SendinBlue Review – Should You Choose This Email Marketing System?


Fiona O’Connell


2019 January 7th


SendinBlue is a major email marketing tool, intended to help businesses attract more leads, customers, and sales. Boasting a heady mix of marketing, email management, messaging and automation, SendinBlue certainly promises a great deal of quality.

But now that I’ve had time to conduct my SendinBlue review, did the system live up to the hype?

SendinBlue Review - Features

Firstly, SendinBlue offers an indefinite trial of its software, by providing a free plan. This is probably not powerful enough for most businesses but gives an excellent grounding in the basic features, and its interface isn't difficult to get to grips with initially.

SendinBlue Review Interface

When you first sign up for the SendinBlue package, it’s quite easy to import contacts from other forms of media, and this can be achieved in a variety of different ways. For example, uploading email and SMS contacts to SendinBlue is perfectly possible.

However, one aspect of this system that is nifty and fairly rare, is its integration with SMS and text. SendinBlue makes it easy to run campaigns via mobile platforms, which is a fantastic way to reach customers. I loved this aspect of the software as I know how compelling SMS marketing can be.

Less positive is the user-friendliness of this system. I cannot recommend SendinBlue as being one of the more intuitive email marketing packages available. Dealing with the creation of manual lists is quite fiddly, and I encountered continual problems with customization options.

Sendinblue review plugin

However, the system does make creating custom workflows pretty straightforward. These can be customized around a variety of different options, while the software also doesn’t limit the number of interactions that you can create within an individual workflow.

WooCommerce and Magento can both be plugged straight into the system. In addition, they offer other third-party integrations through plugins. The plugin library offers integration solutions for the most popular blogging, eCommerce CMS as well as most CRM systems.

And although the site doesn't make too many lofty automation claims, one or two of the options included in this area are rather neat.

SendinBlue Email Marketing Campaigns

As workflow is made so easy to use, its brilliant for new marketers. However, the A/B testing is limited only to subject lines. Currently, the solution doesn't allow testing email layouts, images or body text. A/B testing is one of the most important tools to make data-driven marketing decisions, so it definitely loses some functionality points there. Furthermore, search marketing is excluded, while the number of emails that are entitled to send per month is restricted.

More positive is the way that campaigns are created in the software, which I found to be slickly handled. The drag-and-drop interface included works quite well, and I had no problem putting together campaigns pretty rapidly.

I also found that the editing tools for campaign emails were quite powerful, and you can certainly create visually pleasing emails without too much difficulty. However, you will have to customize your own impressive campaigns as the templates provided by SendinBlue are noticeably weaker than I’ve encountered elsewhere.

I can strongly recommend the tracking of campaigns with SendinBlue. The system does an excellent job of ensuring that you’re kept in the loop with regard to every email campaign that you conduct. It really puts success and failure in your own hands.

You can view a variety of different reports via the Statistics tab of the SendinBlue dashboard, with even more detailed data available on the MyCampaigns tab. There are also a wide variety of statistics available, providing you with an analytical overview of your marketing efforts.

I do feel that the SendinBlue email marketing campaign system works pretty well, and delivers some powerful options. However, it is surprising that A/B testing is limited only to email subject lines, as this is something that virtually all marketing experts look for in an email marketing solution.

SendinBlue Pricing

The pricing structure for SendinBlue is contained in the image below:

sendinblue review pricing

Firstly, I must emphasize again that the free package is a fantastic opportunity to acquaint yourself with this software. If you plan on sending 300 emails a day or less - the free plan is a great place to start. But it probably won’t suit most corporate clients in the longer term.

I must also note that the cheaper end of the packages are a little expensive compared to some other solutions. Mailerlite, for example, has more affordable options available.

One interesting plan the company offers is the Enterprise pack for large senders and more specific needs. I personally love this approach as opposed to delivering a one-size-fits-all solution. However, the price is marked as 'Custom' and no approximate cost is indicated. This might be a good solution for big businesses that need custom-tailored marketing solutions.

SMEs may opt for the Premium package though, as this is highly competitive at just $66 per month. I do think this price will attract many business consumers, even if they ultimately intend on migrating to the enterprise package.


Decent SMS campaigns
Good automation
Strong emailing features
A functional free version


Not as user-friendly as other solutions
Mediocre templates
Limited A/B testing possibilities

SendinBlue Review Conclusion

SendinBlue has its qualities, and I particularly love the fact that it fully supports SMS marketing. In the era of the cultural prominence of mobile platforms, this is definitely a key feature. On top of that, there are plenty of marketing options provided, and the system does its best to ensure that these are easily accessible and comprehensible.

SendinBlue Review Interface

There are some disappointments with SendinBlue - limited A/B testing is one of them, while I found some aspects of the software to be difficult to use. Furthermore, the templates included are unimpressive compared to other platforms, which can be quite important when attracting new clients.

SendinBlue makes it easy to try its service for free and makes finding a suitable pricing plan as customizable as possible. I'd definitely recommend giving this solution a try before you buy.

If you have your own SendinBlue reviews, please let me know in the comments below.

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