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Bart Keating


2019 March 25th


Dropshipping has emerged as an excellent way to sell online - with very little risk or initial investment.

The process entails purchasing wholesale products to sell through a platform that takes care of the fulfillment details.

Instead of holding stock and managing orders, you use a third-party to keep your products and process your orders.

All you have to do is make sales - and leave the rest to others.

But there's one catch: you have to find the right wholesale suppliers to provide products your customers want. There are tons of excellent dropshipping suppliers around the world, but which are the best for dropshippers in the USA? Let's take a look at some of the options and see how they compare.

Without further ado, these are the best dropshippers in the USA:

  1. Doba: Huge product selection, excellent integration with marketplaces
  2. Dropship Direct: Free access, a broad range of marketplace integrations
  3. Wholesale 2B: Free access, specific integration packages
  4. Custom built dropshipping sites, no 'per order' fees

1. Doba

Prices start at $29.oo

Recommended for: Those who want access to a huge product list and full integration with marketplaces.

Dropshippers USA Doba

Doba has emerged as one of the most popular dropshipping suppliers in the United States. The company provides its users with access to a range of affordable suppliers. While Doba isn't a catalog or a central supplier, it does work with wholesalers to bring you one of the largest selections of premium inventory available.

With over 2,000,000 products currently on offer, it's hard to find a niche that Doba doesn't cover. You can purchase sports equipment, electronics, fashion, books, clothing, and more. Its easy-to-use search tool can also help you target what you're looking for.

Doba makes it easy to bulk-order goods at affordable prices. You can then choose to ship these to your dropshipping partner or online store.

You can also use Doba as your complete fulfillment partner, and you're able to track orders during every stage of the purchasing process. This can help you better focus on developing your online platform.

One thing I really like about Doba is that it provides you with access to different designer brands and high-end products. While you can still purchase bulk amounts of cheaper goods, you can access premium brands like Louis Vuitton via its platform.

With many of the paid plans, you can also access Amazon export, eBay export, merchandising services, 24/7 customer support, and more. You can take advantage of any of its plans for free for 14 days.

Easy Access to Supplier Data

Because Doba deals with serious wholesale volume, it has unique insights into the performance of its wholesale partners. Many dropshippers that work with smaller suppliers have to gamble on the performance of partners. However, Doba takes the hassle away by providing you with information on the supplier's fulfillment times, item counts, and more. It's an excellent way to avoid disappointment.

Doba Includes Some Additional Educational Resources

Dropshippers USA Education

If you're new to dropshipping, you may be looking for additional information that can help you set up your online business. Fortunately, Doba has a wealth of online resources that can help you open your horizons. Using its educational platform provides you with unique insights and information.

Doba Pros

  •  Easy integration with Amazon and eBay
  •  An excellent customer support team
  •  Affordable per-order fee ($0.99 per order)
  •  2,000,000 products on offer
  •  24/7 customer support team
  •  Additional educational resources
  •  Full supplier data

Doba Cons

  •  The premium accounts are quite expensive
  •  You need to sign up for an account before you can access its full interface

2. Dropship Direct

Prices start at: free

Recommended for: Those who want free access to a supplier and a long list of marketplace integrations.

Dropshippers USA Dropship Direct

Dropship Direct is another excellent dropshipping supplier that offers a range of features and products that can help you quickly enter the dropshipping industry. Its comprehensive platform provides you with access to over 100,000 different products. The company has been in operation for almost 15 years and is based in Portland, Oregon.

Maintaining a large warehouse is very expensive, but Dropship Direct takes care of the warehousing and fulfillment for many of its clients. The company also provides packing, shipping, and tracking on all of its products. At present, you can access suppliers that provide products for a range of different niches.

If you're looking for a partner that allows you to retain the branding of your store, this is an excellent choice.

There will be no mention of suppliers or Dropship Direct when you send orders to your customers. This allows you to ensure you keep a professional relationship with your clients.

Also, you won't find it hard to upload products that you source through Dropship Direct. The company provides data and files on each of its products to help you quickly upload and advertise products you wish to sell. You'll find that this is an excellent feature if you don't have much time on your hands.

Free Signup Available

Good news for people looking to save. Unlike many of the other competitors on this list, you can sign up for Dropship Direct for free. You can use this free entry method to take a deeper dive into Dropship Direct's features and services. But if you want to access this powerful platform's full potential, you'll need to sign up for a paid subscription.

Extensive Marketplace Options

Dropship Direct is another dropshipping company that provides you with excellent access to various online marketplaces. It's also compatible with one of the most extensive lists of online marketplaces that you'll find in a dropshipping partner. Using its platform, you can integrate with Amazon, eBay, Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, OpenCart, and PrestaShop.

Dropship Direct's platform, Wholesale Files, provides you with an excellent dashboard where you can view your product activity, inventory count, selling reports, and more. It's the perfect way to analyze your dropshipping performance, no matter which marketplace you decide to work with.

Dropship Direct Pros

  •  Integrates with a long list of marketplaces
  •  Sign up for free
  •  A long list of niches available
  •  Full fulfillment services
  •  Data on products for easy upload

Dropship Direct Cons

  •  Not as many products as some competitors
  •  Some reporting features are limited
  •  The free option is very limited

3. Wholesale 2B

Plans start free

Recommended for: Those who want access to over 1,000,000 products and 'no credit card' sign-up.

Dropshippers USA Wholesale 2B

Wholesale 2B is another of the USA Dropshipping suppliers worth taking a look at. It's an excellent platform for those who want seamless integration between current eCommerce sites and a dropshipping supplier. With Wholesale 2B, you'll have access to over one million premium products.

When partnering with a different marketplace, such as Amazon, Wholesale 2B allows you to import products in bulk. You'll also receive automated inventory tracking, quick order processing, order tracking codes, and more. This makes it an excellent platform if you want to automate within a larger marketplace.

If you're looking to build your own website, Wholesale 2B will even build your website for you (it's included in the cost of the subscription). Your site includes hosting, a domain name, email, a shopping cart function, many suppliers, and inventory tracking. You'll also have a full backend team to support you.

Free Sign-Up (No Credit Card)

This is another one of the rare dropshipping suppliers that allow you to sign up to its platform for free. In fact, you don't even need to enter a credit card to set up an account. So if you want to search the products and features of this service before making any commitments, you can!

For paid subscriptions, the amount you pay will depend on the service that you choose. Each marketplace platform has a different price. For example, eBay integration costs $24.99 per month, while Amazon integration costs $37.99 per month.

Wholesale 2B Pros

  •  1,000,000 products available
  •  A long list of niches
  •  Easy integration with top marketplaces
  •  Extremely automated systems
  •  Free sign-up option, no credit card required
  •  Easy searching options

Wholesale 2B Cons

  •  Some of the premium plans can get quite expensive


Plans start at $29 per month

Recommended for: Those who want a basic platform, perfect for setting up custom dropshipping sites.

Dropshippers USA

With two million products and 500 independent suppliers, has not only a very straightforward name but also a truly extensive network of products. You can find almost anything on its platform. takes the hassle out of the fulfillment process. The company can directly pack and ship items to your customers. Best of all, there's no 'per order' fee, unlike a lot of other dropshipping suppliers.

While does provide a way to upload products on some leading eCommerce marketplaces, it's better for those who want to build their own sites. This dropshipping provider doesn't have the same level of integration as other suppliers. Regardless, can help you set up your own site quickly, so it's a perfect way to build a presence with your own online store.

Its services cost $29.99 per month, and there's no free option available. Fortunately, you can search its database without having to sign up for an account. It's an excellent way to take a look at all the products this supplier has on offer. Pros

  •  Easy to build custom dropshipping websites
  •  Two million products, 500 suppliers
  •  Full fulfillment service
  •  Flat-rate fee for all subscriptions
  •  No 'per order' fee Cons

  •  Limited features for integration
  •  The site is clunky, outdated

Dropshipping Suppliers USA: Who Should You Choose?

If you're one of the many dropshippers in the USA, you are spoiled for choice - there are a lot of great options for you. Different dropshipping suppliers in the USA all have different advantages.

The one that’s right for your dropshipping company depends on your needs, marketplace, and preferences. Let's take a look at my favorite dropshipping suppliers' specific benefits below:

  • Doba is best for those who want excellent product choices on an extensive and easily integrated platform.
  • Dropship Direct is best for those who need a broad range of marketplace integrations.
  • Wholesale 2B is best for those who want free access to a fully comprehensive supply service and custom marketplace integrations.
  • is best for US dropshippers that want a platform that focuses on building a personal eCommerce site and platform.

Do you use a different US dropshipping company as a supplier? If so, comment below about your experiences using your supplier!

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