MailChimp – Review Of The Leading Email Service Provider


Fiona O’Connell


2019 January 7th


MailChimp is undoubtedly the market leader among email systems, which it has achieved through a combination of aggressive marketing and innovative technology.

It offers you the opportunity to create unique campaigns, manage them with email tools, and automate large areas of your busy working life.

mailchimp review features

MailChimp Review - Features

It is perhaps not hugely surprising that a company as successful as MailChimp covers every base with its systems. Thus, both desktop and mobile applications are available with MailChimp, and both Android and iOS are fully supported.

It took me just a few minutes to be able to set up the account and send my first emails. The interface is simply intuitive and easy to navigate around.

Mailchimp review interface

Even the mobile application enables you to craft and send campaigns almost immediately, while I loved the feature of automatically adding promo codes to e-mails and landing pages.

The manufacturers of the MailChimp can be praised for their commitment to continue adding new features, and this has really paid dividends over the last 12 months. Alerts for pay-as-you-go customers, inbox preview, and chat support have all recently been added, and the variety of options available is rather impressive.

Social media integration is better with MailChimp than any other platform that I have used, with the possibility of creating sophisticated Facebook and Instagram campaigns and implemented quickly. This is an awesome feature for all you digital marketers out there.

mailchimp review facebook

MailChimp Email Marketing

MailChimp is supposed to be an email marketing package, so how does it manage in this field?

Firstly, I can recommend MailChimp for doing an excellent job of helping users to get started on its platform. The dashboard system is particularly easy to use, laying out steps diligently to ensure user-friendliness.

Once you have imported an email list into the MailChimp client, it is straightforward to create campaigns and begin building your audience. I found this much easier with MailChimp than with other comparable email marketing systems, which is perhaps why MailChimp has become such a well-known name in this field.

MailChimp also makes it easy to import data from sources such as Microsoft Excel files, and this all occurs with ingenuity and accuracy. I also found the tracking options for MailChimp to be both extensive and extremely reliable, which is obviously of critical importance in any marketing campaign.

mailchimp creating

The system also demonstrates an admirable commitment to excluding spam emails from the MailChimp package, and overall I was extremely happy with the level of security delivered.

A/B testing is also handled with fluency, with the ability to test up to three variables in a campaign in order to ascertain the most effective results. And those opting for a professional plan can test up to 8 variables. This is undoubtedly the best A/B testing I have seen yet. 

Most MailChimp reviews also mention the quality of templates delivered by the software, and I must concur with this verdict. MailChimp delivers nine layouts, five Internet-based templates, and 90 beautifully designed email templates. I also liked the HTML editor, which enables you to design your own professional templates.

Tracking campaign performance is easy, intuitive and extensive. I really can't fault the quality of the MailChimp package in any department.

MailChimp Pricing: How much does MailChimp cost?

So far, my MailChimp review is going perfectly, but you may be wondering "how much does MailChimp cost?".

Well, you can see its pricing structure below:

Mailchimp Review Pricing

First of all, what I will say is that there are more affordable options available on the market. This applies particularly to the Premier package, but of course, this subscription option is targeted towards serious business clients.

However, MailChimp does offer a 14-day free trial! This means that you can test out the service risk-free, and I would always recommend that with email platforms.

Even though you might think that MailChimp pricing is a little excessive, I believe that it’s probably worth paying the extra overall especially if you manage a serious organization.


Awesome features
Handles huge volume of emails
Intuitive system
Impressive mobile app
Excellent A/B testing


Slightly expensive

MailChimp Review Summary

After performing my MailChimp review, I realised why its the most established email marketing system in the world. Having tested numerous email marketing systems, I was more impressed with a MailChimp than any other package.

MailChimp is notable for having a wide variety of powerful tools, and these are all implemented with great flair and efficiency. Yet everything is also so easy to use; the system definitely doesn't sacrifice usability in its pursuit for power and functionality.

MailChimp software marketing uses a somewhat satiric tone, although this has diminished slightly in recent years as the company reaches out to more serious clients.

Overall, I was highly impressed with MailChimp and would be more than happy to recommend its services!

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