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Fiona O’Connell


2019 January 7th


Widely known for its exclusive use with Shopify stores, Oberlo is a rapidly-growing dropshipping platform that has sold over 85 million products since being founded in 2015.

If you have a Shopify store and think about throwing yourself into the dropshipping market, Oberlo might be a very interesting extension for your eCommerce solutions.

Keeping in mind that Oberlo is in business for only 3 years and already managed to stand out in this extremely competitive market it's obvious that they are doing something right.

But enough with these speculations - let's move with this Oberlo review, and determine how good this dropshipping platform is.

Firstly, What is Oberlo?

Promoted for its simplicity and timesaving functions, Oberlo is a dropshipping marketplace that works hand-in-hand with Shopify stores. I mean, it literally only works with Shopify.

Of course, that means anyone who doesn't want to use Shopify is automatically ruled out.

But if you're not one of those people, you can benefit from running an end-to-end integrated eCommerce store by using the two (Oberlo & Shopify) in partnership.

This means that you can add products from Oberlo directly to your Shopify store in the touch of a button.

oberlo review

Then, when you make a sale through your Shopify store, you can go to your Oberlo dashboard to place the order.

The data is synced so you won't have to input customer info, neither will you have to update stock figures. The product is then dispatched directly to your customer.

This is a great timesaver, as is the following feature.

Oberlo Chrome Extension

If you were wondering whether using Oberlo with your Shopify store means you're restricted to only using Oberlo products, fear not. You can indeed sell products from non-Oberlo suppliers, and you do it using the Oberlo chrome extension.

The Oberlo chrome extension allows you to add products from another popular dropshipping platform: AliExpress. When you find an item on AliExpress that you want to sell, you hover over the item and click the Oberlo icon that appears next to it. It's then added to your Oberlo import list.

oberlo review

And there's another useful function of the Oberlo extension that is often overlooked...

oberlo review

You can save yourself further time by using the shipping info options that the extension applies to AliExpress searches.

Whenever you're scouting for items on AliExpress, simply click the Oberlo extension icon in the top right of Chrome and you'll find a set of options.

You can select different types of shipping methods, destinations, and currencies.

This is a very simple way to change your preferences.

It's not overcrowded with extensive options and will find all the essentials.

Then, when you click 'Update Settings', you'll see that your search results now reflect on the options you selected.

oberlo review

I searched for FedEx to Australia, including processing times and displaying the price in USD.

It's strange that this is so overlooked in other reviews. It can help you save a bunch of time.

Oberlo Pricing

With a great product, comes a hefty price tag. Surely?

Fortunately, you can start using Oberlo for free. Without incurring any charges, you can add up to 500 products and sell up to 50 products/month. However, once you reach those limits, you'll need to upgrade to Basic ($29.90/month) or Pro ($79.90/month) plan.

Free Basic Pro
Price per month $0 $29.90 $79.90
Orders per month 50 500 Unlimited
Products 500 10,000 30,000
Free Chrome extension Yes Yes Yes
Place bulk orders (1,000 at once) Yes Yes Yes
Daily product syncs Yes Yes Yes
Shipment tracking No Yes Yes
Order fulfillment monitoring No Yes Yes
Multiple users No No Yes
Customer Support Email Email Email

Despite the additional features in the Basic and Pro plans, most decisions regarding Oberlo subscriptions will come down to a matter of sales volumes. If you sell more than 50 products per month, you need Basic. If you sell more than 500 per month, you need Pro.

It's a simple, stress-free structure. I'm a fan of anything that saves time, so props to Oberlo for this one.

Customer Support - The Downside

The only real negative point regarding any of these plans is the lack of live customer support.

oberlo review

Note that while the 'Help Center' seems like it'd be a live support center, it actually isn't. It's just a fancy FAQ help page...

And while Oberlo loses points for not having a phone line or live chat, it compensates with video tutorials and a fair amount of tips-and-tricks guides. These range from tips on choosing products to tutorials regarding analytics and setting up a Shopify store.

Oberlo Review Round-Up

Oberlo can be a powerful tool when utilized correctly. With such a wide range of products available with Oberlo and AliExpress supplies, there's plenty of access to do a lot of business.

But with that said, there are both good and bad points to make.

The chance that Oberlo gives you to get started with dropshipping for free will be appreciated by many - it's preferable to keep eCommerce startup costs as cheap as possible while you overcome the intial learning curve.

However, when upgrading to the Basic or Pro plan, it's very disappointing that no live support is offered. For $29.90 or $79.90 per month, better support should be provided.

And yet, despite the shortcomings, it's difficult not to recommend Oberlo. As you can start for free, there's no harm in giving it a try!

And if you do give it a go or have done already, feel free to leave your own Oberlo reviews below.

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