An In-Depth Spocket Review – Dropshipping Made Easy


Dani Nolan


2019 February 15th


Currently, dropshipping is on the rise. More and more businesses ditch traditional business ventures and join the growing dropshipping community.

That makes perfect sense as this new business model allows anyone to run a business without extensive funds or renting shop space. But contacting suppliers, vetting them, choosing stock and calculating costs is a hassle that many would want to avoid.

That's where the Spocket extension for Shopify and WooCommerce comes in - it claims to automate the whole dropshipping process for you. In this Spocket review, I'll test if that's true.

But First - What Exactly Is Spocket?

Spocket is a dropshipping marketplace plugin that could be integrated with either your Shopify or WooCommerce shop. Trusted by +20,000 retailers, it has a wide selection of goods ranging from clothes, skincare, makeup to home decor, furniture, and pet supplies. And you can be sure that all these products have been quality controlled - Spocket only collaborates with vetted suppliers from the US, EU, and Asia.

spocket main page

To put it simply - you choose the products you like, put them up for sale on your shop, collect your markup, and Spocket takes care of the rest. Spocket streamlines the entire process from keeping stock to shipping and branding.

Sounds fantastic? Well, it is.

Easy to Use and Packed With Features

For this in-depth Spocket review, I've set up a store using WooCommerce and transformed it into a dropshipping venture using Spocket (with a Pro plan). Maybe Hosting Review can have a successful dropshipping business on the side? Let's see how it went.

Plenty of product and supplier options

From first glance, Spocket's interface looks like an online shop itself. It's clean, minimalistic and straightforward. I decided that our shop could sell hoodies, so I went on to find some. Instantly, I was presented with hundreds of results, varying in style and price.

Product search is rather extensive: you can customize it by choosing a merchandise category, price filter, and a specific supplier. But what impressed me the most is that you can pick where the product ships from and to.

That's a great feature that will help you optimize shipping costs and times. If your main audience is in Europe, for example, - choose European suppliers for faster and cheaper shipment.

spocket search

Currently, Spocket has suppliers from the US, numerous EU countries (UK, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands), as well as China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Russia, and Pakistan.

In addition to regular stock, Spocket has premium products that are accessible only to premium plan users. These goods are marked with either a 'Premium' or 'Extra x% off' tag.

The items with the extra discount allow sellers to make a bigger profit as their original price tends to be really low. Sadly, these discounts are only applicable to Pro users.

spocket premium items

A recommended retail price is also added. However, it's only a suggestion - you can edit it freely. Additionally, you can set up an automatic markup of x% (at least 30% is recommended by Spocket) so all your products are equally profitable.

Effortless item importing

spocket add to import listWhen you see a product that you want on your shop - you can add it to the import list with a single click. Just like adding items to your shopping basket.

Truly, the whole product picking experience felt almost exactly like online shopping - just without having to actually pay for anything (ah, that's the dream).

After picking everything you want (you can add more products anytime), you can edit the information of each the product in the 'Import List'. Change the item name, tags, description, and choose what images will represent it in your shop.

spocket import list

Now, all you have to do is push the items to the shop either one by one or all at once.

And that's it! Our brand new Hosting Review dropshipping business looks like we've put in a lot of effort. In reality, the whole process took me about 10 minutes.

Branding - add a personal touch

One of the biggest dropshipping downsides is the lack of packaging consistency and brand personality. After all, someone else is handling packing and shipping for your brand. And you certainly want the buyers to think that your business handles every detail.

That's why adding branded touches will help you build stronger brand loyalty. Spocket has you covered - you can include branded invoicing. 

spocket personal branding

When your customer orders, they won't receive a generic invoice - but the one with your logo, contacts, and a personalized note. Neat, huh?

Spocket Pricing

Spocket pricingAll this ease of use comes with a price tag. And in this case, with a pretty big one.

Currently, Spocket offers 3 plans with either monthly or annual billing.

Spocket pricing starts at $49/month. 

However, that's not the cheapest option in the long run.

As usual, signing up for a longer period will save you money. At the end of the day, the cheapest option is to sign up for a Pro plan for a year ($348 billed annually). While it does sound like a big investment but you're eventually gonna save a solid sum.

Spocket offers a pretty generous free plan if you don't feel like paying. The basic plan would be suitable for a small boutique with a handful of selected items, as it allows to list 25 products and place unlimited orders.

Additionally, both Pro and Empire premium plans have a 7-day free trial. So jump in, try it yourself and see if this plugin works for you.

Spocket Review: Is It Worth The Price?

All in all, Spocket has delivered everything it promised: a completely automated dropshipping experience. While the price tag of several hundred dollars is definitely high, the ease of use, personal branding, location choice and the impressive selection of products justify it.

So, if you want to jump into the dropshipping bandwagon without investing much time - I highly recommend giving Spocket a try.

What's your experience with dropshipping? Maybe you'd like to build everything from scratch yourself, or choose an automation tool? Comment down below!

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