GetResponse Review – Email Marketing In The Right Hands?


Paul Mahony


2019 January 7th at 3:59


GetResponse delivers a sophisticated online marketing platform that promises to grow your business through email marketing.

With a wide variety of email and landing page features, GetResponse is considered one of the more powerful software packages in this niche.

GetResponse Review - Features

Over the last 12 months, the developers at GetResponse have worked diligently to improve its functionality - especially when it comes to their user interface, which I found to be rather slick.

GetResponse Review Interface

Another recent (yet valuable) addition to the GetResponse package is Salesforce integration for customer relationship management, while webinar hosting has also been included to allow you to collect leads. These are both implemented reasonably well, but there is still room for improvement compared to other more established solutions.

Everything seems to run quite smoothly with GetResponse, though, and I personally found it to be a user-friendly system. It offers several different ways to build a subscriber list - all of which seemed to work pretty intuitively.

getresponse review segmentation

Third-party services (such as Salesforce and Zendesk Support), the upload of CSV files, and Google Contacts are all supported. The importation of data from these platforms works reasonably well, although I did notice a few inconsistencies and teething troubles.

A/B testing is well catered for, with the software providing the option to test out different newsletter formats, subject lines, and other elements. There are also plenty of professional looking templates available, which helps the ease of use of the system.

GetResponse Review Template

Tracking campaigns and marketing automation are also catered for extensively, with some useful workflow features making the job of email marketing easier and more fluid.

However, although there are many positive things to say about GetResponse, it is disappointing (and also surprising) that the site is yet to support mobile platforms.

GetResponse Pricing

You can see the GetResponse pricing structure in the image below:

getresponse review pricing

As you can see, GetResponse's pricing is not particularly cheap. To put this into perspective, Mailchimp's most affordable subscription is around 30-40% less (depending on exchange rates).

However, there is a rather welcome free 30-day trial available which may help you make your final decision.


Free 30-day trial
Analytics system works well
Lots of options included


No refunds available
Some annoying glitches
Templates are mediocre


GetResponse does a good job in making email marketing and distribution accessible for even the uninitiated. I found the user experience with the software to be particularly pleasing, while third-party integration is also well catered for.

This is the company that actually compares pretty favorably with the market leader, Mailchimp. I believe it is certainly worth trying out to see if it contains all of your requisite email marketing features, as I found it to be an excellent package.

Do you agree with my review of GetResponse? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Paul Mahony

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