Can FuseMail Stand Out As A Top Email Solution?


Fiona O’Connell


2019 January 7th


FuseMail is an email security system which provides cloud-based services to businesses all over the world.

FuseMail proclaims to be a world leader in email security and web filtering but did my FuseMail review find this claim to be well-founded?

FuseMail Review - Features

FuseMail delivers a fully-integrated email security and continuity solutionS, based on Cloud. This software is protected at all times by SecureSMART and aims to protect users of the system from advanced email threats, along with accidental and malicious data leakage.

The FuseMail interface is pretty much what you would expect from an email client, and strongly resembles the likes of Gmail.

Fusemail Review Interface

The developers of the software claim that the spam-inspection accuracy rate of FuseMail is consistently above 99.9%. This means that those utilizing the email security features can be confident of possessing the most effective means of protecting their business email.

However, FuseMail reviews have suggested that the system is far from successful, with some reports indicating that major breaches have occurred. Although we must take internet reviews with a pinch of salt, the feedback from FuseMail has been bad enough to suggest that this is a serious problem.

Fusemail Review Feedback

Aside from the security - which can be considered a contentious issue - FuseMail does offer a decent and simple interface. With no software installation required, I actually enjoyed the web-based system. There is a good level of customization included, meaning that users can define a wide variety of settings related to senders, domains, and IPs for their email accounts.

Sophisticated but user-friendly role management is also available.

The company also delivers some detailed email logs, which will help you track, trace, and take action if any criminal activity in real time. FuseMail makes it possible to check what has occurred with every single email that your organization has sent or received over a 90-day period.

One thing I must note, however, is that the customer support was rather lacking, and I found the response times to be pretty dreadful. There didn't seem to be any commitment to responding to my inquiries, and it took well over 24 hours before I received any form of a satisfactory response.

Pricing and Free Trial

Pricing for FuseMail is very much open for negotiation, as the manufacturer includes nothing particularly concrete on its website.

However, the good news is that a free trial is available immediately!

This means that you can try out everything that FuseMail has to offer while negotiating an acceptable price.

fusemail review free trial


Good customization
Excellent range of security options
Schedule reports are impressive


Pricing is not transparent
Online reviews are concerning

FuseMail Review - Conclusion

FuseMail delivers a user-friendly email package, with some excellent features built in for both security and customization. My experience with the package was entirely positive.

However, in moderation to that, there were numerous online FuseMail reviews suggesting that its security features have been less successful than the company claims.

This shouldn't be taken as gospel, but it would be highly advised for any business intending to use the system to take advantage of its free trial in order to test out its email functionality. And before making the last call, I honestly recommend to check out other great mailing software, like MailerLite or eSputnik.

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