LuxSci Review – Can This Email Service Keep Your Accounts Secure?


Any LuxSci review is almost bound to note its seemingly unconventional name! It derives from ‘Lux Scientiae’; Latin for ‘the light of knowledge’.

Today, LuxSci's core business revolves around delivering secure email services. This is a highly significant field, as there is ever greater financial incentive for hackers to penetrate email addresses - particularly accounts that belong to businesses.

But, how well does LuxSci achieve the ultimate security?

LuxSci Review - First Impression

LuxSci provides a significant range of secure email options with hosted solutions and online portals, both available. HIPPA-compliant accounts and direct SMTP TLS transmissions are also included, while there is support for PGP and S/MIME.

LuxSci valiantly attempts to cover every base regarding email security, resulting in a highly customizable service.

LuxSci Review Services

Most LuxSci reviews have also reflected on the site’s exciting approach to email encryption, and I too certainly found it a little different from the norm.

LuxSci does not provide software to be installed on servers. Instead, the company delivers hosted solutions and web portals, which are then used for encryption. This actually works pretty well. 

However, a downside is that it jeopardizes direct navigation and local compatibility.

LuxSci attempts to reduce possible criticism by delivering integration with any standard email program, and the level and quality of encryption provided is undoubtedly impressive.

With server support being delivered by Rackspace, I found the speed of LuxSci to be a strong suit of the company. The company also offers bulk uploading of email addresses via CSV files or APIs, which can be a real time saver.

Email Marketing

LuxSci also delivers a raft of useful email marketing tools. The site enables you to choose from a selection of professional templates, while customization is also possible.

Extensive analytics also makes it possible for users to assess how email campaigns will operate before they go live, which is particularly useful.

I was also impressed with the administration tools on offer, enabling users to track emails and design secure forms, among many other options. LuxSci even has productivity tools included, meaning that the designers of this offer have certainly attempted to deliver a highly functional package.

Mobile platforms are also fully catered, offering full compatibility with iPhone, Android, Kindle, Blackberry and Windows 7 mobile devices. LuxSci can undoubtedly be a companion for devices across your whole business setup.

LuxSci Pricing

A full feature set and pricing for LuxSci can be seen in the table below:

Shared BusinessShared EnterpriseDedicated BusinessDedicated Enterprise
Disk Space500GB500GBunlimitedunlimited
Extra 100GB$30 per month$60 per month$20 per month$40 per month
Custom BackupNoNoYesYes
Account IsolationNoNoYesYes
Server IsolationNoYesNoYes
Monthly Price$10$25$67.50$407.50

When comparing the site with an established industry giant, such as MailChimp, it is clear that LuxSci has tried to cover every base to attract custom, and is also more obviously aimed at SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises).

MailChimp has significantly fewer package options but is by far the industry leader, with its $199 Enterprise option winning over most of the available SME market. However, the customization and willingness of LuxSci to meet specific needs definitely render it worthy of consideration. 

LuxSci Review - Final Verdict

Having conducted my LuxSci review, I can conclude that they deliver a nifty online email encryption service, which provides highly detailed and impressive security options.

It is largely compatible across the board with other services, but may not integrate particularly well with established business applications.

While the giants in the space (such as MailChimp) offer more credible and trusted options to established companies, LexSci is a viable option for those who are starting out or still in a stage at which they can freely experiment.

Just remember that there are many more great email solutions in the market, like MailerLite and SendPulse. I recommend checking them out before making the final decision!

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