Runbox Review – Email Service Straight From Norway!


Runbox is a unique hydro-powered email service that seems extremely proud of its Norwegian heritage.

To be honest, it’s like seeing a modern-day Viking driving a car which runs on H2O.

Is it majestic? Yes indeed.

Is it useful? Let’s find out.

Runbox Review – Features

One of the first things I’ve noticed with Runbox is that account management is somewhat odd. Additional users are added as sub-accounts in the context of this service – which I thought was a strange way of dealing with things.

However, once you’ve got over this initial ‘weirdness’, the interface is actually quite pleasing – there are obvious similarities with Gmail in terms of appearance. There were a few features within the system which I found to be oddly located, but the support for drag-and-drop attachments was welcome.

Overall, the Runbox interface is rather decent.

runbox review interfaceRunbox features plenty of connectivity, with the software being able to integrate with Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, and Microsoft Outlook. Runbox supports POP and IMAP email standards, which makes adding third-party clients particularly smooth.

However, I did think that more could be done to make Runbox collaborate more effectively. Other communication tools are more sophisticated in this area, with Runbox offering merely a rudimentary shared file repository.

Good quality spam detection features have been built into the software though, with security based on the third-party app SpamAssassin. A proprietary spam filter known as DSPAM is also used, and this should certainly help your email account remain as junk-free as possible!

Customization of spam settings is also handled well, and it is clear that the developers gave this aspect of the software a good amount of thought. Email options are also transparent and outlined on the Runbox website.

Runbox review email Runbox is keen to emphasize its operation within Norwegian jurisdiction, meaning that it will never be subjected to the sort of data mining operations that are commonplace elsewhere.

This is undoubtedly a massive advantage for this system, and probably merits consideration for those who value privacy in and of itself.

Overall, the characteristics of Runbox are rather admirable, with a strong commitment to security and privacy. However, a lack of email features and integration on the scale required for business and corporate clients means that it is better suited to home users and small operations.

Runbox Pricing

The pricing of Runbox is extremely reasonable and perhaps reflects the fact that it doesn’t have a huge amount of features included.

Runbow review pricing

Considering that the most affordable package costs under $2 per month, it is certainly worthwhile for anyone who believes that Runbox meets their needs to give them a trial.

However, the pricing policy perhaps reflects that this is ultimately a straightforward and somewhat simplistic system, and those needing advanced productivity features will need to look elsewhere.


Extremely cheap
Good spam detection
High value placed on privacy


Limited feature set
Some issues with the interface

Runbox Email Review Summary

Anyone that considers privacy and security to be important should certainly check out Runbox, and value its overall features. In an age of snooping, Runbox places a very high emphasis on security, and this is absolutely to be applauded.

However, there are several key shortages in the overall Runbox client which make it impossible to recommend the software to serious business users.

But if Runbox has everything you need from an email provider, then why not give them a try? At just under $2 per month, you can’t go far wrong!

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