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Fiona O’Connell


2019 January 7th


ActiveCampaign is generally considered to be one of the most highly regarded email marketing packages available. The company itself prides itself on delivering top drawer features, including an unmatched level of marketing automation.

But can ActiveCampaign deliver a service that really impresses? Read my ActiveCampaign review to find out.

ActiveCampaign Review - Features

ActiveCampaign is intended to be a strongly featured email marketing and CRM platform. It is difficult to give a full breakdown of features included, but many of the main ones are listed in the image below:

Active Campaign Review Features

Central to this is delivering more automation tools and contact managing features than are usual with other providers. I was particularly impressed with the number of options available with regard to contact management - ActiveCampaign makes it easy to multi-select contacts and perform multiple actions.

Another useful aspect of the software is that it offers you the ability to import and export contacts from other platforms (such as Facebook). This can really be of assistance with your email marketing campaigns, allowing you to rapidly build up a list of potential clients.

In order to make good on its automation claims, ActiveCampaign provides users with an impressive visual automation editor, which makes it possible to build some powerful email workflows.

Managing your account occurs via the ActiveCampaign dashboard, which provides a generalized overview of your operation. I felt the interface for the software was straightforward and reasonably intuitive - making it perfect for beginners.

Active Campaign Review Interface

Tracking tools work pretty well with ActiveCampaign too, with the software (for example) able to tell you how many contacts have opened emails but have yet to subscribe to your service.

Widgets can be plugged into the software which provides you with all manner of useful data, while I must commend the site founders for ensuring that unsubscribed contacts are not deemed as being part of your paid subscriber limit. This helps you get more for your money, as well as being honest, fair and transparent.

Powerful Automation

When it comes to managing the automation that ActiveCampaign trumpets so loudly - the process is indeed impressive. I particularly liked the level of control that you have over the automated settings, which help to ensure that you really feel in control of the marketing campaigns that you launch.

Once you have created an automation (which the system will walk you through step-by-step), you can then choose to trigger it in various different ways, each of which will help to inform your campaign in a distinct way.

ActiveCampaign reviews have praised the ease of which Javascript code can be pasted on to your website, and I agree that this helps achieve automation without requiring complex programming knowledge.

However, I should briefly mention that the sheer wealth of options available with ActiveCampaign means that the site has a steep learning curve. I do have sympathy for the developers here though, as delivering a complex package means that simplicity sometimes has to be sacrificed.

With a range of additional campaign options available, ActiveCampaign makes it possible to personalize almost everything you do. Also, once your campaigns have been started, they also help you to create detailed and informative reports. Serious marketers will, therefore, spend a lot of time in the report screen, which provides a wealth of diverse data on your marketing campaigns.

As to be expected with such a solid email marketing package, A/B testing is fully catered for, and overall the site delivers a range of powerful analytic functions.

Active Campaign Review Automation

During my ActiveCampaign review, I was highly impressed with the quality of this software. There are very few issues with the system, while it really has a lot of plus points.

But does it deliver value for money alongside quality?

ActiveCampaign Pricing

There are several ActiveCampaign pricing options available, which you can see in the image below:

Active Campaign Review Pricing

While the most affordable ActiveCampaign package isn’t as cheap as some competitors, it is worth noting that its entry-level option (Lite) does provide a lot of features. This isn’t always the case with more affordable priced packages.

All of the ActiveCampaign packages are decently pitched in terms of price, although it should be emphasized that the market leader, Mailchimp, is more affordable. I can't belittle ActiveCampaign for their pricing structure though, due to the fact that its team has done everything possible to deliver flexible and feature-packed options for users.

If you're unsure, then you can also try before you buy as they offer a 14-day free trial. This is always great to see as it provides confidence and transparency in their offering.


Automation works very well
Powerful list building features
Deals with replies analysis capably
Split testing options work superbly


More expensive than Mailchimp
Some features held back from cheaper plans
Some functionality is tricky to learn

ActiveCampaign Review Conclusion

ActiveCampaign deserves to be regarded as a top-class email marketing solution. It has a powerful array of features, and its automation settings are as powerful as their site claims them to be. This solution is at least the equal of anything available in the niche, providing a powerful combination of marketing and tracking functionality.

ActiveCampaign delivers advanced features in a package that isn’t too difficult to understand. However, with saying that, some functionalities may be a little tricky for beginners to handle.

I'd certainly advise marketers to try before they buy so that they can see if this solution suits their particular needs and tastes. However, based on my experience, you can’t really go wrong with ActiveCampaign.

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