Omnisend Review: More Than Email Marketing Automation Software?


Katherine Garcia


2019 April 15th

Omnisend review

Sending newsletters to your customers is a cost-efficient and practical way to increase your sales. But you are not going to send them to each person separately, are you?

Email marketing automation tools are meant exactly for that. But there are so many of them, choosing the right one could be a difficult task.

The challenge these tools face is making sure emails and messages actually get sent.

That's why I'm going to test one of the more popular email marketing automation software that is not only capable of sending emails but also has other interesting tools. I’ll test the features to see whether Omnisend delivers its promises.

What is Omnisend?

Omnisend website hompage

Omnisend is an email marketing automation platform not limited to just email campaigns but also offering SMS, social media, and reporting tools. If something sounds familiar, you might recognize Omnisend by the name of Soundest. Rebranding made it justice as now the brand focuses on multiple- or omni- (if you wish) channels to automate marketing campaigns.

The most prominent features of Omnisend include:

  • Automation for email, SMS, and social media campaigns
  • Drag-and-drop content editor and beautiful email templates
  • Powerful forms for email subscription services
  • Possibility to personalize your campaigns
  • Reports and analysis to track your success

But despite how beautiful and easy you can make them, emails sent from business accounts usually end up in a Spam folder and rarely get opened by the customers. Open rates among all industries average at around 20%. And in 2018, every day on average 281 billion emails were sent worldwide.

To achieve the best results using email marketing campaigns, both you and the platform you use must work together.  While you make sure to reach your readers on a personal level, good email marketing automation software should ensure the email won’t end up in a Spam folder in the first place.

Omnisend seems not to worry about their emails ending up in Spam. However, it promotes itself as an all-in-one platform with the goal to make your first-time visitors into a repeat buyer.

Omnisend pricing and plans

There are 3 premium pricing options, the cheapest one being $48/month when you pay yearly. The most expensive option, for enterprises, will cost at least $2000/month. But if you are just starting out, Omnisend can offer a free plan limited to 15,000 emails/month.

Omnisend pricing table

With the Free plan, you’ll only be able to automate the email campaigns. The Standard plan will add SMS automation. However, if that’s not enough for you, I would recommend going with the Pro plan.

The Pro plan includes integration with social media platforms, priority 24/7 support and deliverability support, migration services, and advanced customization options.

Testing Omisend: first impressions

So, I have created an online store just a few days ago and now I want to get some traffic going. And because my online store is just making its first steps, I’ll be using the free version of Omnisend.

It’s really easy to set up and get Omnisend working. It offers one-click installation for the most popular eCommerce platforms like Shopify or PrestaShop. However, you’ll need to add an addon to others for which Omnisend provides comprehensible instructions.

This is what I see after connecting my store to Omnisend. From the homepage, I can set up and edit automatic workflows, send campaigns, create different registration forms, see reports, subscribers, etc. The interface is really plain (yet beautiful) and easy to navigate.

Omnisend user interface first page

For enterprises having thousands if not millions of subscribers, segmentation feature may be helpful. You can divide your subscribers into multiple target groups to deliver different messages. This way, a big company can become a little bit more personal with its customers and drive sales this way.

You’ll be able to create the segments by clicking on the Subscribers menu option and choosing the Create Segment button. There are different rules you can apply in order to segment your subscribers and you can create as many segments as you want to meet your goals.

Omnisend feature to segment subscribers into groups

I'm really interested in trying out the campaigns and writing my first email to the subscribers. For that, you can choose New campaign.

Choice of omnisend email campaigns

Then, there is a number of options to select from. You can even perform a test campaign to see which of the two email types perform better.

I select the Email A/B test which redirects me to the Campaign settings page.

I can test either the Email subject line or sender name. Here you can also see, that it's possible to translate an email into different languages. Click on the Next Step button when you are ready for the fun part.

Settings for Omnisend email campaign

Now you get to choose a template and start designing a letter. Templates are just beautiful, though there could be more of them. Also, there are Themed Templates but if you have an established brand, I would recommend sticking with Standard ones. Select the one matching your style best and you’ll be able to customize it during the next step. 

Choice of omnisend email templates

After choosing a template you can create your first email. The process is really easy, creative, and fun (if you’re into that). It's possible to customize everything and make your message as functional as you want it to be. Just drag-and-drop text boxes, images, products, etc. 

Omisend customization of email template

Look what I managed to make in less than 2 minutes (I searched for a nice photo way longer):

Omnisend email example

But that’s not the only thing Omnisend is capable of. Once you send your first campaign, you’ll be able to see the reports and find out how you’re doing. Omnisend provides comprehensible statistical information so you can see how effective your campaigns are. There are reports for Campaigns, Automation, and registration forms.

But that's not all.

Live view is another great feature I wanted to include in this review. It allows you to see who’s visiting your store, live.

Omnisend live view tool loading

For me, it’s taking longer than 10 seconds. But after a minute or so I can see my visitors live.

Apparently, only one visitor has viewed my page since I opened the Live View page (sad face). By clicking on the visitor ID I can check how much time did that visitor spend on the website, what pages he or she visited, etc. Omnisend provides you with insights into what you can do in order to make your website "more alive."

Results of omnisend live view tool

Pretty useful feature, though I would like it to work faster.


Though Omnisend provides me with insightful reports, I am still not sure how many emails are actually delivered and how many of them end up in Spam folders. Therefore, I’m going to do a small test to see whether emails were delivered to different email providers successfully.

I’ve decided to test 3 different providers: Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail.

Testing how good is Omnisend deliverability

It takes a minute or so for the emails to be sent, but all of them successfully reached the mailboxes and didn’t end up in the Spam folders.

And even if have any problems with deliverability in the future, Omnisend offers a separate support team to tackle these issues with the Pro and Enterprise plans.


Omnisend is great. It offers a lot of useful features that are not limited to email campaign automation. It also steps a little further and offers more of the useful tools to track your customers including Live View, which I found really useful.

If you are looking for a way to boost your sales and gain more customers or get existing customers to buy more - give Omnisend a try. It does an amazing job competing with other online marketing automation platforms.


  • User-friendly all the way
  • Great deliverability
  • Insightful reports
  • Beautiful email templates


  • There could be more email templates
  • Live view is working slower than expected

Have you tried Omnisend? Tell me about your experiences down below!

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Gordon picture

2020 March 12th

You did a great job! This post sound really great. I saw something like a couple of weeks ago, but you did in-depth research, and your article seems to be... Read more

You did a great job! This post sound really great. I saw something like a couple of weeks ago, but you did in-depth research, and your article seems to be more compelling than others. I'm amazed by the arguments you provided as well as the manner of your post. I like when posts are both informative and interesting, when even boring facts are presented in an interactive way. Well, it is surely about your post.

Linda picture

2019 November 22nd

Good review. I could agree that their features and deliverability is worth switching from other tools

Good review. I could agree that their features and deliverability is worth switching from other tools

James picture

2019 September 20th

I love Omnisend. Really easy to use and work with it.

I love Omnisend. Really easy to use and work with it.