The Best Webmail Hosting Providers For Your Personalised Email


Bart Keating


2019 March 19th


If you run a modern online business or blog, it's essential to have an email address attached to your site. Using a webmail client given by your hosting provider can help you maintain an email address that's attached to your domain's extension.

This loads your communication with the authority it needs.

After all, no one wants to contact a account when they're trying to get in touch with a reputable online business.

Co[email protected] is just better than [email protected]

Webmail hosting provides you with a simple and inexpensive way to set up a business email. And with a good platform, you'll be able to access your email from everywhere.

But to get all of that going, it's important to first identify the best webmail hosting platforms in the industry. Failure to do so may result in the email going down, undue costs and unnecessary hassle when setting up your website's email addresses.

Below, I'll take a look at the best webmail hosting platforms available to site owners:

  • Hostinger -  Different webmail options, premium SSD hosting
  • SiteGround - Free webmail with all hosting packages
  • Bluehost -  Different webmail options, powered by Microsoft
  • Google Domains - Premium email via G Suite

1. Hostinger

Webmail is $0.59/month

Webmail Hosting Hostinger Webmail

Hostinger is one of the most prominent hosting providers on the internet. The company provides a range of premium hosting options, including shared hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting, and more. On top of this, Hostinger provides excellent webmail options that can help you maintain a professional email address for your domain name.

Three Premium Options

Hostinger is one of the few hosting providers that offer dedicated webmail hosting packages outside of normal hosting options. There are three different webmail hosting plans to choose from, and all come at affordable price points. The most premium of the packages is G Suite, which offers custom webmail hosting via Google's platform.

Meaning that instead of using Hostinger's platform or downloading something like Outlook, you'd be able to sign up to your business email using Google's login - like a regular Gmail account.

But if you're looking to save more cash, most basic plan on offer costs only $0.59 per month. It offers 5GB of storage, domain attachment, email migration, a calendar, and more. You can upgrade to enterprise email, which offers 25GB of storage for just $2.19 per month. Enterprise also offers a range of additional features.

Webmail Hosting Hostinger Plans

Included with Certain Hosting Packages

If you do sign up for a Hostinger hosting plan, you may also receive a free email address. In some cases, you'll receive unlimited email addresses, whereas in other packages, you'll only receive one. It just depends on the hosting plan that you choose. Either way, it's an excellent bonus to consider if you do want to sign up for a full hosting package.

Many of these packages also include a free domain name. If you're looking to build a whole new site with a new domain name and webmail, Hostinger is one of your best options. It's considered one of the best hosting providers in the world for a reason!

Hostinger Webmail Pros

  •  Extremely affordable price points
  •  G Suite available as a premium webmail solution
  •  Some hosting packages come with free webmail solutions
  •  Additional web hosting services are excellent

Hostinger Webmail Cons

  •  Some plans require long subscriptions to be cheap

2. SiteGround

Webmail is free with ALL hosting packages

Webmail Hosting SiteGround

SiteGround is a web hosting provider that has been operating for around 15 years. At present, the company services almost two million domain names. Not only does SiteGround offer some excellent hosting platforms, but it also has webmail hosting for its users.

Free Email Accounts with SiteGround Hosting

SiteGround offers free email accounts with all of its different hosting packages. The Start-Up hosting package at SiteGround offers free custom email for just $3.95 per month. But to take advantage of this price, you'll need to pay for 12 months upfront.

Webmail Tutorials

Webmail Hosting SiteGround Tutorial

SiteGround does a lot more than just provide free email accounts for its hosting partners. The company also helps you set up your webmail through excellent online tutorials. If you want to set up your webmail using cPanel, SiteGround offers a step-by-step guide to help walk you through the process.

SiteGround Webmail Pros

  •  Webmail offered via all hosting packages
  •  Webmail offered via hosting packages
  •  Even basic packages come with free webmail solutions
  •  Premium web hosting services also on offer
  •  Webmail tutorials available on SiteGround website

SiteGround Webmail Cons

  •  Webmail platform not as advanced as Hostinger's

3. Bluehost

Starting from $2.99 per month

Webmail Hosting Bluehost Webmail

Bluehost is another major player in the web hosting industry. As with SiteGround and Hostinger, Bluehost also provides its users with excellent webmail hosting options. It is primarily a web hosting platform, so its webmail client isn't in-house. Instead, Bluehost takes advantage of a partnership with Microsoft to provide webmail hosting. 

Dedicated Professional Email

Like Hostinger, Bluehost offers specific professional email packages that help you access webmail on a custom domain. Bluehost uses Microsoft as its webmail partner, meaning you'll benefit from a high-end email solution when you use its webmail hosting. Its cheapest package starts at $2.99 per month and includes 15GB of data. You can pay more for additional features and a larger storage limit.

Also, you benefit from being able to log directly into your webmail from the Bluehost homepage. You won't have to log into your hosting platform to access your email account. This means you can also issue logins for other people you don't want to provide full hosting access to. This can be useful if you have staff members that need to reply or communicate via an official email channel.

Bluehost Webmail Pros

  •  Affordable webmail solutions
  •  Powered by Microsoft
  •  Plenty of storage with basic packages
  •  Direct login to webmail
  •  High-end web hosting solutions also available

Bluehost Webmail Cons

  •  Price rises after the first month

4. Google

Prices starting from $5.oo/month

Webmail Hosting Google Domains

If you want to build a strong webmail platform, it's hard to overlook Google. As one of the world's most powerful tech companies, Google has a range of different services that website owners can benefit from. While the company's primary strength lies in digital advertisements, Google also offers some excellent webmail services via G Suite. Its range of features makes it one of the best webmail hosting platforms on the internet.

Advanced Email Options

G Suite (a Google platform) provides web users with some of the most advanced email options on the market. G Suite offers a wide range of tools for your business, including 30GB of storage, calendars, video conference calls, online document storage, and more. It only costs $5 per month for consumers and $10 per month for the business plan. G Suite is a bargain when you consider that you'll be able to use one of the best email platforms in the world to host your custom domain email.

Excellent If You Just Need Email

While Google doesn't directly provide advanced hosting services, you can still benefit from this platform if you're looking for a premium webmail service. But if you do want to sign up for hosting for your website, you may be better off bundling the two together on a different webmail platform.

Domain Privacy for Free

One more feature that Google offers its users is domain privacy. If you keep your domain registered with Google, you can shield your ownership details from the WHOIS ICANN database for free. This means you won't have to worry about being hassled or contacted by telemarketers when you register a new domain name. You may not realize it, but unless you shield your information, it will be publicly available on a database of worldwide domain owners!

Google Domains Webmail Pros

  •  Premium email platform
  •  Access to Gmail interface
  •  G Suite offers additional solutions such as video conferencing and calendar
  •  Free domain privacy registration
  •  Flat rate domain purchasing available
  •  Affordable price points

Google Domains Webmail Cons

  •  No in-house web hosting solutions available

Which Webmail Hosting Provider is Best for Me?

Now that you've had a look at the best webmail hosting platforms on the market, you need to decide on a single provider. Reading long webmail reviews can sometimes make it hard to choose a definitive leader. Below, let's take a look at the primary highlights of each web email hosting provider in this review:

  • Hostinger is best for those who want premium email choices coupled with high-end hosting solutions
  • SiteGround is best for those who want practical, free email services with all hosting packages
  • Bluehost is best for those who want affordable webmail hosting powered by Microsoft
  • Google is best for those who want an advanced webmail platform without the additional hosting components

Do you use a different webmail hosting platform? If so, comment below and let us know about your experiences.

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