PinnacleCart Review: Is It Our New Favorite Shopping Cart?


Katherine Garcia


2019 August 14th

PinnacleCart review

The online store market keeps growing faster and faster, reaching trillions of dollars in revenues yearly. To no surprise, staying on the market and beating your online store competitors becomes more difficult.

Fortunately, platforms like PinnacleCart are trying their best to satisfy the growing needs of their customers.

In this PinnacleCart review, I’ll try to find out whether the eCommerce software can earn our new favorite shopping car title by building my own store along the way!

Let’s begin!

But what is PinnacleCart?

PinnacleCart is a powerful eCommerce platform designed to increase sales, traffic, and conversions. All that in a beautiful and user-friendly interface.

It’s a hosted platform, meaning you won’t have to pay extra for hosting services. However, you can also purchase the license of PinnacleCart and host it on your own server. Or on any host servers, for that matter.

PinnacleCart offers beautiful responsive themes that are free for you to use. However, there’s another option. PinnacleCart obsesses with designing beautiful stores that attract customers. You can order a custom design for an extra fee.

Not only that.

PinnacleCart team is ready to alter its software to design an online store of your dreams with a custom development service. Alongside, digital marketing service will ensure you get the most out of your website.

But what makes PinnacleCart stand out? Not only do they offer professional support, but also training sessions for those who are building an online business for the first time. PinnacleCart focuses on the steady growth of the business while being extremely user-friendly.

PinnacleCart pricing

PinnacleCart offers 3 pricing options for its hosted eCommerce platform services. The cheapest one costs $44.95/month and you’ll pay $199.95/month for the most expensive option.

For enterprise options, you’ll have to negotiate a price directly with PinnacleCart. I must mention that the main differences between plans mostly include the amount of data you get.

PinnacleCart pricing options

On the other hand, if you want a website designed exceptionally for you, the price will go way up. Custom design options start at $2100 and reach a maximum of $5200.

PinnacleCart custom design prices

Also, if you would like to purchase a license and host an online store on your own server, it will cost you $1495 for one domain.

Does PinnacleCart has the features you need?

The most important features for all eCommerce websites include:

  • User-friendly administrative interface
  • Responsive and customizable design
  • Inventory tools
  • Powerful SEO tools
  • Payment and shipping methods integration
  • A professional and friendly support team

PinnacleCart has all that and even more. So let’s review the features while I'm building my own online store.

Building your own online store with PinnacleCart

It’s completely easy to set up your online store. Just choose a plan, fill in your information and wait for the software to do its job.

PinnacleCart building a website

Once the initial part is done, you’ll be redirected to the main page of the PinnacleCart’s control panel. Now, it’s completely up to you how your store is going to look like.

On the sidebar, you can find all the tools you need to customize the website: add products and put them into categories, manage existing orders, add payment options, etc.

PinnacleCart adding a new product

Everything is extremely intuitive and simple as updating your Facebook profile (adding photos, descriptions, tags, etc).

As for the themes, you can choose from 12 beautiful and customizable design templates or stick with the default one (which is beautiful, by the way). All of them are responsive as well, meaning, they will look good on any device.

Free PinnacleCart themes

To customize the design, you need to select the Front-End menu option and Manage Themes from the submenu. Once you pick a theme, it’s easy to customize. Designer tool is well designed and highly intuitive.

PinnacleCart designer toolPinnacleCart product and categories menu option

To add a new product you’ll head to Products & Categories menu option and select Add a new product.

PinnacleCart is user-friendly all the way. Their tool for adding products is the most convenient one from all those that I have ever tried.

You’ll be able to fill individual details for each product such as title, product ID, price, sale price, shipping info, taxes, etc. Fill in a number of the product you have stored for PinnacleCart to be able to track the inventory for you.

Once you upload a product, it's easy to optimize. PinnacleCart has SEO tools built-in into its software. Well obviously, the software is designed to bring traffic to the online stores.

So when you are adding a new product, you’ll be able to customize SEO options.

PinnacleCart product SEO optimization

Also, there’s more.

PinnacleCart marketing menu settings

In the Marketing menu option, you can find Google tools and SEO settings.

You can choose to enable Google Analytics and Google Adwords. Also, optimize the SEO settings.

With their built-in SEO tools, PinnacleCart ensures you get the most out of your website.

PinnacleCart payments and shipping options

Now it's time to add payment methods you want to accept.

For the US alone there are at least 30 secure payment options, not to mention international payments including Paypal.

You can add a new option by opening the Settings menu and selecting Payments & Taxes. You’ll be able to add a new payment option by going to the Payment Methods page.

Similarly, you’ll be able to customize the shipping and delivery options. Just select Shipping methods from the Settings menu and add your options.

The result:

Just look what a beautiful website I managed to build in under 10 minutes.

PinnacleCart online store homepage example

Great support features

PinnacleCart has a great knowledge base to find answers quickly. Also, they offer an email ticket, phone, and live chat support.

The only drawback is, you cannot reach the support team 24/7 (though they will react if there’s something urgent going on). The working hours of the support team are 6 am to 6 pm, Arizona time.  

They do have a compensation for that.

Email support is accessible 24/7/365, though it’s not the thing I’m talking about.

Support team will teach you how to use the software if it’s your first time building an online store or you don’t trust your skills. You won’t get lost with a professional having your back.

Other features you might have missed

Not only does PinnacleCart do a great job with the basic functions, but also has other features that are worth mentioning.

Personally, I liked the tool allowing to automatically calculate taxes. Once someone buys a taxable product, it will appear on the list to calculate a total tax amount paid by your customers.

You can also make PinnacleCart speak multiple languages by uploading a file from your computer. So, there are no limitations here. Adding different currencies is also available.

Reports tool will show your sales data possible improvement areas.

You can also install third-party apps such as MailChimp to enable email services, like newsletters.

PinnacleCart pros

  • Unlimited transactions with all plans
  • Unlimited number of administrative accounts
  • Designed for the growth of your website
  • Intuitive and customizable
  • Responsive themes
  • 14-day free trial (no credit card required)
  • Impressive SEO tools
  • HTML/CSS/JS code editor

PinnacleCart cons

  • No built-in blogging tool
  • No built-in point-of-sale system
  • Live chat is not available 24/7

PinnacleCart review: our verdict

All in all, PinnacleCart impressed me. Designed for the growth of online stores, it’s more than capable of doing so: intuitive user interface and powerful built-in SEO tools will help you.

But there’s something better.

PinnacleCart listens to its’ users. Earlier reviews mentioned the lack of possibility to choose your own hosting option. Right now, they made it possible. Same goes for shared SSL security certificates. It used to be a paid option, now you get it’s included

If you are looking for an eCommerce platform that is all-in-one, beautiful, easy to use, has multiple payment options, and SEO built-in, PinnacleCart is definitely worth a try!

Have you tried PinnacleCart? Let us know your experiences in a comment section down below!

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