where they optimize their servers for faster performance. So this would reduce the chance of bounce rates on your online store as well as provide a good user experience. Since your online store customers would enjoy a faster interface much better.

"Turbo" feature is a paid add-on that can be purchased separately and would cost you an additional $11/mo with the Lite plan.

In addition to A2 Hosting's fast performance and great support, this host also offers secure hosting. Every account includes Free HackScan Protection that reduces the chance of your website being hacked.

There's also brute force defense, a dual firewall and a number of other security features that keep an eCommerce store safe from any virtual harm that might come your way.

A2 Hosting PrestaShop Hosting Features

A2 Hosting's guaranteed 99.9% uptime isn't such a delusion, considering that this host uses DDoS protection to prevent your website from going down. That's especially important when you're hosting an eCommerce shop since whenever your e-store is down you're losing customers and potential orders.

Moreover, A2 Hosting offers fast responding 24/7/365 customer support that you can reach via phone, live chat, or emails. So if you have any PrestaShop hosting related issues, you can always speak with a professional and get your problems solved.

A2 Hosting is a secure PrestaShop hosting provider that offers great website speed, fast responding support, and stable performance thanks to its CloudFare CDN and security measures.


  • Secure hosting
  • Great performance
  • 24/7/365 customer support


  • No free domain

Visit A2 Hosting

2. HostGator - Powerful PrestaShop Hosting

Response time
Price from
HostGator Homepage

HostGator is a great choice if you want to build a PrestaShop online store. It's generous with resources, has great security options, and an easy to use control panel interface.

Knowing that website speed is important for an online store to be popular - this HostGator delivers great results. After some testing, I know that this hosting provider's response times are fast and there's little to no downtime.

This provider also offers resourceful hosting plans. They include unmetered bandwidth and storage as well as a support team that works 24/7 and is available via phone and live chat. However, it's important to know that HostGator uses HDD storage and that is not as fast as SSD storage which is slowly becoming the industry standard.

HostGator doesn't provide email support, which might be a problem for some users. However, it has the Knowledge Base to assist you with in-depth answers to frequently asked questions.

HostGator Pricing

The cheapest HostGator shared hosting plan starts as low as $2.75/mo and includes a free domain for one year, unmetered bandwidth and storage, and a free SSL certificate. However, if you're thinking of building a popular online store, then it's smart to opt for the Business plan.

HostGator Pricing

Scaling to the Business plan provides you with positive SSL, which is better for eCommerce stores. You also get a dedicated IP address and SEO tools that are a nice extra for increasing your website's position in Google search results.

Our blog readers can get up to 61.5% off with the HOSTINGREVIEW coupon code at the checkout.

Useful PrestaShop Hosting Tools

HostGator has some practical features for its PrestaShop hosting. Such as Website Essentials, PrestaShop QuickInstall, and easy to use control panel.

HostGator's Website Essentials include:

  • CodeGuard - secures your online store's data with daily backups and one-click data restore;
  • SiteLock - protects your website by scanning it daily from hackers, viruses, etc.
  • G Suite - essential tools for business such as professional email, online storage, planning calendars, etc.
  • Domain Privacy - removes public access from your domain registration.

SiteLock and CodeGuard features are available for purchase for an additional $4.08 per month.

HostGator Website Essentials

HostGator also focuses on secure web hosting that is essential for an eCommerce store to be trustworthy. Especially because you're working with customer transactions and payments. Moreover, an option to upgrade to a positive SSL certificate takes transaction security to the next level.

This host also has an in-depth tutorial for the PrestaShop install in its Knowledge Base. It explains how to install PrestaShop while using QuickInstall which is a big time-saver.

Last but not least, this hosting provider has an easy to use interface. HostGator understands that time is money, so it provides a user-friendly control panel targeted to beginners in the hosting industry.

HostGator is a powerful PrestaShop hosting provider that cares for its users. It has Website Essentials for secure online store building and has a beginner-friendly interface.


  • Resourceful plans
  • Beginner-friendly control panel
  • Website Essentials pack for security


  • No email support
  • No SSD storage

Visit HostGator

3. InterServer - Feature-Rich PrestaShop Hosting

Response time
Price from
Best PrestaShop Hosting: InterServer Homepage

With InterServer you get unlimited possibilities to host a successful PrestaShop eCommerce store. InterServer offers unlimited resources for affordable and feature-rich hosting.

InterServer offers some great features for PrestaShop hosting such as one-click PrestaShop setup, integrated caching, automatic backups, auto-scaling, and many more. 

Despite being filled with a lot of features this hosting provider is quite cheap. It offers only one plan for PrestaShop hosting and has great scaling possibilities. It's easy to upgrade or downgrade a plan.

InterServer Pricing

InterServer's PrestaShop hosting costs $5/mo and has no renewal prices. That plan includes unlimited SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, global content caching, unlimited email accounts, one-click PrestaShop setup, and InterShield protection.

InterServer Pricing

This plan also includes 24/7/365 support which is available via phone, chat, and emails. However, InterServer's control panel doesn't include live chat so you will only find it on their homepage.

InterServer makes sure that you get a price lock for the rest of your life. In simple words, if you subscribed for a plan for $5/mo then you will always pay the same price even after extending your subscription.

Tons of Features

InterServer offers a lot of PrestaShop hosting related features. It has a one-click PrestaShop setup which saves your time cause you don't have to spend hours handling the installation.

This host also provides free Cloudflare CDN that reduces your website's latency and guarantees uptime while using multiple servers available for global users.

Moreover, InterServer has integrated caching in its plans that take your website's performance to the next level. It uses static server-side caching technology. Both CDN and integrated caching make sure that InterServer's response times average below 200ms. 

InterServer PrestaShop Hosting Features

Also, there are automatic backups for your online store's data safety. If you were to experience any virtual attack, you will always have backup data to restore your website to its previous condition.

Though, it shouldn't happen because of InterServer's InterShield protection. This feature includes:

  • Blocking web attacks;
  • Automatic virus scanner;
  • Machine Learning Firewall;
  • In house malware database.

All these features reduce the chance of your website going down due to a viral threat.

Last but not least, InterServer offers auto-scaling for your PrestaShop eCommerce store. Since an online store's traffic may be unpredictable, this host offers a possibility to scale provided resources in times of need so a website wouldn't go down.

InterServer is one of the best PrestaShop hosting providers due to a number of features that are included in its hosting plan. This all-inclusive hosting provider makes sure your website is fast and secure as well as easy to maintain.


  • Lots of features
  • Great Performance
  • Locked prices


  • No live chat support in the control panel

Visit InterServer

4. Hostinger - Fast and Affordable PrestaShop Hosting

Response time
Price from
Hostinger PrestaShop Hosting Landing Page

Hostinger offers affordable and fast shared hosting as its PrestaShop hosting solution. It includes such features as one-click PrestaShop install, fast response times, good uptime, and many more.

This host offers shared hosting for PrestaShop but encourages trying its Cloud VPS hosting for better performance. This is a smart decision for experienced online sellers, especially if you're aiming for a popular e-store.

However, if you're a complete beginner and want to try out hosting an eCommerce, it's possible to do it with shared hosting plans as well.

Hostinger Pricing

Hostinger's cheapest shared hosting plan starts as low as $0.80 per month and includes a free SSL certificate, 100GB bandwidth, 10GB SSD storage, 24/7 live chat & email support, and a custom control panel. 

Shared hosting can cost you even less - $0.72/mo if you use our special coupon code HOSTINGREVIEW.

There are other two shared hosting plans - Premium and Business.

Hostinger Shared Hosting Pricing

All plans differ in resources provided for your PrestaShop eCommerce store. The cheapest plan could host an online store with only a few items in it, so I would offer to go for the Business plan.

It costs $3.45/mo and has a free SSL certificate, 4 times better performance for PrestaShop, 30GB SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, daily backups, and provides a free domain.

Features for Fast PrestaShop Hosting

This host is generous with features that result in a great performance. That is one of the reasons why Hostinger can be considered one of the best PrestaShop hosting providers.

After some testing, I can say that Hostinger's response times are really fast even with its shared hosting plans. This hosting provider also lives up to its 99.99% uptime guarantee and often stays stable. That's a great performance for such a price.

Hostinger Features

Hostinger has Cloudflare CDN integrated into all of its plans. That is one of the reasons why this host manages to deliver such great performance.

Additionally to outstanding performance, Hostinger has a one-click PrestaShop install to save your time. It also has a free SSL certificate for secure encrypted payment transactions. Moreover, there's DDoS protection to secure stable uptime and prevent virtual attacks and data losses.

Note down that Hostinger doesn't provide phone support which can be a hassle for some users. However, its live chat support is fast responding and solves encountered issues quickly.

Hostinger is a fast PrestaShop hosting provider that comes very cheap as well. In addition, to great performance, this host has features for secure, comfortable, and beginner-friendly eCommerce hosting.


  • Affordable plans
  • Outstanding performance
  • Easy to scale


  • No phone support

Visit Hostinger

5. Bluehost - Beginner-Friendly PrestaShop Hosting

Response time
Price from
Bluehost PrestaShop Hosting Landing Page

Bluehost is a hosting provider that mainly focuses on being beginner-friendly. It works on making its users satisfied and has a great support team that is always ready to help. So this host is a great choice for beginners who want to work with PrestaShop hosting.

This hosting provider is also great for people who are thinking of uploading larger amounts of content to their eCommerce. Bluehost's cheapest plan offers 50GB of SSD storage - that is more than some providers' premium PrestaShop hosting plans.

Bluehost Pricing

So the cheapest shared hosting plan is called "Basic" and costs $2.95/mo. It includes unmetered bandwidth, 50GB of SSD storage, a free SSL certificate, and one free domain. 

Bluehost Pricing

There are also "Plus" and "Choice Plus" plans that differ in the resources provided. Upgrading from the cheapest plan to "Plus" you additionally get unmetered SSD storage, unlimited subdomains, and unlimited parked domains. There's also $200 included for your marketing needs. 

Great Performance & Simple PrestaShop Features

Bluehost doesn't fail with its performance. A website I hosted to test out this hosting provider managed to stay stable. Moreover, response times weren't spiking.

Alongside to great performance, Bluehost focuses on beginner-friendliness while providing one of the best PrestaShop hosting solutions. Users that aren't first-timers (when it comes to hosting) can enjoy an original cPanel interface.

This hosting provider offers one-click PrestaShop installation. Moreover, Bluehost has an easy to use interface, where you can easily access and manage your online store, domains, and emails.

Bluehost Features

This host has a great environment for scaling your online business. That's a practical option for beginners since you already have a lot of storage space for starters. And if your e-store grows in traffic there's a possibility to upgrade with a few clicks only.

In the end, even if you were to experience any PrestaShop hosting related issues, you can always contact Bluehost support. It works 24/7 and is available via phone, chat, and email.

Bluehost is a hosting provider that focuses on user-friendly service. It's a great PrestaShop hosting option for beginners since it has resourceful plans, easily accessible scalability, and great performance.


  • Great performance
  • Easy to scale
  • Beginner-friendly


  • Higher renewal prices

Visit Bluehost

6. HostPapa - Professional PrestaShop Hosting

Response time
Price from
HostPapa PrestaShop Hosting Landing Page

HostPapa slides into this best PrestaShop hosting providers list because it's simple to use, has resourceful plans, and a top-notch professional support team. 

HostPapa's response times outgrown my expectations. After some testing, I found out that this host's servers respond quite fast, however, it tends to have issues staying stable. There were a few micro downtimes throughout the month. It is a rather decent performance for such a price.

HostPapa Pricing

This host offers an enormous 100GB amount of SSD storage in its cheapest PrestaShop hosting plan. The cheapest plan "Starter" costs $3.95 a month and has many more features to offer.

However, if you want to purchase the "Starter" plan even cheaper - you can get $1 off using our link.

The "Starter" plan allows you to host 2 websites, therefore you have the reason why HostPapa provides you with 100GB SSD storage. Two websites automatically need more storage and resources and this host makes sure you have enough.

HostPapa Pricing

Alongside a massive amount of storage and 2 websites, HostPapa offers unmetered bandwidth, free domain registration, a free SSL certificate, Cloudflare CDN, and a one-click PrestaShop install. 

Moreover, HostPapa's "Business" plan costs the same $3.95 as the "Starter" plan yet offers more features. Here's what changes when you opt for the Business plan:

  • 100GB SSD -> unlimited SSD storage;
  • 100 email accounts -> unlimited email accounts;
  • 2 websites -> unlimited websites.

However, as nice as it looks, there's a catch. HostPapa tends to have high renewal prices. In simple terms, after your subscription ends you will pay the price that was originally before a discount.

This host also applies an advertised discount only after you settle down for the longest term of the subscription. For 36 months, to be exact. That's not a massive issue since it tends to happen quite often in this industry.

High-Tier Support Team

HostPapa focuses on beginners and smaller businesses while providing its service. This hosting provider goes the extra mile with its support team that works very hard to provide professional service.

Its support team works 24/7 and is available via phone, live chat, and email. In addition to that, HostPapa provides one on one learning sessions to help you manage your online store.

HostPapa One on One Support Sessions

As if this was not enough, HostPapa's phone support takes solving problems to another level. Every issue I encountered was solved quickly, with patience and professionalism. Not only I was given an answer, but there was also some advice given for my further hosting journey.

HostPapa is one of the best PrestaShop hosting providers, especially for smaller businesses. It has a professional support team that is dedicated to helping you grow as an online seller.


  • Professional support team
  • Fast response times
  • Resourceful plans


  • High renewal prices
  • Unstable uptime

Visit HostPapa

Best PrestaShop Hosting - The Verdict

There are a lot of hosting providers that can offer PrestaShop hosting. Just as there are a lot of providers - there are a lot of types of eCommerce stores.

All of these hosts are the best PrestaShop hosting providers in their own way. Each of them is fit for different kinds of online stores. So let me break it down for you.

If you're a beginner in hosting industry and want to try out building an eCommerce with PrestaShop, then Bluehost and HostGator should be your go-to options. Bluehost focuses on ease of use with a beginner-friendly control panel. Meanwhile, HostGator has a great Knowledge Base to answer your questions.

If you're aiming for a smaller eCommerce shop and want to be guided through the process professionally - HostPapa has everything you need. Its great support team will help you solve any issue that comes your way. A great choice for a worry-free PrestaShop hosting.

Looking for an affordable option to start from? Hostinger has you covered. Not only it's a super cheap host, but it also has great performance that is super important for an eCommerce store to become successful.

If super high security is as important as a fast website to you - A2 Hosting is a great choice. It has a lot of security features that protect your online store from hacking and virtual attacks.

Last but not least, there's InterServer - one of the best PrestaShop hosts in general. It has tons of features to optimize your PrestaShop hosting and help you grow a successful online store.

So that's it for my best PrestaShop hosting providers list. I hope you found here what you were looking for. Feel free to share your opinion about these hosting providers in the comments down below.

Good luck hosting your PrestaShop store!

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