ConvertKit Review – Can They Stand Out?


Fiona O’Connell


2019 January 7th


ConvertKit is an email marketing solution that was created by creative experts experienced in the industry.

The site proclaims to send 600 million emails every month while having an impressive 99.8% up-time.

Let's see if that is true.

ConvertKit Review - Features

I found the email service offered by ConvertKit to be easy to use, while navigating through the site is entirely logical. However, one downside to this is that there are a few features which require rudimentary HTML knowledge, which not all users will possess.

ConvertKit Review Email

Personalization and customization of templates and newsletters is also quite straightforward, but a few options seemed to be lacking. More integration with social media would certainly be welcome, along with more video and image options.

It was also a little disappointing that A/B testing was limited to subject lines only, when most marketers would favor this across the entire email. While not all solutions necessarily offer any form of A/B testing at all, more detail would be preferable here.

There is also a lack of templates available with ConvertKit, which makes delivering an email campaign slightly more labor intensive.

However, there are some positive features offered by this provider.

I was impressed with the list management system, with the tagging included working really well in conjunction with email campaigns.

convertkit review tags

Another massive plus point of the software is that its deliverability trumps many of its competitors, which is obviously a key aspect of any email marketing campaign. Popular inboxes such as AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail were reached effortlessly by the software, putting ConvertKit as the top of the tree in this department.

Overall, my thoughts on the features of this software are that while it covers all bases, a lot of its elements could be done better, and/or in more detail. Most ConvertKit reviews have praised its deliverability, but there is certainly room for improvement elsewhere.

ConvertKit Pricing

The pricing for ConvertKit is contained in the images below:

ConvertKit Review Pricing

One particular strength of ConvertKit is the uniformity of features offered across its various packages. The site doesn’t scrimp on the cheaper subscriptions - offering a wide variety of functionality. Indeed, the only feature really excluded from the cheaper packages is free platform migration.

However, I do feel that ConvertKit pricing is relatively high and that there are better value for money options available.


Decent landing page editor
Flexible subscription management
Responsive support


Pricing is a bit hefty
Reports lacking in depth
Registration forms are inflexible

ConvertKit Review Summary

ConvertKit does have its strengths, that's for sure. Managing subscribers and email campaigns is handled with flair, and the overall user-friendliness of the system is to be commended.

However, it doesn’t quite deliver in other areas. The landing page system included with ConvertKit is a bit limited, while it also requires users to utilize HTML and CSS a little too much; not ideal for those without any coding experience.

Pricing with ConvertKit is also a little hefty, and although I'd like to recommend this email marketing solution, there are definitely better options available!

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